William Barr dismisses state's attorney: Everything you need for Donald Trump and Recep Erdogan? | Politics

state's attorney, Geoffrey Berman has long been a thorn in the eye of Donald trump. Now Berman is going on his Post, which should also look forward to the Turk

William Barr dismisses state's attorney: Everything you need for Donald Trump and Recep Erdogan? | Politics

state's attorney, Geoffrey Berman has long been a thorn in the eye of Donald trump. Now Berman is going on his Post, which should also look forward to the Turkish President Erdogan.

Donald Trump* releases a few months before the presidential election *a powerful attorney U.S. Department of justice, the Minister William Barr is. to agents Trumps the fulfillment of the New York state attorney , Geoffrey Berman was investigating Trump-Familiar

Washington/New York – In the government of Donald Trump is a constant Coming and Going Hardly anyone holds too long at his Post, sooner or later, his employees take almost all of their hat, or be kicked out of the Trump out. As a current example, the New York state attorney , Geoffrey Berman , the first in January 2018, his office had embarked on serves.

Donald Trump wants to get rid of state attorney: William Barr led into action

That Berman last delicate investigations against close Trump-Familiar , was the President of a thorn in the eye – at least but one of his last loyal, the U.S. Department of justice, the Minister William Barr . The wanted to use the weekend of the botched Trump-Show in Tulsa, as secretly, quietly, the taming of the Berman to get rid of.

by the way, this was not done, however. Rather, the displacement Berman's in a 24-hour dispute that was fought in Public resulted. After Barr announced on Friday evening namely Berman had resigned after two and a half years of his office, he reacted a little differently than expected. No, said Berman and Barr to the public that he had not resigned and that he had no intention of doing so. This applies until the U.S. Senate confirmed a successor for him. "Until then, our current investigations are going on without interruption."

spat order dismissal of the state attorney Berman: Trump and Barr by

Barr contacted on Saturday, in a letter to Berman , the wording of the CNN published, and from the numerous U.S. media consistently quoted. "Since you have not declared that they have no intention of your office to withdraw, I asked the President, with immediate effect, dispose of, and he did." the Trump contradicted later, however, rode on the Minister of justice William Barr and the best that he had released Berman . "This is all a matter for the Minister of justice. I'm not involved.“ Anyway, the power was the fight to an end with immediate effect Berman from his office.

+ Minister of justice, William Barr, is Donald Trump loyalty to the side. ©AFP

Just as peculiar as his dismissal was, incidentally, lost his appeal. Trumps the former Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions - with the Trump , later destroyed - had Berman appointed as Executive district attorney, however, Trump had nominated him never officially, the Senate never confirmed officially. After 120 days in office, Berman was appointed by the judges of the district court formally to the Post.

attorney Berman was investigating a close, Trump-Trusted

Berman's predecessor, the Preet Bharara , also from Trump dismissed, threw on Twitter the question why Trump get rid of the powerful state's attorney a few months before the election in November wool. Maybe Yes, because Berman did not want to trump's Beck and call.

Who initiated the investigation against trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen , was convicted of perjury in Congress to three years in prison? The Republicans are Berman . Who took trump's lawyer and former New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani because of its efforts targeted to gather in the Ukraine are harmful to the information about Joe Biden ? Answer: Berman . Who dealt with the case of the Multi-millionaire and celebrity-friend Jeffrey Epstein , the years of minors needed to be sexually abused and forced into Prostitution should have? Again, the answer Berman is .

Trump wanted to help Erdogan – but the state's attorney Berman refused

enough. At this point, John Bolton comes into play. Trump's former security Advisor, claimed in his on Tuesday (23.06.) - published book "The Room Where It Happened", that Trump wanted to do the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan a Favor and annoying investigator out of the way. Under Berman's predecessor, the Bharara the public Prosecutor's office had taken the machinations of the Turkish Halkbank under the magnifying glass. The Halkbank be accused of violations of Iran sanctions.

so What Trump did ? How Bolton said in an Interview with the TV channel ABC, took Trump the Turkish President, and promised him to solve the Problem in an elegant way. "The President said at the Erdogan : 'These prosecutors in New York are Obama people . You have to wait until I have brought my people in. Then we take care of it.‘“ the Erdogan is still waiting. Berman's office has filed charges against the Bank, the case is not yet complete.

Trump and Barr, attorney Berman to throw out: Democrats react in horror

The Democrats reacted, of course, horrified at the Berman's deposition. So Jerry Nadler , the Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, the business most Berman invited to testify at a scheduled hearing to William Barr . the Nadler accused Barr to have in order to be trump repeatedly in criminal investigations interfered.

The most concise it brought, perhaps, Bernie Sanders to the point. The Senator from Vermont called the Trump "the most corrupt President in our life".

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