You can do your at your tax return in no case,

In the worst case, threatens to tax evasion and thus, high fines, or even prison. But to the extent that it has not come! The tax office indicates errors in the

You can do your at your tax return in no case,

In the worst case, threatens to tax evasion and thus, high fines, or even prison. But to the extent that it has not come! The tax office indicates errors in the statement of understanding, as long as it is a deliberate attempt at deception and the taxpayer, the statutory rules are followed. What measures help to avoid tax evasion, summarizes Paul-Alexander Thies. The Person

Paul-Alexander Thies, managing Director of Online accounting tools Billomat. He looks back on many years of experience as a leader, and has built up many companies, such as Groupon, payleven (Rocket Internet) and the Business with.

1. Wrong information in the tax return: Why it pays to admit mistakes

mistakes happen and are human. So no taxpayer is immune from making unintentionally false information when Filling out the forms. It does not matter whether the one has for its own benefit or the detriment of a mistake.

as Long as no tax bill is available, the corrections are quite easy to make. The tax should be set in each case, the existing error in knowledge. Then the authority may notify, until when the revised tax Declaration is to be sent to.

The right to rectification, but also after the receipt of the decision. This doesn't really apply as a final. So Taxpayer four weeks , a appeal, or to make an application for simple Change in financial authority. Anyone who fails to comply with the deadline, so it can easily make errors, additions, or complete Changes. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

2. Error discovered too late: the Statute of limitation period is longer than I thought

The daily life of entrepreneurs and self-employed can be pretty stressful. So it is sometimes difficult to keep track of certain deadlines. But a tax Declaration after the expiry of four weeks approximately not more change? But!

With the end of the calendar year in which the statement was submitted, begins the so-called limitation period . This determines when a Change may be made. Thus, it is possible to compensate tax returns that are up to four years in the past. It is assumed that it is smaller amounts. In the case of larger sums, the period is extended for a further year. In the case of a threat of tax evasion to the notice of the authorities is even set to ten years.

This scheme also means that the tax office may also ask for a number of years to comment on an old tax return. So, not to early not, if the authorities report in the case of incorrect information, immediately back.

Who own error, in retrospect, stand out, be well-advised this office independently communicate. Otherwise, could get the impression that it would be a deception attempt. If the were wrong, however unintentionally, are taxpayers acting in a cooperative and transparent, to be on the safe side.

3. Letter-box company as a tax haven: when is it problematic?

countries such as Luxembourg or Switzerland are not only for their medieval old towns, but also for low tax burdens. So you are one of the most popular places for the so-called letter-box companies. These are companies whose corporate headquarters and the management are not at the same address. Often this procedure is used to save taxes in the country where the actual management sits.

in Principle, it is allowed to set up a shell company in a foreign country. Business people may make use of legal gaps in the tax law for their own advantage. So, it is permitted to earn as an entrepreneur, the money by working abroad to pay tax on the income in this country accordingly. What is important is not to hide this to the tax office to. Corona special-2020

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Also individuals who want to protect themselves from erbschlei Chern or her assets to the Partner to not disclose, can use a company abroad, to secure your capital. Investors may also choose the purchase of a company with which you do not want to be brought directly in connection with, the Option of a letter-box company.

in General, so Not every measure for the reduction in taxes is automatically illegal. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of favorable tax regulations in foreign countries, as long as legal tax loopholes are affected, and these processes in a transparent way.

4. Eye-catching account movements: beware of unsubstantiated cash payments

anyone Who believes that the private checking account to be safe from the IRS, you're wrong. Cash payments are popular when it comes to black work or undocumented sales. This criminal Offense to counteract, was already adopted in 1991, the money laundering law . This States that credit institutions are obliged to, monetary payments from a height of 10,000 euros to the tax office to report. This sum marked at the same time, limit the contributions that may be paid without proof of on the own account.

In practice, some banks go even more strict and are able to do starting from 1000 Euro Research. Here it is important to be cooperative and honest. Basically, cash-in of any height are allowed and, depending on the field of activity is also necessary. It is important to document the account movements in writing, so that these are comprehensible.

5. Cheating in sales and profits: The IRS doesn't miss a thing

A revenue commitments of prediction is not a simple task and depends on many factors. So the current sales trends or the economic climate is in constant change and make entrepreneurs difficult, the optimal amount of products to purchase in advance. If you end up with more purchased Goods than were sold to this difference in the Form of specific Numbers in sales and profits. Thus, a separate booking for each individual business process is required and each movement is evidenced by an invoice or receipt.

In the case of an audit, will be presented this written documentation to the tax office. Otherwise if you could. authorities, the trader, the one who had disposed of the rest of the products illegally or in the case of the accounting cheat Your tax return in 30 minutes

Using the PDF-guide the annoying tax return succeed in you in just 30 minutes. Plus: tips and Tricks for the tax savings, as well as a great accountant Test.

PDF guide

Applies one of these five points, it is not to panic. The top priority is their own fault in any case, to admit and to make it transparent. Those who stay with the details to be honest, the deadlines and the authorities towards a cooperative behavior, avoid consequences such as a monetary penalty easily. In addition, it can even help to make using legal tax loopholes in the run-up to this in the future, be used to your advantage.

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