Style icon: She is world famous and lives in a hole - Julia Fox shows her mini apartment

Julia Fox is not only known for her brief affair with Kanye West.

Style icon: She is world famous and lives in a hole - Julia Fox shows her mini apartment

Julia Fox is not only known for her brief affair with Kanye West. In recent years she has appeared in several films alongside Hollywood greats such as Adam Sandler and Benicio Del Toro and is also known worldwide as a style icon. Even if her strange style doesn't appeal to the masses.

And Fox is happy to provide information about her life. On Tiktok she now invited to a stroll through her apartment. Not to show off, but on the contrary, she demonstrates that you can be quite famous and yet live very modestly. "I don't like excessive displays of wealth. I find that disgusting. Especially people who have really big houses, it's just very wasteful when there are so many homeless people in this country."

While Rita Ora was filming a documentary about her London home with an architecture channel, Fox lives in a small two-bedroom apartment in New York. "Come on a very disappointing apartment tour!" This is how the fashion icon greets her followers. And proceeds with a disarming confession. "Just to clarify: we have mice and they are very cute." Actually, the rodents wouldn't bother them. They only come out at night and then clean up the crumbs their son leaves behind.

Honesty doesn't stop at itself either. The fashionista wears a white shirt and is completely without make-up. "I wouldn't have thought in a million years that I would do this, but I believe in maximum transparency."

Her apartment consists of a small room on the street side and an even smaller room at the back. In between there is a very long hallway. So tight that you fear getting stuck. A small kitchen and a tiny bathroom lead off of it. Both without real windows.

Julia Fox comes from the bottom and has always said that she doesn't wait for something to be given to her. She grew up in New York in a more than unstable home. For a time she was homeless. She ran away from home when she was 15, it was three weeks before her father noticed his daughter's disappearance. The teenage girl financed her school days as a dominatrix – but without having sex with her clients.

Now the single mother has put her bed in the living room so that her little son has the second mini room to play in. Well, the fashion woman is not a Marie Kondo who loves order. In addition to being claustrophobic, the apartment is pretty crowded. Everywhere leftovers from shopping tours and lots of toys. "I also keep shoeboxes in the kitchen, which is very common for us New Yorkers." In fact, the stack of shoeboxes is bigger than the fridge. Your plants starve because of acute water shortage.

Otherwise, Fox is like many New Yorkers. The woman who populates the erotic fantasies of many men mostly shares her bed with her son. She cleared her small bedroom for him, but that's no use. There is now a bunk bed for the child. "I tried my best in that room, I think." She really wanted to give him a nice place. "However, he doesn't stay here at all," moans the fashion woman. "He just wants to be in mom's room."

The biggest style element in the living room, bedroom and playroom is a golden ceremonial mirror. This is where the well-known, somewhat morbid Fox style comes through: the frame contains pictures of your child and commemorations of dead friends. She keeps some of her deceased friend's ashes in a pendant.

But Fox doesn't whine and is happy that her viewers will comfort her. Above all, the video is intended to cheer up her followers: "Hopefully someone will look at it and then say, 'Okay, maybe I'm not that bad.'"