Werder Bremen against FC Schalke 04 in the Live-Ticker! | Football

a stand with the back to the wall, the other for a whopping ten Games winless: Werder Bremen playing on Saturday (15.30 clock) in times of crisis duel of the Bu

Werder Bremen against FC Schalke 04 in the Live-Ticker! | Football

a stand with the back to the wall, the other for a whopping ten Games winless: Werder Bremen playing on Saturday (15.30 clock) in times of crisis duel of the Bundesliga against Schalke 04. Followed the game in the Live Ticker the embankment tube*.

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Werder Bremen plays in the Bundesliga on Saturday against the FC Schalke 04 . Kickoff for the match is at 15.30. At this point it's around about 14.30 PM, with the lineups.

For preview:

Werder Bremen against Schalke 04: Kohfeldt wants to stand in the Tunnel and the classes hold

If the professionals of the SV Werder Bremen on Saturday in the square of the Arena auf Schalke , then you will have experienced some of the Tunnel. One or the other on the bus ride from Bremen to the Ruhr area and still have that famous Chelsea game tunnel, which is modeled after a tunnel of a mine. But these tunnels are Florian Kohfeldt completely no matter, though, this word has captured in his hit list, just number one. "We have to stay four weeks in the Tunnel," is the demand for Werder Bremen in a relegation battle. Full concentration on Schalke 04 , not a distraction, is all the way against Freiburg and Mönchengladbach, because for the last seven games, according to Kohfeldt: "It is where to count only victories, no matter, no matter against whom!"

Five points is finally the residue on the relegation place, with six on the saving shore. Head of sports, Frank Baumann want to mention any names, but says at least: "Five, six teams are still in the relegation ." That would be when you look at the table of Paderborn, Germany (19 points), Werder (22), Düsseldorf (27), Mainz (28), Frankfurt (29) and Union Berlin (31). Augsburg, however, has only 31 points in the account. the Werder Bremen and Frankfurt may, meanwhile, hope in the common game in hand next Wednesday to make up ground.

Werder Bremen against Schalke 04: "It's just the Finals!"

It'll blow on blow for the Green-and-now-White – and Kohfeldt find a good one. Thus, too much time will not stay to Ponder. "The boys can handle the pressure, and physically, this is not a Problem", believes the Coach, but at the same time a clear verbal accents: "None may now lose the approach of Galligkeit. The guys know that there is only Finals.“

However, as this voltage can be held actually over a four-week high? "We can talk about that like when we did it," says Florian Kohfeldt , then, but a little insight: "The main aspect is sure to be a role model. That's what I expect from the entire Team the Team around. There is no comfort, no lean Back. There are also these small moments are Always when you see someone from the Team, then you have to be strong.“ What measures have been taken before the important away game of the SV Werder Bremen V FC Schalke 04 (Saturday, 15.30 clock, dyke tube- Live-Ticker ) still leaves open the question of Kohfeldt. He reveals only that the new mental coach Jörg Löhr not have worked in this week with the team. "But we are in the exchange," said the Coach.

Werder Bremen against Schalke 04: Florian Kohfeldt wants to stay with his team in the Tunnel

a Lot of time for additional services is not straight at all. Play, refresh, and prepare – this is the life. However, not all of them. The reservists train harder. And this also includes players that were previously set: a Davie Selke are now, for example. Also a Leonardo Bittencourt sat, thanks to the greater operational flexibility against Mönchengladbach at first only on the bench. "Of course, one or the other, not playing from the beginning, is a friend not my best, so from his point of view, not from my," said Kohfeldt, smiles briefly and says: "But that's exactly what a football team needs. You should be mad at you.“ In an "interesting exercise" he had seen in the case of Werder Bremen on Wednesday player, "the want in the team".

the main thing is that fight, that's what it is now. Of course, should be incorporated against Schalke 04 the Playful. But rhyming about the Werder football or the Kohfeldt-football"," the Coach: "That would be the wrong Signal. It is now a development.“ But for points, for wins. This setting will be rewarded, as a Tunnel expert Florian Kohfeldt is sure: "If we stay in this Tunnel, then we are at the end above where it is uncomfortable." It's called the classes hold . (kni)

Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 06:33

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