The CEO of Freedom Finance underlines the need for digitization for the survival of companies and the banking system

Timur Turlov, CEO of Freedom Holding Corp, the holding company that owns Freedom Finance Europe, the only stock broker based in the European Union listed on the Nasdaq, has presented the composition of the investment portfolio that he recommends to investors after the important correction of the markets in recent weeks.

The CEO of Freedom Finance underlines the need for digitization for the survival of companies and the banking system

Timur Turlov, CEO of Freedom Holding Corp, the holding company that owns Freedom Finance Europe, the only stock broker based in the European Union listed on the Nasdaq, has presented the composition of the investment portfolio that he recommends to investors after the important correction of the markets in recent weeks. Most of the companies, from different sectors, stand out for operating and offering their products or services in a technological and digital framework

Timur Turlov, founder and CEO of Freedom Finance, a leader in online financial services with more than €500M under management and a market capitalization of more than USD 2,400M, considers that the stock market currently presents many opportunities for investors, despite of the difficulties of the world economy and political problems.

“There are many companies now whose acquisition is very attractive. Many of them are trading well below last year's price, and could present good opportunities. However, you must be sure of the investment you are going to make and do your homework well before you start trading. If you analyze the situation carefully and do not expect quick results, I am sure that you will find many opportunities in the Stock Market».

Turlov believes that the challenges that the world economy has faced in recent years have created barriers to international contacts and complicated business processes. However, it cannot be avoided that digitization will change the world and force traditional businesses to evolve. "Technology makes any sector work more efficiently." In this sense, he pointed to banking as an example, advancing that “the traditional banking system has to change and become more active with the adoption of innovative technologies, otherwise it will not survive. There is no other way".

In fact, advanced digital technology is the foundation of Freedom Finance's success and a significant competitive advantage for the company. "We try to be as technologically advanced as possible," said the company's chief executive. As an example, he mentioned his own online investment platform Freedom 24, which Freedom Finance has developed to provide its clients with direct access to trading on the world's largest stock exchanges, including the Spanish one, and to more than a million investment products. who markets.

Turlov, who believes that the current stock market correction is nearing its final phase, has built an investment portfolio with stocks that have lost significant value but retain fundamental reasons for future growth and development. This is a portfolio of 12 companies, each with a potentially interesting investment idea behind it. The expected investment period is between six months and three years, and the expected return on the portfolio is 81%.

Portfolio Composition

Snowflake Inc. (SNOW.US) Market cap: $45B Target Price: $310 Growth Potential: 119% Snowflake Inc. provides a cloud-based platform that consolidates data into a single source so you can capture valuable business insights, create applications, manage and share information. Snowflake continues to be one of the fastest growing companies in the market, having steadily doubled its revenue in recent years and is expected to grow revenue from 94% to 96% by 2022.

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. (CRWD.US) Market cap: $35,000M Target price: $271 Growth potential: 82%

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. develops information security software and is an industry leader in a $55 billion market. Crowdstrike offers cloud-based endpoint security solutions on its Falcon platform.

Services are provided on a subscription basis using the SaaS model. Crowdstrike continues to perform strongly, beating market expectations. In the fourth quarter, its revenue increased 62.7% year over year to $431 million and the average rate of return (ARR) hit a record $217 million. For fiscal year 2023, the company expects revenue of $2.13-$2.16 billion.

Datadog Inc. (DDOG.US) Market cap: $32,000 M Target price: $169 Growth potential: 67%

Datadog Inc. operates a monitoring and analytics platform for software developers and IT departments. The company performed strongly in the first quarter and forecasts strong results for 2022. In the fourth quarter, Datadog's revenue grew 83% year over year to $363 million, thanks to the expansion of the company's partnership with Amazon. Web Services. As of March 31, 2022, Datadog had 2,250 customers with annual recurring revenue of $100,000 or more, up 60% from the prior year.

Zscaler Inc. (ZS.US) Market cap: $21,000M Target price: $320 Growth potential: 120%

Zscaler Inc. is a cloud-based information security service provider with a growth rate of over 60%. The company's second-quarter revenue grew 62.8% year over year to $255.56 million, beating expectations of $13.69 million. For fiscal 2022, the company forecasts revenue in the range of $1.045 to $1.05 billion versus expectations of $1.01 billion and earnings per share (EPS) in the range of $0.54 to $0.56.

Enphase Energy Inc. (ENPH.US) Market cap: $20,000M Target price: $226 Growth potential: 56%

Enphase Energy Inc. is a provider of energy systems to the solar energy industry. It is a profitable company with high margins and products that outperform competitors. Enphase supplies microinverters that improve the safety and performance of solar power systems. The company also has digitally backed home energy storage. Enphase reported first-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $0.79, beating market expectations by $0.10, while revenue rose 46% to a record $441 million for the quarter. The revenue forecast for the current quarter is $490 million to $520 million.

ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. (ZI.US) Market cap: $17,000M Target price: $74 Growth potential: 76%

ZoomInfo Technologies is a developer of an analytics platform for marketing companies. New product launches and geographic expansion are helping ZoomInfo maintain strong revenue growth. In the first quarter, they grew 57.7% year-on-year to $241.7 million. In February 2022,

ZoomInfo launched a new marketing platform, MarketingOS (customer orientation). The company also completed the acquisition of Comparably (employer brand) and Dogpatch Advisors (forecast sales scenarios) this year.

Mongodb Inc. (MDB.US) Market cap: $17 billion Target price: $466 Growth potential: 80%

Mongodb Inc. is the leading cloud platform dedicated to the development and delivery of general purpose databases.

MongoDB is strengthening its competitive edge by expanding its relationship with AWS and building applications using a microservices architecture. Mongodb databases are being used more and more for complex transactions, and this should increase the overall market the company is targeting. Mongodb revenue grew 55.8% in Q4, with subscription revenue up 58%. Holdings Inc. (BILL.US) Market cap: $11,000M Target price $241 Growth potential: 131% is a cloud-based software provider that simplifies and automates complex financial transactions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company continues to show strong growth, up 179.4% in the third quarter of fiscal 2022. At the end of the quarter, the company had 146,600 customers and $55.1 billion in payments posted. For the fourth quarter, expects revenue in the range of $182.3 million-$183.3 million vs. expectations of $168.77 million and a loss per share of $0.13-$0.14 vs. expectations of -$0.15.

Maravai LifeSiences Inc. (MRVI.US) Market cap: $8,000M Target price: $44 Growth potential: 45%

Maravai Lifesciences Inc. operates in the natural sciences. The company manufactures products that enable the development of drugs, new vaccines and diagnostics, while supporting medical research in the US and around the world. The company's key market is expected to grow further: the global gene therapy market was valued at $3.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $13 billion by 2024 (CAGR 27.8%).

Avalara Inc. (AVLR.US) Market cap: $6,000M Target price: $12 Growth potential 71%

Avalara Inc. offers cloud-based transactional tax compliance solutions, worldwide. Although it has achieved nearly $1 billion in annual revenue, the company still manages to grow that figure by more than 30% year over year, a testament to the sheer size of its market and the newness of its technology. Over 90% of Avalara's core revenue comes from subscriptions, providing the company with very stable revenue.

Shockwave Medical Inc. (SWAV.US) Market cap: $5,000M Target price: $189 Growth potential: 28%

Shockwave Medical Inc. develops and supplies technology for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The company shows triple-digit revenue growth and revises its outlook for the year. In the first quarter, its revenue grew by 193.4% year-on-year. In February 2021, Shockwave launched a new coronary product, which has become a driver of revenue growth.

Taskus Inc. (TASK.US) Market cap: $2,000M Target price: $39 Growth potential: 98%

Taskus Inc. provides digital business outsourcing services to fast-growing technology companies to represent, protect and grow their brands. Taskus continues to show rapid revenue growth, rising from 34% in the second quarter of 2020 to 56.8% in the first quarter of 2022. The retention rate in 2021 was 141%. At the same time, the company shows high margins, with an average EBIT margin of 10.1% in the last 11 quarters.

About Freedom Finance Europe

Freedom Finance Europe belongs to Freedom Holding Corp, the only Nasdaq-listed European Union-based stockbroker with more than €500M under management. Freedom Holding Corp. is an international investment company with a market capitalization of more than USD 2,400M, regulated by the North American SEC (Securities Exchange Commission).

Through its online platform Freedom 24, it offers access to retail investors in the EU to buy shares at their IPO price in the main stock markets of the United States and Europe, as well as to buy and sell shares, ETFs and futures of leading companies. Worldwide. Currently, the company provides investment services to more than 140,000 clients throughout Europe, under the MiFID II regulation. (

Freedom Finance Europe has opened this year a representative office in Madrid, which is part of the European network in Berlin (Germany), Athens (Greece), and Limassol (Cyprus). Last year, Europe became a new growth lever for the brokerage business of the entire holding, contributing 140,000 customer accounts out of the total of 400,000 open throughout the group (according to the latest results reported as of February 9, 2022). ).

About Timur Turlov

After serving as Director of Global Markets Strategy at Utrader and Nettrader for several years, Turlov founded Freedom Finance in 2008, his own investment company, which quickly began to expand. Today, Freedom Holding Corp. is a listed investment banking and financial services company. Turlov also owns stakes in other businesses, including other securities brokerage firms. He is one of the most recognized experts on the US stock markets. He is frequently solicited for his opinion on economic and financial issues in leading industry publications; he participates in international conferences and develops training programs. In 2017 he became a co-owner of the ChocoFamily holding company.