Virtual operators outperform traditional operators: these are the best phone companies according to users

Old is not synonymous with better.

Virtual operators outperform traditional operators: these are the best phone companies according to users

Old is not synonymous with better. Or if not, ask mobile phone users about the companies with which they feel most satisfied. The Organization of Consumers and Users has compiled their opinion in a study and the conclusions are clear: virtual operators outperform network operators.

In general, according to data from the OCU, Spaniards are quite satisfied with the benefits of the various telecommunications providers that offer their services in our country, but it is the smaller operators who gain in satisfaction. Specifically, Pepephone wins as the best valued company at a general level.

The study, in which 19,900 users have participated, takes into account five services: fixed telephone, mobile telephone, internet at home, mobile internet and pay television.

Pepephone, with 84 rating points, is the best rated company in this service, O2, Racctel and Parlem, with 80 points each.

The big operators are not in the top five. Movistar is the one with the highest score with 71, above Vodafone (63) and Orange (62). According to the results obtained through the Coberapp application, the Movistar data network is the fastest.

More than half of the population barely makes five calls a month via landline, 55%, although they still have the service contracted. 14% directly never use it. Despite the fact that it is less and less common to have a landline phone at home, the large companies are not the main ones for those who still have it.

O2 is the best rated by its customers, with 80 points, with a certain difference compared to its rivals: R, Racctel and Virgin Telco, with 74 and 73 points.

Internet is one of the essential services today and customer satisfaction is directly proportional to browsing speed.

The vast majority, 84%, connect through fiber optics and Simyo is the best company with 86 points, followed by Pepephone and O2, with 80 and 79. The lowest scores of the twenty operators are obtained by Orange , Vodafone and Euskaltel, which are below the average with 64, 63 and 61.

Among those who opt for ADSL, 8% of those surveyed prefer Pepephone to no other operator.

More and more people have specific streaming television platforms and in general their evaluation is good. However, Filmin stands out among them, specialized in auteur and independent cinema, which is liked for the diversity and quality of its contents; Disney, Netflix, Dazn and Amazon Prime Video.

According to the OCU study, up to 46% have contracted mobile, landline, internet and pay television with the same operator in the same pack and 36% have the pack without pay television.

But beyond the services that are contracted, the survey also assesses the opinion of users regarding the customer service of each company, bills and other types of services.

Once again, Pepephone is the best valued with more than 90 points. It is followed by the operator PTV Telecom, highly valued for its customer service. The most criticized, meanwhile, are Orange and, above all, Vodafone, to which they grant only a scratch approval.

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