"Stadium feeling" pilot project: BMW brings Bundesliga games live into the car in the 7er Bundesliga

Sky and Dazn own the television broadcasting rights for the Bundesliga.

"Stadium feeling" pilot project: BMW brings Bundesliga games live into the car in the 7er Bundesliga

Sky and Dazn own the television broadcasting rights for the Bundesliga. However, there is now a new way of watching 1st Bundesliga games: BMW and the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga announced on Wednesday that they will be broadcasting live games in the new 7er.

The game is broadcast via the "Bundesliga In-Car" app, which is installed using an over-the-air update and is intended to be displayed on the curved display of the luxury sedan. Not every game will be shown in the car, but a selected game will be broadcast every other day. The offer starts with the start of the second half of the season on Friday. The first encounter shown will be RB Leipzig against FC Bayern Munich.

For the safety of the vehicle occupants, the video should only be able to be played when the vehicle is stationary. On the other hand, an audio stream for the respective game should be available while driving. The live transmission should take place via the customer's mobile phone contract. Streaming with 5G should be possible. It is a pilot project, which is why the offer is initially free of charge.

The game broadcast will initially only be available in Germany. However, other countries in Europe, America and Asia are to follow "soon". "The Bundesliga in-car app will soon also be available in Austria and Switzerland for customers of the new BMW 7 Series. The USA and UK will also be connected in the medium term - we cannot give an exact date at the moment," said BMW spokesman Martin Tholund Demand of the star with. In addition, the offer could be rolled out in the future to newly launched vehicle models. Tholund did not say which models that should be. BMW will only provide information on this at a later date.

With the test, BMW and the DFL want to examine highlight formats or game data, but also individual live content tailored to use in the vehicle. The aim is to determine which content is suitable for driving and stationary situations in vehicles. The project is initially scheduled to run until the end of March 2024. According to the current status, this should end before the last day of the Bundesliga season on May 18, 2024.

BMW wants to bring cars with intelligent technology onto the market. At the beginning of January, the car manufacturer presented the futuristic BMW i Vision Dee sedan at the US electronics trade fair CES in Las Vegas. It comes with a bare dashboard and displays all the information on the windscreen in addition to the speedometer and navigation system. "An anticipation of the next generation of vehicles. From 2025, this innovation will be available in the 'New Class' models," announced BMW.

There are no more door handles, dashboard, temperature controls, switches or buttons. Even a display is no longer available. Instead, it is operated via sensors on the surface where the dashboard is found in today's cars. The driver gives instructions by voice or hand movement to display the desired information on the windscreen. "With the BMW i Vision Dee, we are showing what is possible when hardware and software merge," said CEO Oliver Zipse. The vision vehicle exploits the potential of digitization and underlines its outstanding importance for the coming generations of cars.

The 'New Class' is intended to herald a new era at BMW. A new architecture should make electric cars as profitable as cars with internal combustion engines are today. It is to be introduced across the Group from 2025.

Sources: BMW, DFL, with material from the dpa