Top Digital Marketing and Online Design: Keys to Online Business Growth

Web design is an area focused on the development of digital interfaces, such as the design of web sites and applications.

Top Digital Marketing and Online Design: Keys to Online Business Growth

Web design is an area focused on the development of digital interfaces, such as the design of web sites and applications. To do this, web designers create the pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML. If the experience of visitors to a site is poor, the consequence is the decrease in the conversion of these visitors to customers. So that it does not happen with the website of a company, you must have a quality web design. Web design involves work related to the layout and design of online pages, as well as the production of content, although it is generally applied to the creation of websites. In this case, web designers create the pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML or XML.

Good first impressions, Better SEO processes, Competitive advantage, Increased revenue generation, More practical and faster access to the business…. While it's common to think of a web designer as responsible for creating beautiful, fully functional websites, they do much more than that.

Web designers have in their work routine tasks related to creating a design for digital media and creating content. Therefore, they must analyze both the customer's needs and goals to set up a website to give visitors the best experience. Additionally, web designers must know how to insert graphics, use languages ​​like HTML, and update the site when necessary.

Once the topics have been introduced, we are going to present some case studies of successful and totally trustworthy companies to be able to advise us and thus start new business paths.

- First of all, we present Kofumedia, which details its way of working that has led to the success of many clients. "At we consider ourselves a creative study of alternative digital marketing strategies and "artisan" web development where originality must prevail in every job we do."

"We do not work with everyone, since we consider that there are companies and products that are not profitable on the Internet at an advertising level, we only work with a small group of clients and very important with digital literacy that allows them to understand processes, we do not advertise if the company does not have its online presence impeccable or updated to current consumer trends, etc. That is, if we differ in something, it is that we only accept jobs that we are sure we can scale".

"To talk about the success of Kofumedia we are going to comment on a metaphor: I find myself wearing headphones on the way to Seattle on a market research trip for the expansion of our services in the USA listening to the song 'Ruido' by Sabina. It's a good metaphor to define the reason for our success!"

"In our country there is a lot of noise about entrepreneurship without real knowledge at the online marketing level, a noise of digital marketing savvy forged in YouTube tutorials, where the only thing they know is to make noise of unfeasible promises and noise of false expectations that do a lot of damage ".

"A large part of the companies that sign with Kofumedia come with great disappointments in terms of marketing thanks to this 'Noise'. If we have to specify what our success is due to, we can say that it is mainly due to focusing on the constant training of the services that we offer in the studio For example: Specializing in TikTok and TikTok Ads has made us a reference in Spain for this important social network, our honesty with the client, a team of creative disruptive brave in proposals or the loyalty of our client portfolio are some of the points that have allowed us to have incredible growth in the last year".

- After Kofumedia's brief but interesting explanation, we also want Black Racks to present us with their way of working, in which we will talk about their beginnings up to the present.

"We have been in the sector for about a year and a half. We founded the company with the idea of ​​starting to sell products online at first, and in the near future to be able to offer more varied services and different branches. We offer web page creation services, digital marketing or E-Commerce, SEO and Fullfillment. These are our main services today. We are at a point where we are growing exponentially in each of our services and all our clients are very satisfied."

"By offering a similar but varied branch of services, our range of clients is varied. We find ourselves from elderly clients who purchase products that we offer, to a young person who has just started in the world of E-Commerce and does not have the space nor enough time for all the logistical issues that your orders and products need, so you hire us for it (Fullfillment).The ability we have to create something new from scratch and to be productive in a short time makes us unique in the market. We adapt to any service we offer in a short time, in such a way that the range of clients never stops increasing, and we can continue to grow in other different branches. We are a company of young people who want to learn, work and grow offering a service best possible to any potential client".

- Email:; phone: 954 95 60 37

- Continuing with the presentations, we are going to see how they work in App Design.

App Design is a professional web design and app development company. It has a full team of web designers to create amazing websites for businesses. They are specialized in personalized web consultancy to adapt to the needs of each client. They offer a complete service of UX/UI design, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing and custom functionalities programming for web pages. Its custom web design services are adapted to optimize costs and achieve profitable projects for its clients. They work with companies, SMEs and individuals, each client is different, so they get involved to help each project in a personalized way.

His work methodology to create web pages from scratch is based on 3 fundamental aspects:

1. Specialized consulting: they connect with each client to give a personalized proposal. Its team of web designers works hand in hand to improve the idea of ​​each client with advice and the latest trends in the sector.

2. Prototype design: before starting, they offer a base design on which they work: the client will be able to see the final result without having to pay for the entire project.

3. Estimation of sections and functionalities: once all the work to be done has been defined, they estimate the work costs based on all the sections and functionalities to be developed.

4. Web development: after the confirmation of the design by the client, all the design and development of the website is carried out.

5. Support and maintenance: once the work is finished, its guarantee and transparency policies with the client lead to a long-term collaboration to continue growing together.

If you need to hire an experienced professional web design team, App Design is your company. With 15 years of experience and more than 500 satisfied clients, it is considered one of the best web design companies in Spain.

-; Tel: 910914391

- Last but not least, we focus on Diurnay as a great benchmark in its sector. It has been offering online marketing, web design, advertising solutions for ten years, and they are also Shopify Partners. They were born as such at the end of 2012, but their previous career was closely linked to the digital world.

They had the knowledge, but they needed to be able to carry it out according to our way of working to achieve the results that, thanks to our method, we achieve daily. In addition to being a family business, they are located in what we call the 'Cradle of Online Marketing' in Spain. Specifically, the city of Alicante, which probably has the best agencies nationwide. Although it is true that they cover what is called '360º Marketing', their specialty and focus today, they have great experience in advertising on Google and Facebook Ads; as well as the design and development of online stores in Shopify.

"Everything we do is based on something vital and not easy: strategy. Constantly asking ourselves why do it one way or another. Crossing data, and putting ourselves in the shoes of the end customer. We mainly work with companies that have had bad experiences with agencies: due to lack of understanding, capacity and/or results. We tend to say and try that 'we have to achieve more than anyone, and demonstrate more than anyone', precisely because of how clients come to us. Fortunately, our growth gives faith in achieving results for our clients.Regarding the type of companies or sectors, they are mostly companies looking for B2B Potential Clients: that is, companies looking to sell to companies.We also have a broad eCommerce portfolio (fashion, food , cosmetics, home...), dental and aesthetic centers...".

"Common sense and experience make us very special, and most importantly, a passion for challenges, results and business. We understand business because we like it, and fortunately, we are obliged to understand it. We learn from huge, medium and small: their virtues, their problems, and this helps us to continue improving and achieving the results that everyone entrusts to us. We are a close team, and committed to knowledge for the benefit of our clients. In short: we are results hunters, not just limiting ourselves to execution. We participate with our clients in all the steps, because we intervene in all those steps".

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