The truth: the class struggle in the random steam

The shame of Berlin: The new rent cover will Rob all of the occupants of the capital city of the sleep – particularly to the unfortunate owners. rent cover is

The truth: the class struggle in the random steam

The shame of Berlin: The new rent cover will Rob all of the occupants of the capital city of the sleep – particularly to the unfortunate owners.

rent cover is everywhere, Bahis siteleri regardless of whether Hamburg or Berlin photo: dpa

Berlin was always poor. Previously, the city was once poor and sexy, now she's just arm.

"I'm Worried about this town," says Kurt Hellmann, a street worker in a large homeless shelter. Like so many social workers, poverty experts and soup kitchen employees, Hellmann is sure that the rent cover will be a disaster.

"I'm Worried about the normal people," explains Kurt. "It's not reaI estate developers or billionaires, the people yields by renting out expensive apartments. It's about ordinary people who have just happened to apartments.“

The experts agree – if the rent lid comes, need to fear these normal people to their future. People like Irma Pfaff: Elderly woman, petite, cute, Fielmann glasses, with little more flattering hairstyle. You would see Irma Pfaff on the street, would you think: "Oh, she looks like a normal German Omi, which is not particularly rich." And Irma Pfaff is not rich, but a woman who inherited coincidentally, three shabby apartments and you'll be good to the poor students has been rented.

Irma Pfaff sighs wistfully, sipping thoughtfully at her normal German sage: "I have not done all of these, to become rich," she explains to us. You can see her inner misery significantly. "I did it to help others. I follow charitable purposes. But with the rent cover I'm as good as expropriated!“ She shakes her head. "I wanted to give young people a home!" Now, she whispers: "But I'm being punished just because I'm a woman, the three apartments has!"

But it's not just normal older women that are affected. Young, average-earning fathers of families already suffering under the Rent cap. Jens revelation of, 32, hipster glasses, hipster beard, a little butt too thick of a Hipster, is also affected – and, indeed, correct! He looks as if someone had run over – tired, humiliated, shaken up. The black rings around the eyes, the purple at the mouth, where he has weggekaut from nervousness all are signs of the brutal concern.

"I happen to have inherited four shabby apartments – random manner, because ... it was pure coincidence, have any rich relatives died, then one to the other ... and Hey Betebet Presto, I stood, a young family man and owner of four shabby apartments. I had to invest time, energy, money, and love to make this apartments living suitable. And then so what: rent the cover! This is just the class struggle, I tell you!“

But how can it be the class struggle, when the owners of these shabby apartments are not really rich, and only by accident to the Rent come from? We get no answer, but Jens is humiliated, revealed already too much. The old Hipster with the accidental prosperity of belly stares off into the distance, his eyes are as empty as his future.

Tania Weishaupt is a Single that lives from Hartz IV. At the Moment she's looking for an apartment for herself and her children. Found it has been no, no one wants to rent to a woman without a Job, without a husband, but with children an apartment. The rent cover, which robs so many of the normal people sleep, and the future is for Losers ... no, it's for women like Tana and their families thought. The idea is simple: The people should not be able to afford an apartment, even if you earn a lot of money. But even Tania Weishaupt is thrilled.

"at The Moment we do not have your own apartment and still live with my violent Ex. That's no fun. I used to be able to sleep well because he was usually so drunk that I knew, the watch is not on until noon. But since then, I've heard of rent cover, I get no eye more. Soon I'm going to end up like Michael Jackson, I tell you.“ But what woman does Weishaupt Worry so much? "What happened with me and my children, if I happen to be a shabby apartment heritage? Would we be affected then? How was it, then, to our future?“

Of rent cover, it remains a depressing message for a poor city like Berlin. Whether it's the homeless, Single parents, soupy sales, Omis, or family-fathers – Berlin was never so much a mind: The Rent cap is not a solution! Because who wants to pay less rent? No Man! Therefore, all should hold together and the unfortunate owners to help, whose only crime it is to have happened to three-to-four shabby apartments! Only with United forces for these desperately poor people everything can be a bit... no, more bearable!

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Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 01:36