What are the markets moves today

1. Dax signed before the witches 'Sabbath, stable Start-up from in Front of the large expiration at the futures exchanges, the so-called witches' Sabbath, in

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax signed before the witches 'Sabbath, stable Start-up from

in Front of the large expiration at the futures exchanges, the so-called witches' Sabbath, in the Dax on Friday, a stable Start-up: The X-Dax as an indicator for the Dax one hour signalled well before the start of trading, a Plus of 0.7 percent, 12.349,91 counter. The Euro STOXX is 50 as the leading index of the Euro zone, with a surcharge of 0.4 percent. At large expiration at the futures exchanges on Friday futures and options expire, which are often subject to Price fluctuations. The largest outstanding positions move according to the experts, to the 12,000 points. Therefore, investors should keep this brand in the course of an eye.

the day before had approached the Dax initially, the brand of 12,500 points, was then once more in the direction of its 200-day line currently at 12.149 points turned off. A loss of, at times, one and a half percent, he was able to contain it to the trade at the end then but.

the trading day was Marked by the sudden crash of the Wirecard share is meanwhile, to more than 71 percent after a further displacement of the annual financial statements for 2019.

read on to Wirecard more: share price collapses - balance-sheet scandal at Wirecard AG: Board of management, Marsalek free to shareholders threaten with lawsuits

2. Asian stock markets set again to

The Asian stock exchanges on Friday again. After the consolidation of the previous days it expands on the gains to the start of the week.

market strategist Stephen Innes from the Broker AxiCorp language in a comment of a certain relaxation. The rapid and decisive reaction of the Chinese authorities have dampened the Concerns about local Corona infection outbreaks. The trade was run in very quiet lanes, noted Analyst Jeffrey Halley of the trading platform Oanda. In Australia, the preliminary retail could support data for may, which rebounded significantly. Nikkei 225 22.355,46 PTS. -100,30 (-0,45%) World indices

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To the price data for The Japanese benchmark index Nikkei 225 rose up to the close of trade,0.55% to 22.478, 79 points. The Chinese CSI 300, with the 300 of the most important shares in the Chinese mainland stock exchanges rose in late trading to 1.49 percentage 4,104,50 points. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index gained last by 0.97 per cent on 24.703,44 counter.

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3. Deutsche Bank pays tens of millions of dollars in fines in the U.S.

The German Bank pays in the USA for alleged market manipulation and other violations of approximately ten million dollars (€8.9 million) in fines. For comparison, for settlement in two determination methods, the financial Supervisory authority CFTC announced on Thursday in Washington.

The money the house had been accused of, to have reporting obligations in certain stock market transactions is not met. In addition, the Institute has been punished because of illegal practices of two traders, to have tried to place bogus bids on a futures exchange. This illegal manipulation technique is called in the jargon as "Spoofing". Deutsche Bank 8,26 EUR 0.17 (-2,05%) Xetra

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To the rate data Because of their good cooperation during the investigations, Deutsche Bank received, according to the CFTC, a lower penalty. A company spokesman in New York said that, in the meantime, significant steps have been taken to improve the internal controls. Deutsche Bank is pleased that the matter has been resolved.

4. Lufthansa-a major shareholder Thiele concerned fresh money

Lufthansa -a major shareholder Heinz Hermann Thiele concerned before the crucial extraordinary General meeting for the state entry of fresh money. The controlled by him and KB Holding announced on Thursday evening to sell eight million shares of Knorr-Bremse. The output of the transaction should serve to support the other private Investments by Thiele, - stated in the message. Lufthansa 9,87 EUR -0.41 of (-4,01%) Xetra

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To be reported to the course data

The Bloomberg news Agency late on Thursday evening, appealing to your present documents the price for the sold papers was 91 Euro per share. The proceeds for Thiele is more than 700 million euros. We take the Lufthansa share under the magnifying glass: With the stock report+ of Finanzen100, you get access to 7 exclusive areas of Analysis. The relevant key figures of the Lufthansa share at a glance.

you can read more about Lufthansa: "the theme of the state entry is still open" - a major shareholder Thiele fetch 700 million euros before the battle of Lufthansa's fate

5. Huawei: China is suing Canadians for espionage allegations,

China two detained Canadians accused officially for espionage allegations. As the Chinese state television reported on Friday, the Beijing public Prosecutor, the a, Michael Kovrig, to have state secrets and intelligence information being spied on. The other, Michael Spavor, was accused in the town of Dandong near the North Korean border officially of spying for foreign forces.

The former canadian Diplomat Kovrig and his country man Spavor, who had headed a cultural center for the exchange with North Korea, were the end of 2018 in China have been arrested. The detentions followed the arrest of the chief financial officer of the Chinese Telecom giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, in Canada. Diplomats and critics suspect retaliation and accuses China of "hostage diplomacy".

in Canada, The festival held Meng Wanzhou had suffered in the dispute to their extradition to the United States at the end of may a sensitive defeat. Her request for a termination of the proceedings was rejected.

The Huawei chief financial officer and daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei had been taken in December 2018 at the instigation of the US authorities in Vancouver festival. The US government accuses her of Bank fraud in connection with the circumvention of sanctions against Iran. Meng has been working for over a year in Canada under house arrest. In the case of a conviction in the U.S., you could face a long prison sentence. Meng and Huawei rejects the accusations.

The case is also a political issue in the duration of the dispute between the United States and China. The U.S. government has accused Huawei in several cases, it accuses the group of industrial espionage, and other Offenses.

events companies

09:00 ENG: PharmaSGP Holding, the initial listing in the Prime Standard

09:30 GBR: Zeal Network, General meeting of shareholders (online)

10:00 DEU: Nemetschek, General meeting of shareholders (online)

10:00 DEU: Kuka, General meeting of shareholders (online)

10:00 DEU: Deutsche Telekom , annual General meeting (online)

11:00 ENG: CTS Eventim , the annual General meeting (online)

14:00 ENG: VW-to-digital Board, Christian Senger informed Group employees about the state of the Software plans

FRA: Renault , annual General meeting

GBR: Carnival, half-year figures

United States: Oracle's Q4 Numbers

ENG: Deutsche Börse expiration "witch's Sabbath"

dates for economy

00:01 DEU: German Federal Ministry of Finance monthly report for 06/20

01:30 JPN: consumer prices 05/20

08:00 GBR: retail sales 05/20

08:00 GER: producer prices 05/20

08:00 DEU: German Federal Statistical office on population, December, 2019

08:00 ENG: The Federal statistical office turnover in the hospitality industry, April 2020

10:00 ITA: power balance 04/20 10:00 EUR: ECB current account 04/20

10:00 POL: industrial production 05/20

10:00 POL: producer prices 05/20

11:00 BEL: consumer confidence 06/20

12:30 RUSSIA: Central Bank, interest rate decision

14:30 USA: Current account balance Q1/20

EUR: Moody's rating a result, Cyprus, Serbia

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