Driving report: Opel Corsa Electric: attention to detail

So far, every third Opel Corsa sold is one with an electric motor.

Driving report: Opel Corsa Electric: attention to detail

So far, every third Opel Corsa sold is one with an electric motor. This should improve in the coming years, because the electric version will be more attractive than ever after the facelift and so the target is to make every second Corsa an electric model. In particular, the combination of the new electric motor and modified battery pack in the underbody not only means an increase in performance to 115 kW / 156 hp, but also an increase in range to just over 400 kilometers. The revised Corsa Electric can be recognized particularly by its new family face, which it has borrowed slightly modified from its big brother Astra Electric.

Above the previous Opel Corsa Electric with 100 kW / 136 HP there is now a new top model with a slight increase in performance to 115 kW / 156 HP with an unchanged 260 Nm maximum torque. You don't notice much of the new drive when driving, because the 4.06 meter long Corsa drives as dynamically as we know it, especially thanks to the tight suspension setup. Unfortunately, the new electric motor on the front axle does not offer any changes at the all too low top speed of 150 km/h and the charging speed of a maximum of 100 kilowatts is hardly up-to-date for an electric car from the 2024 model year. At least the driver can look forward to a new 51 kWh battery pack in the underbody, which enables a range of just over 400 kilometers before it goes back to the charging stations.

You can always have fun with the electric Opel Corsa, especially in the city center or on country roads; provided you choose the Sport driving program. In the other two modes, Normal and Eco, the little Rüsselsheimer is an all too tired fellow, with whom you can at best swim along emotionlessly in city traffic, as there is significantly less power available for propulsion (109 and 82 hp). That's simply not enough drive for the city car, which weighs over 1.5 tons. You quickly get used to the tight suspension of the front and rear axles with 16 or 17 inch wheels and the steering is also pleasing in the different speed ranges with good feedback from the road surface.

There are only slight revisions to the interior and exterior. In particular, the central display for navigation and entertainment with its ten-inch diagonal is now more contemporary than before. Not unimportant: Apple Carplay and Android Auto now also work wirelessly and are therefore more practical in the charging cradle than before. The loading volume is between 267 and 1,042 liters. The price has remained the same - at least for the entry-level version of the Opel Corsa Electric with 100 kW / 136 HP from 34,650 euros, which has a range of around 350 kilometers with its 50 kWh battery pack. Still an opulent premium compared to the 75 hp basic combustion engine model, which now costs 19,800 euros. The Corsa-e version with the more powerful 156 hp engine starts at 38,045 euros with correspondingly improved equipment. The basic version of the Tesla Model 3 is available for around 4,000 euros more.