Wirecard-Aktie: Why, in spite of Broke straight huge gains are possible

Thousands of investors into Wirecard heavy losses – some few, however, massive profits. After comparing free crash of the stock, it went uphill in the past few

Wirecard-Aktie: Why, in spite of Broke straight huge gains are possible

Thousands of investors into Wirecard heavy losses – some few, however, massive profits. After comparing free crash of the stock, it went uphill in the past few days steep.

On Friday, the papers concluded after a week full of two-digit rate loss of only 1.28 euros. But from there it went on Monday by 154 per cent to the top and again close to 76 per cent higher on Tuesday. From the recently achieved 52-week Low 1.08 has increased six-fold, the share price almost. Only on Wednesday it went downhill, but then as well - just recently, the stock has lost about 21 percent on 4,51 Euro. But for those of us with perfect Timing and dropped out, was able to verzigfachen its use within a matter of days. Wirecard 3,10 EUR -1,70 (-35,42%) Xetra

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Why is the price of the Wirecard stock?

Some people should not have been astonished at this Win bad. How can attract a share, so if the company is bankrupt? Here, speculators are of course at work, the smell is your Chance.

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Technically, the entry was justified, even considered completely: indicators such as the Relative strength Index or the Williams percent Range record with values of 21,19 and 4.50 massively in approaches the oversold territory. For the technically oriented day trader, the clear buying signals.

in Addition, the gamers hoped in the past few days after the debacle on good news. The trigger for the Rally on Monday, the message that the Board is in spite of the insolvency application is a continuation of the business. In addition, it was stressed that the Wirecard Bank is not currently affected part of the insolvency proceedings and the payment transactions of Wirecard Bank. In addition, the British financial Supervisory authority FCA wants to allow the organization of the company's business. The FCA had put on Friday, the local subsidiary Wirecard Card system, and any Transfers of funds and assets are prohibited assets. Such messages, some gamers hope that perhaps all is not lost.

the volatility?

the crucial question for The daring investors: Are those gains still possible? From the current level, a further Verzigfachung of the course seems unrealistic. Growth in two-digit percentage range, but could again be in it. However, it went down Wednesday directly significantly. Webinar with Dirk Müller: Here, you have to now

invest now you can see which industries and companies are the winners of the crisis. "Mr. Dax" Dirk Müller calls on 3. July, at 19.30 clock in a Webinar of FOCUS Online and Finanzen100 his favorites. Here is your Ticket!

the Extreme volatility in equities, such as Wirecard not uncommon. On the one hand, the price is now, visually at least, cheap. Although he's still not quite to the "Penny Stock"level, but by level gamblers. Add to this that probably have adopted most of the institutional investors and professionals will no longer be share – price-stabilising market actors are so way.

On the other hand, there are plenty of examples that exist after a bankruptcy, still the opportunities for gamblers. One example is Gerry Weber. The bankruptcy of the textile group is now survived. But before that, the stock bucked wildly back and forth: After the application for bankruptcy on 25. January 2019, a broke, the share price initially to 66,59 percent, shot of the day but prompt to 25 percent. After that, disastrous as well as profitable days followed in the exchange – in April about there were trading days with a Gain of 14.28 percent and even 40,32 per cent.

Similarly, most recently with the titles of Vapiano . After the system had to admit a restaurateur in March, due to the Coronavirus pandemic shortly before the insolvency, introduced to Vapiano in the beginning of April for bankruptcy. Prior to that, the course was already crashed from 3.50 euros to only 20 cents – a decrease of about 95 percent.

In may, but the stock shot up from this level again on a Euro upwards. In between there were individual trading days on which the Vapiano-share made 8,59 per cent, 22,17% and even 74,43 per cent profit. Even in June, more than two months after the insolvency, shot the share price one day only to 19,25 percent.

Caveat Emptor: This Error can be easily to the rear of the

to start, of Course, must not be forgotten: Between these isolated strong to Win it in two share also always back losses in the double-digit percentage range. When it comes to the hefty Win, is mostly a question of news – reports, for example, the insolvency administrator of progress, los hisses of the course.

it is Conceivable that such fluctuations in the Wirecard share are also. When exactly you come from, but ancestors are difficult to foresee. Even more challenging is, therefore, the Timing for such a speculation. This must be investors who now want to put again on, Wirecard, be aware of. Also possible brutal losses in the past few weeks, damage to the total.

An added risk is that the liquidity can quickly dry up. Investors could get in at the end of so difficulties to be able to share the desired selling price. Generally speaking Penny Stocks to trade "" most of days with minimum volume and high differences between the bid and ask prices. From this Spread, investors go here often with a loss, the first must be re-balanced.

Wirecard the paper for gamblers and speculators

of Course, Wirecard is not to degenerate nor to the "Penny Stock", for paper and for gamblers and speculators but. Investors should be aware of the risks of such shares will be aware of if you want to get involved here. The examples of Gerry Weber and Vapiano to show that there is during the insolvency process opportunities.

nevertheless, investors should use only expendable capital ("game money"), and from the outset only on a short-term commitment before the liquidity dries up in the market – or even, as in the case of Gerry Weber. Here there was for the speculators at the end of a rude awakening, because with the entry of the two investors Robus and White, the selling shareholders have been pushed just out of the company without any compensation.

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