Studies: Renault 4EVER Trophy : The R4 is coming back

The Renault 4 is an automotive icon.

Studies: Renault 4EVER Trophy : The R4 is coming back

The Renault 4 is an automotive icon. Similar to the VW Golf or the Beetle. The smart small car has been sold over eight million times in more than 100 years and still has many fans on the right bank of the Rhine to this day. Around 30 years after the production of the 4L (as the R4 was called in France) was discontinued, the classic is celebrating a comeback at the Paris Motor Show. Initially as a fully electric study, but it is already clear that the Stromer will be on the market in 2025.

But anyone who was looking forward to a smart small car with a dreamy face and googly eyes will be disappointed. The 4EVER Trophy study is a brute, rustic SUV that, with a length of 4.06 meters, is just as much at home in the B segment as its sister model, the Renault Clio. And the electric R4 will also appear as such, with the prototype deliberately exaggerating the off-road vehicle theme. The e-crossover is 1.9 meters high and is equipped with all kinds of off-road protectors. The massive side skirts and the brutally flared wheel arches immediately catch the eye and will hardly make it into the production model in this form. The situation is different with the side mirror cameras, which could at least be offered as an option.

After all, the front with the round LED headlights and the rear with the vertical taillights establish a connection to the ancestor. Otherwise, there are some details in the design of the 2.10 meter wide E-SUV that also come from the R4, such as the rear trapezoidal side windows with their rounded corners.

The basis for the Stromer is the French carmaker's new CMF-BEV platform. Accordingly, the technical data of the e-crossover already give a fairly concrete view of the series, but therefore do not offer any big aha moments. The 4EVER Trophy is powered by a synchronous motor with 100 kW / 136 hp and the energy comes from a 42 kilowatt hour battery. The E-R4 will be built at the ElectriCity production center for electric vehicles in northern France.

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