Popular beverage brand: Farewell to a fruit juice classic: Punica, we will miss you

And suddenly she was gone.

Popular beverage brand: Farewell to a fruit juice classic: Punica, we will miss you

And suddenly she was gone. Gone off the supermarket shelves, just like that. Punica was part of the German fruit juice culture - who would have thought that someone would write this word? – like Valensina or Hohes C. When we all watched linear television, advertisements for the brightly colored drink were part of it. Many people probably remember the "Punica Oasis" where you can quench your thirst.

As the absence of the popular drink began to be noticed by customers, there was an isolated reaction on social media, particularly on Twitter. "Where do I get my colorful sugar water from then?" joked one user. Unjustified, as true connoisseurs know, because as any girl growing up in the '90s could appreciate, Punica contained no sugar but instead zero-calorie sweetener and plenty of water to dilute. And no, we don't want to start a discussion about sweeteners here.

It was a strange mixture, this Punica. Hardly edible at room temperature, fresh from the fridge but really tasty. Sweet and artificial, but actually good for quenching thirst. More interesting than water and healthier than soft drinks (at least a few vitamins and a bit of juice should actually have been in it). It will be missing. Because what do you drink if you want to fight a hangover and thirst at the same time in the morning after a long party? You can't and shouldn't drink "real" juice in such quantities, your hips wouldn't thank you either. Spritzers are just something completely different. Cola? Yes, but there are no vitamins in it. Icetea? Just a different audience.

Punica had found its peculiar niche, loved by children, teenagers and adults alike. It is all the more strange that the end of such a popular brand was not even officially announced. Apparently one had hoped that the remaining bottles would just sell off and nobody would ask about them. However, the owners, PepsiCo and Tropicana, hadn't counted on the fans of the Punica oasis!

Compared to the star, the company confirmed the attitude in business German that was as cool as it was spongy: "Over the past year, TBG (Tropicana Brands Group, editor's note) has been working to strengthen its business as an independent entity and its long-term The Punica business is one of the brands that will be included within the scope of the joint venture, however, after reviewing the company's strategic priorities, the Tropicana Brands Group team made the difficult decision to phase out the brand entirely ."

A company is already called Tropicana and then, as the first official act, it hires what feels like the most tropical juice brand in the nation? A decision that you as a mere sad customer probably don't have to be able to understand. In any case, one thing is clear: Punica was unrivaled in its fruity wateriness - and fans must now see how they can fight the drought in their hearts from now on. Punica, we will miss you!