Weilheim-Schongau: hospital, waste, and Radom - district Weilheim-Schongau debated behind closed doors | Weilheim

The district Council has decided after a good two-hour debate on its new rules of procedure, which regulates, as in the next six years is to be used. One is whe

Weilheim-Schongau: hospital, waste, and Radom - district Weilheim-Schongau debated behind closed doors | Weilheim

The district Council has decided after a good two-hour debate on its new rules of procedure, which regulates, as in the next six years is to be used. One is when you look at the Changes is clear: The Public Information has no priority.

County – Evaporated to the escalating debate about the new rules of procedure, then it was at the end of a word, which sets the tone for the work of the coming years is clear: "investment companies".

It's in clause 13 of the new rules of procedure of the circle tags. This regulates which topics are to be treated in the future in principle, in a non-public session. Since real estate matters", "procurement of construction and other contracts and concessions", "personnel matters", "matters that are subject to the tax and social security secret" – see "all points that are largely undisputed, because a public debate and reporting would be deep in the personality rights of an Individual intervention.

secrecy relates to the disposal of waste

more Recently, "participation in Affairs there". To understand why this is highly problematic, you have to look at what companies the County is involved. Since the heir is pregnant, recycling and waste disposal GmbH (EVA). Every citizen of the district is necessarily a customer of the EVA and garbage fees paid. In the future, one no longer learns, however, how the business is run and why the garbage fees are developing as they develop. Because the subject "is, in principle, be treated in a non-public session".

hospital: circle tags debates, only behind closed door

The district is also the sole shareholder of the hospital GmbH Weilheim-Schongau. A company with over 1000 employees, that year for year receives a subsidy from tax funds of the district citizens in the millions, because it works to cover costs. In the last term of the district Council was reported about the latest developments at the hospital GmbH publicly, let alone informed.

many County Councils learned in the last year, just before the Delivery of a SURGICAL robot to be used for a multi-million sum. Contrast that to the public on the planned establishment of a service company as a subsidiary of hospital GmbH is debated, fought parts of the circle tags and the administration fiercely. In the future, it is likely to be even more difficult, unfiltered information about how the business of the hospital GmbH actually run.

Not a public group discussion about the Radom

society of the district of the Radom Raisting GmbH. It currently has significant problems, after in February a storm, the cover of the technical monument was blowing thereof, and a million of damage caused. As it goes now? This will not be discussed after a decision of the new circle tags in the future to the public.

in view of the fact that the investments of the district relate to the reality of life of all residents of the district, both the group of the ÖDP/Independent, as well as the Green, the deletion of the word "holding companies" from the list of topics not to be discussed, requested, in principle, open to the public.

ÖDP/Independent and Green were lodged against the new regulation

Hans Schütz (Green/Peiting) not substantiated the complaint: "In times of civil dialogue and transparency, and a lump sum to the voters public in this topic is not employable."

The charge of the General nature of the business head of the district office, George Leis, wanted to let. "In principle," does not mean "never," he said. At the request of the County Councils topics from the holding companies could be in the majority and in part in the public part of the meeting discussed, unless there are concerns worthy of protection are affected.

Extremely narrow majority agrees on the rules of procedure

Whether or not it will, however, give such a majority, then, in this specific case, is doubtful. Because the shortest majority in the district Council – 31 out of 61 votes, voted, that the "holding companies" should not be treated in the future, in principle, open to the public.

Green-County Council Manuel Neulinger (Weilheim) spoke in this connection of a "burden of proof". Previously had to to be demonstrated that a subject cannot be treated for a reason to the public, you have to find majorities, in order to inform transparently the citizens.

The Susann Enders (Free voters, defendant/Weilheim). "It would serve the transparency that you have always wanted," she said. In vain. Also your request a roll-call vote, to be able to understand, who did not want to inform its voters rejected the district Council.

There's not more surprised at the end, too, that in times in which a number of municipalities and counties are not talking about whether you reasons, the public portions of their meetings from Transparency also as Livestream in the Internet offer, the new district of Weilheim-Schongau wrote in the rules of procedure, that "image, sound and video recordings" are not allowed in the meeting in principle. And so all of the photos from honors and awards in the district.

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Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 00:33

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