New presentation: BMW M2: Make big cheeks

The new Bayer has fat cheeks, no electric motor and a lot of steam.

New presentation: BMW M2: Make big cheeks

The new Bayer has fat cheeks, no electric motor and a lot of steam. A sports coupé of the old school, which, with its 338 kW / 460 hp, scratches the larger BMW M4 very loudly. From April next year, the new BMW M2 will not only be available with a top speed of 285 km/h, but also with a manual six-speed gearbox. However, most customers should opt for the eight-speed automatic, which experience has shown works splendidly with the turbocharged three-liter straight-six, ensuring relaxation behind the wheel and lower consumption. Not only with its zest for action, the significantly increased engine power, but also with a starting price of 72,800 euros, the four-seater scratches on the former BMW M4, which, however, with up to 550 hp and optional all-wheel drive has long since said goodbye to higher coupé spheres.

From a standing start, the athlete from the Mexican production site in San Luis Potosi accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. Not only does the choice of six-speed manual gearbox or eight-speed automatic transmission ensure a good mood, but also a variably adjustable chassis, 550 Nm maximum torque and a maximum speed of an impressive 7,200 tours, which ensures a good mood on the race track and on country roads in equal measure. The Garching-based Speedy Gonzales not only differs from its tamer brothers in the family of two because of the flared fenders, but also for a newly designed font with horizontal radiator slats and rectangular air inlets, which move everything else reluctantly into the rear-view mirror of the vehicle in front. Various driving modes allow you to be prepared for almost all conditions and also allow an entertaining trip to the racetrack of your choice.

Just like its big brothers BMW M3 / M4, the smaller M2 offers all kinds of dynamic extras such as sports seats as desired - with and without leather or real carbon shells - according to taste and requirement profile. The carbon chairs reduce the weight by almost eleven kilograms. The best thing to do is to go straight for the sports package, because it not only includes a carbon roof, bucket seats and interior trim, but also race track tires and an increase in the top speed from 250 to 285 km/h.