Rendsburg: Stadtwerke turn off the electricity to the family – they resort to a curious “self-help”

This article first appeared on RTL.

Rendsburg: Stadtwerke turn off the electricity to the family – they resort to a curious “self-help”

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A curious theft is currently occupying the residents of the city of Rendsburg. After a family of seven had its electricity cut off, they resorted to unfamiliar means and quickly tapped into the main electricity supply in the house. The energy that normally illuminates the hallway and basement of the rental property now brings light into the dark private apartment. But there is someone who even has a bit of understanding for the measure, although he is the one suffering.

One thing is certain: the electricity thief must have manual skills. After the municipal utility has dismantled its electricity meter and thus promptly stopped the flow of energy, it uses the general distributor. The SHZ first reported on the incident. Landlord Peter Teuber told RTL that the tenant concerned connected a cable to the distributor and laid it across the stairwell in his apartment. However, our RTL report on site and a neighbor did not see a laid cable. The general current enters its private line through this external conductor. The background of the bizarre theft is meanwhile hotly debated.

Stadtwerke SH turned off the power to the family in Rendsburg because they allegedly had not paid their bills for over a year. The Stadtwerke told RTL that payment reminders and reminders were ignored. In response to this, the meter was blocked.

As a result, those affected would have taken the initiative and would have put the meter back into operation themselves and illegally. This sequence of events ultimately led to the counter being finally reduced. Thanks to the tapped general electricity supply, which is also provided by the municipal utility, the family is not left in the dark after all.

With all the bickering, one person in particular is looking down the drain: landlord Peter Teuber. The owner is pissed off, but takes a clear stance: "From the homeowner's side, I criticize the actions of the public utility company. As a landlord, I was not informed and only found out about the whole thing through the self-check of the general meter," reports Teuber in an interview with RTL. When he noticed that the meter reading for general electricity was unusually high, he checked the private electricity meters and only then saw that the family concerned no longer had any meters. According to his statement, he heard nothing from Stadtwerke SH. Teuber is forced to pay for the additional costs incurred so far.

But that's not all. Much more serious for Teuber are the demands of the public utilities, which are now being made of the family. Allegedly, those affected had debts of 8,000 euros to the network operator. This sum must be repaid before the situation can be straightened out again. "I didn't know anything about the debts, but 8,000 euros are actually impossible. Where are they supposed to come from in such a short period of time? It's impossible to put so much pressure on a family," says the landlord. An end to the farce about the power supply is not yet in sight. Peter Teuber wants to continue to support his tenants.

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