Your Bank charges high fees? So you can defend you against

In the coming autumn fees threaten many customers higher Bank, as the "world" reported. The sheet refers to Andrea Heyer, financial expert of the consumer adv

Your Bank charges high fees? So you can defend you against

In the coming autumn fees threaten many customers higher Bank, as the "world" reported. The sheet refers to Andrea Heyer, financial expert of the consumer advice centre of Saxony.

In the process, Bank customers must now for significantly more services than in the past. Always more money for homes say goodbye to free checking account. Many banks now require a minimum receipt of money in the account, otherwise they charge checking account fees.

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communications from the banks

The consumer advocate, advises account holders, the various fees of your money houses to be considered carefully. Many was not even aware that the many small amounts add up to significant amounts.

Thus, banks require, in the meantime, on average, 34 cents for each contactless payment. The most expensive provider could collect the Double, says the report.

the first Council of the money expert Andrea Heyer: customers should read all the notifications from your Bank thoroughly. Changes to the fees must announce the money, the houses generally two months in advance.

Important: , It is sufficient, if the Bank announces their new fees by Mail, or a note on the account statement. Who increase the Fees in a timely manner is contrary, you must accept it.

Applied to the customers, however, have no way to their banks the announced fee increases to say. The pricing policy is at the discretion of the money houses.

The experts to confirm. Self-fee increases of more than 50 percent are usually not exorbitant, the report says.

customers do not need to any fee increase swallow

However consumer advocates have tips can how Bank customers against fee increases to the military. This is according to the report, the following rule of thumb : A fee is unlawful, if the money house meets in the service of a statutory duty. This applies for example for the Amendment of the exemption orders. Also, the Information of the customers about the settlement of an installment for a home loan is not expected to calculate the money from the house.

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Free-of-charge services must be performed by a financial institution in its own interest. This includes the determination of the value of a property belongs. The Federal court of justice (BGH) said in several Judgments of processing fees for retail loans. This also applies to the payment of a loan fee in the case of payment of the bauspar loan (Az. XI ZR 552/15).

So customers have to fight back

customers can demand to be high and already debited charges, usually three years back. A Bank is to offer consumer centers as a helper. Also ombudsmen of banks and savings banks can help as a point of contact, to avoid a legal dispute.

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As a last resort, a Bank would exchange. However, many account holders shy away from it.

Before the angry Bank customers to the last agent, you should seek advice from your current Bank account Alternatives. Each money house usually has several variants – even those with solid account management fees. The can count when customers have many bookings, which are made from money home extra in the invoice.

this will have no Savings, should customers move to competitors. Comparisons on the Internet can help to find the most suitable account for your profile.

But even here, The displayed results are thoroughly examined.

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Updated Date: 14 August 2020, 03:28

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