Working at home, you can very quickly zap the people - The Point

For many French, the containment has been synonymous with a new life of office... at home. Teleworking is becoming the norm, and the presence in the company, th

Working at home, you can very quickly zap the people - The Point

For many French, the containment has been synonymous with a new life of office... at home. Teleworking is becoming the norm, and the presence in the company, the exception ? The time crowded public transport, the small coffee between colleagues, informal discussions in the corridors and meetings "face-to-face" would it be gone forever ? The Point gives the word to employees that tell the upheaval caused by the confinement and their new life in the office.

" On 16 march, we were asked to take our computer and spinning at home. We were all equipped with a laptop, so it has not been complicated. I had practically never been made of teleworking, I have found that out. I was a priori not very favourable, but I must admit that it worked. The balance is very positive. Except that we now come to the limit of the exercise. It is time to return to the office, to resume the thread of human relations.

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I frames fifty people on two different structures. A few have been put to partial unemployment, but the vast majority was working at home. From mid-march, he has had to take a reporting very accurate count of working days and non-working days each. It was necessary that this count is well taken, because it was necessary then to be filed with the Direccte (regional Directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment), where they will be duly controlled. It was therefore necessary to disseminate instructions to staff : above all, do not write emails during the holidays, do not connect on the internal network of the company, etc., This was complicated, a real gas plant... And then it was necessary to observe an equity between the employees, does not make it work for some more than others...

The videoconferencing, an uncomfortable intrusion into the private life

even today, the rule is to work from home and the office, the exception. We work in a tower in the la Défense district. It will remain largely unoccupied by September. The report of my employees to telework today ? I would say that there are three groups of people identified : those who are no longer able to be in their home and want to return to the office at any cost ; those who are superflippés to catch the Covid-19, which were, therefore, afraid to take public transport and share workspaces, and those that pretend to be superflippés because they do not have any desire to return to the office.

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as a manager, I have the duty to maintain the link with my teams. I organized a lot of meetings, a lot more than normal... But they are more effective, shorter. In telework, it is necessary to maintain a rhythm, it is necessary to feed the people in the projects and to follow them. It is necessary to be more attentive, work harder for the people to feel that they belong to a team. Otherwise, the motivation is gaining ground, and it can go very quickly. I do the meetings by video conferencing. Well, it is clearly an intrusion into the private lives of my colleagues, in my private life. When you are a leader, this can be embarrassing to show your framework of life, your spouse or your children spend in the field... sometimes It's a good thing to keep a certain distance with the people with whom one works, and hence, it becomes impossible. During the confinement, my management has entrusted me the management of a new team. Not easy... The first point of contact via Microsoft Teams, with people you do not know, this is not really obvious. It was a little cold as the first contact, necessarily... It will take me to meet them in flesh and bone quite quickly...

Distinguish between those who work and those who pretend

The great fear of the employees, I feel it, it is to be forgotten. It is true that home-it's going fast, you can very quickly zap people. There is necessarily less trade, it is not seen physically, then it brings a whole bunch of questions : how to get noticed ? How to progress within the company ? This anxiety to be forgotten irks many workers, it feels. After that, we can distinguish, nevertheless, those that truly work and those that are a little pretend... Those who pretend to send three to four emails a day, often a first, early enough in the morning to show that they are on the bridge, they are not deserters, but often it is a ploy : they don't work as much as usual, and they release their efforts... anyway, there it is, after this period if special, teleworking or not, everyone is set to think only one thing : the holidays. "

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"My boss has stitched a mouth and demanded the return of the employees in the office ""If the epidemic takes, it's going to be very complicated ""I have become the psych of my boss, ""there will be more touring of kisses compulsory in my company, "" we Were told : "telework, it is finished !" "

Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 09:33