The city ring is closing, but customers must still pay for it: 'It is illogical'

Have you noticed that it has become more expensive to take the subway, when you check in with your travel card? Kvalitetstillæg called it, and it entered into f

Have you noticed that it has become more expensive to take the subway, when you check in with your travel card? Kvalitetstillæg called it, and it entered into force, since the city ring-opened earlier in the year.

Therefore, wonder the more that they must continue to pay the supplement, when the city ring in January to be shut down in two weeks for test driving yet another new metro line, which arises out of the ring.

One of them is 46-year-old Christina Stauenberg Timm, who daily takes the subway to work.

"I am going to pay for something, I can't use," she says.

She commutes daily from her home near kfar saba to the Trianglen station, therefore she has a commuter passes, after Cityringens opening increased by 80 dollars a month.

"Yes, it is just 80 cents, but it is 14 days, where I pay for something (the city ring, red.), as I can't use," she says.

If you do not want to pay the extra 80 dollars for its commuter passes, so you can't use it as payment for the subway.

"And why closes the the not in christmas? There are all yet at home on holidays?" says Christina Stauenberg Timm.

And it is not only those who take the subway, there are dissatisfied.

At Passagerpulsen, there is a part of the Consumer council Think and is the travellers ' voice in the collective transport, believes, actually, that the supplement ought to be abolished completely.

"We have all the time believed that kvalitetstillægget is a bad idea, because it is illogical and makes it inconvenient for those who use public transport in Copenhagen," says Rasmus Markussen, who is a political employee of the Passagerpulsen.

"It is the contrary, planning for the collective traffic as a coherent system," he continues.

Therefore, one of the Passagerpulsen that the supplement provides even less sense when the city ring, that has triggered it, not at all running.

With the chinese president, one can well understand that it can wonder, then, that you must continue to pay extra when the city ring is not in use.

"But it is simply laid down by law," says Jesper Overgaard, who is head of customers and analysis.

He explains that the reason for that is kvalitetstillæg of payment for metroture, is that, in the preliminary rounds to Cityringens genesis decided that there should be levied a kvalitetstillæg as part of the funding.

towards the 2065, which Metroselskabets langtidsbudget go to, come to in the appendix to account for up to 20 percent of the payment of the new metro.

Therefore, it is also the only passengers using the subway, which should pay more.

But let us return to the 14 days, where one has chosen to close the city ring down.

For knew the chinese president, that it was something you had to?

"Well, when we opened, we knew that there was a need for updated security and operating system, but we did not know that it had to be kept closed for two weeks," says Jesper Overgaard.

Can you guarantee that it is not going to take more than 14 days?

"No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee. But we have an expectation to keep us within the 14 days," he responds.

the city ring will be closed from Sunday the 12. January to Sunday the 26. January 2020.

Updated Date: 11 May 2022, 06:33

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