Why this chicken nugget Offered for $100,000 on eBay

McNugget took kind of an'One of Us' personality

Why this chicken nugget Offered for $100,000 on eBay

This one is not about the Dollar Menu.

A Chicken McNugget went to get a mind-boggling $100,000 on eBay Friday owing to its similarity to a character in the puzzle video game"One of Us."

"I'd guessed it'd get somewhere about $50 but nothing like this," the vendor, whose accounts name on eBay is polizna, advised CNET of those wallet-walloping nosh, that was purchased for a whopping $99,997 when bidding closed early Friday morning.

The edible facsimile was initially recorded for $0.99 before blowing due to its"unmistakable correlation" with among those roly-poly spacemen in the match. It sported the"strange bulge on the trunk that would signify the back pack," based on polizna, that goes by the title Tav.

The bite's uncanny similarity allegedly got the interest of the official"One of Us" Twitter accounts, which tweeted about it midway through the bidding war, writing"There is a $34,443.43 one of us chicken nugget available and I do not know how to consider it??? But additionally?? I need it"

The tender's movie game-evoking visage was not its only selling point. The yummy doppelgänger was allegedly a part of a McDonald's BTS dinner, that was appointed after the Grammy-nominated K-pop band that collaborated on the offer.

Therefore, the problem is recorded as"used," though the seller ensured prospective buyers the nugget is going to be suspended and then sealed to guarantee freshness prior to sending, CNET reported.

Unfortunately, it is improbable that nugget's new owner will really take it all home. While the seller considers That Lots of people would cover an absurd cost for a chicken nugget, he does not"believe the Last bidder will really go through with the buy as There Are Plenty of Individuals who bid on matters such as this to its'memes.'"

However, this is not the first time that a Mickey Dees dish has gone to get a ridiculous cost on the internet.