Energy prices: Cap rising electricity costs: with a private balcony power plant

This year, consumers will have to prepare for further increases in electricity prices.

Energy prices: Cap rising electricity costs: with a private balcony power plant

This year, consumers will have to prepare for further increases in electricity prices. In addition to the higher costs of CO2 pricing, the loss of government subsidies amounting to 5.5 billion euros on network fees could also have an impact on the price of electricity. How much more is due per household depends on various factors, such as the number of people living in the household. However, the Federal Network Agency expects an average additional cost of 120 euros for electricity per year for a family of four. If you don't want your electricity bill to rise indefinitely, measures such as purchasing a balcony power plant are necessary. But what's the point of a mini solar system?

If the provider increases the price of electricity, a common recommendation is to change supplier. But there are other measures that can cap costs in the long term without having to keep your own four walls dark.

Balcony power plants are available in different designs. The latest generation models include the mini solar systems from the manufacturer “Kleines Kraftwerk”, which are equipped with the latest TopCon technology and, according to the provider, can achieve up to 38 percent higher yields. The “Quattro” variant, for example, consists of four bifacial solar modules with an output of 430 watts each. A total of 1,720 watts is possible. Our colleagues at are currently offering the balcony power plant in an attractive deal that stern readers can also benefit from. Instead of 899 euros, the mini solar system only costs 739 euros until January 22nd.

All details about the deal:

Here you can find the offer from Kleines Kraftwerk

With its four solar modules, the balcony power plant is designed to make full use of solar energy and produce as much energy as possible. However, the included inverter is designed so that the energy fed in can be throttled to 600 watts, as currently required by law. Before purchasing this variant, it is important to ensure that there is enough space for installation. Brackets for hanging on the balcony are not included in the scope of delivery. The appropriate models are currently also cheaper from the manufacturer and cost 199 euros instead of 299 euros.

A balcony power plant with two solar modules is suitable for small balconies with little space. A variant for under 300 euros is currently available on Ebay. The power plant has a total output of 800 watts and is therefore designed for the maximum watt limit permitted in the future. The new maximum limit still has to be decided by the Bundestag. It is not clear from the manufacturer's information whether the balcony power plant can currently be used and reduced to 600 watts. The ready-to-plug set is equipped with, among other things, two solar panels of 400 watts each, a WLAN-enabled microinverter and connection cable. However, brackets are not included in the scope of delivery here either. The small system is very cheap at 299 euros.

Click here for the offer on Ebay

For consumers whose electricity bills are constantly rising, a balcony power plant is a good way to at least slightly reduce energy costs. However, the amount of savings depends on various factors. These can be, among other things:

If optimal location conditions are met, savings of between 100 and 200 euros per year are possible, according to calculations by the magazine “Finanztip”. However, this is only worthwhile if the electricity produced is used for washing machines, refrigerators, etc., as most common systems cannot store the electricity generated for later. And even if the purchase initially involves some costs, the amount of savings can make the purchase worthwhile after just a few years.

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