With style, class, and V8: Great car, a classic for little money

The V8 whispers under the long hood. In the interior, leather and wood to pamper the driver, and space is abundant. Upper-class sedans offer a lot of luxury, bu

With style, class, and V8: Great car, a classic for little money

The V8 whispers under the long hood. In the interior, leather and wood to pamper the driver, and space is abundant. Upper-class sedans offer a lot of luxury, but also cost a lot of money. Only after more than ten years, the prices will fall here. Experts advise not to buy rashly, but quietly weigh.

For Jan hens must like a historic car, especially a self. "In the case of upper-class vehicles, pure taste, it is a matter, for which car drivers are interested in. Limousines are generally interesting, because they are suitable as convertibles or sports cars,“ explains the Vice-President of the Bundesverband Oldtimer-Youngtimer (Deuvet).

the selection in The upper house is large,

models about Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Cadillac, Maserati, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, but also from VW, the Phaeton, for example. "As with other Vehicle types, there are good and bad vehicles. It is important that the cars have been regularly maintained and can understand,“ says hens. But do not forget: In the case of large-volume engines, the maintenance costs will rise for fuel, tax, insurance and repairs. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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Hans Gerd Brauneiser of the Rhineland garage in Cologne recommends reluctant to vehicles of the upper class. "Prospective buyers need to be aware that upper-class cars and top class costs money. Any repair is more expensive than a Small or compact car,“ he says. In this S-class feels like Helmut Kohl, the FOCUS of Online In this S-class feels like Helmut Kohl

"a lot of electronics that can be vulnerable depending on the model and Vintage." Vehicles up to 1995, but would leave largely to many of the electric motors for seat adjustment, power Windows or air conditioning, with some exceptions.

digital devices can make problems: "for the first navigation devices with arrow display, it says there is today no more Software", Brauneiser.

it is Not the niche to use

Generally speaking, he advises well-known and often-built vehicles such as Mercedes or BMW and less niche models. "The supply of spare parts is usually better, the parts are often cheaper in comparison to exotics as a Lexus," he says. Nevertheless, those interested should hold for the next three years a couple of Thousand euros for repair and maintenance. "With the purchase of it is not done. Depending on how the car is used, repairs are coming and the are expensive“, says the expert.

those interested should look for when sightseeing on a until the last completed inspection booklet in a specialist workshop. Also, you'd better check all electrical components. "If seat adjustment, window lift, and the micro-nozzles bulb on the air all the lights, maintained the car mostly," says Brauneiser. dpa/BMW AG/dpa-tmn The 7 series models the E-series 32 were not only with Four - and six-cylinder engines (see photo) and mount, but also the first German twelve-cylinder of the post-war history.

Also on the tyres, the skilled artisan will recognize the care of the state: When the car is on a No-Name cheap tires from the previous owner, apparently the money. Then it's time to keep looking or grab a smaller model.

Mature cats, Yanks and the German upper class

A charming, upper-class car for little money Martin Puthz sees in the Jaguar XJ series X300. "The cars are Mature, the in-line six-cylinder and the ZF automatic gearbox is virtually indestructible," says the expert of the magazine "Auto Bild Klassik". Terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in the generations-duel FOCUS Online terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in generations-the duel

But also other models he considers to be a good choice for a Buick Park Avenue with a 3.8-Liter V6, for example. "The Buick offers a lot of Ami-Flair, reliable technology and a Europe-compliant driving behavior," he says. The Mercedes S-class W 126 was not an insider tip, due to the long construction period and the high number of figures, but rich in the offer. From the Spartan 280 to the fully equipped 560er the used car market has it all.

Also, the BMW 7-series E32 is a good choice, but only with six-cylinder or V8. Puthz, it warns us to beware of cars that are technically complex. These include, among other things, a high share of Electronics, V12 engines, air suspension and adaptive chassis.

can be cheap, fast to tax

From luxury cars to extreme bargain prices discourages Puthz. "Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Rolls-Royce. Cheap vehicles often have a maintenance of traffic jam, the expensive follow-up costs can lead to,“ he explains. "Besides, there are hardly any specialists who can repair the vehicles."

a Jaguar XJ12 with its difficult-to-access technique for repairs expensive. In models such as Lexus LS and Lancia Thesis he provides for the supply of spare parts is problematic, the VW Phaeton, and a fully equipped Mercedes S-class W 140 the variety of gadgetry.

With rest and Search for the proper model

In search of the perfect classic recommends Puthz, not to rush and be in peace for several cars to look at. You should also get information from Clubs, in forums, or by professionals and several cars to test drive. dpa/Bentley/dpa-came tmn the only sports car à la the 911 from the 1970s and 1980s, literally under pressure, but also tight-sporty luxury-class Limos, like the Bentley Turbo R proved.

A vehicle with a maintenance of traffic jam, he would let it stand, because the repairs are difficult to estimate. Also, the pure fixation on the purchase price he thinks is wrong. "Because this is only half the truth. For repairs and maintenance, you should maintain financial reserves in hand,“ he says.

the joy of driving and pride of ownership as the biggest return on

in General, should make those interested in know what you are getting into. "An upper-class vehicle will remain top class, even if it costs only a fraction of its former price. Parts and repair costs have not gone through this loss of value, and any increase in value will not absorb the cost,“ he says. Anyone who has a large, older car fun, should understand it as a Hobby. The greatest return of driving pleasure and owner are proud of.

Because the market of the classics was no longer a secret, says Frank Wilke, managing Director of Classic Analytics, a company for market monitoring and valuation of classic cars. There is in young-timers still affordable cars: "the Jaguar XJ is the XJ40-series it is in good condition for around 10 000 Euro. The limousines provide plenty of driving comfort, adequate performance, and little electronics. In addition, the cars are no longer cheaper.“ Why almost all the cars at this point, rust, FOCUS Online/Wochit Why almost all of the cars at this point, rust

the Mercedes S-class and Jaguar XJ series X300 come To this. But also Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Bentley Turbo R to offer a lot of luxury coupled with solid Mechanics and a bit of electronics for around 25 000 Euro. Vehicles from the mid-1990s, are recommended for Wilke less. "The use of electronics makes the cars for the piñata. Models can go for 25 years without a problem, other all of three weeks, with a different Defect in the workshop.“

Of vehicles such as Mercedes S-class W220 he advises with a view to the smooth day-to-day operation as well as the Audi V8, Cadillac Seville or Lexus GS. In the case of the Mercedes, the quality in almost all areas of lean and on the other hand, the supply of spare parts is bad.

When you purchase Frank Wilke also sees a risk in the case of very high mileage. "As is the case with classics, the usual vehicles with a little performance, little previous owners and a full checkbook always the better choice."


Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 16:27