Was woken up to the best christmas gift: Now waiting for Sigrun again

in the Middle of the night came a nurse check on hospitalsstuen. Gently awakened she Sigrun. "You must wake... They have found a donor." slowly took the m

Was woken up to the best christmas gift: Now waiting for Sigrun again

in the Middle of the night came a nurse check on hospitalsstuen. Gently awakened she Sigrun.

"You must wake... They have found a donor."

slowly took the message path through the sleep fog. It was a 10. december, and Sigrun Jóhansdóttir Bishop had just received the best christmas present. A new pair of lungs was ready for her.

Unfortunately, it came not to go painlessly.

But he knew the slender 29-year-old faroese yet, when she opened her eyes.

"I could not comprehend it," she says, and draws the inconvenience of the weather.

Sigrun Jóhansdóttir Bishop comes from the small town in the Country on the Faroe islands. She is born with the disease cystic fibrosis, but only in 2012 - a year after she became a mother - destroying disease her lungs.

In January 2017 she got for the first time, a lung transplant, but a year and a half later afstødte her body the new bodies. Today she is dependent on oxygen night and day - and each and every breathing requires her full attention.

"My lung capacity is below 10 per cent., but the doctors have given up measuring it, for I can no longer carry out the tests," she says.

In January of this year, there was no way for even a transplant. Therefore she was the 1. February 2019 admitted to the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen as one of the many patients waiting for an organ donation.

In the video below shows Sigrun, how she, after the last transplantation fought back to life:

We can only stand on the waiting list, if you live in Denmark, so why is Sigrun, her husband and their eight-year-old son moved into the home patient hotel for the hospital at Østerbro in Copenhagen - not far from copenhagen university hospital.

For the 41-year-old Mortan Bishop were there no other options:

"I will be here with her," he says.

the Family has tried to make the apartment a little more personal by painting the wall in the son's room blue as the sky. In the living room is made ready for christmas with both wood and christmas gifts. But it will be a strange christmas - in the onset of the shadow.

Last year was 477 on a waiting list for new organs. 26 of them were waiting for new lungs - three died before they reached their targets, shows the harsh statistics.

On the fourth floor of a small patientlejlighed far from family, friends and a familiar life, the family has a Bishop now been waiting more than 300 days. Sigrun Jóhansdóttir Bisp has all the time known that she had to wait - a long time: "Maybe up to five years."

it was Therefore a big surprise when she 14 days ago was in the national hospital for the control, and the nurse woke her with the good news: ‘There is a pair of lungs to you’. As soon as Sigrun had air to speak, she called her mother, who took the first flight from Faroe islands to Copenhagen. Afterwards she called her husband and son.

"Johan must not be in school today. Hurry up in place to come over to me," she said joyfully.

At. 10 she was washed and made ready for operation. Now she could only wait until the doctors were ready. In the course of the day also came her father, sister and sister's children flying from the Faroe islands. At 14 was hospitalsstuen full of expectation. All they would be with her, when the new life began.

"Everyone was so happy and excited," remembers Sigrun Jóhansdóttir Bisp.

the Bell was 17, without to who had been bidding for her from the operating room. As the time passed 20, began the hope to fade. But first at. half a of the night came a doctor check and said that she feared: the Operation was cancelled. The lungs were not good enough.

"It was completely quiet in the living room. No one said one word," she remembers.

Now is Sigrun and her family back in the queue. The only thing they can do is to wait for a new suitable donor. The disappointment is not to get around that. However, even though the slender woman looks like one that can be passed over the edge of nothing, she is strong as the faroese mountains, she dreams of once again to get the air to ascend.

"I have no thoughts about what's going to happen. I just take one day at a time," she says.

The only sound in the apartment - in addition to the Mortan and Sigruns voices softly talking together in the country - is that which comes from iltmaskinen in the bathroom. Over the wires, that winds over the floor in the living room, it is connected to the Sigruns nostrils and makes breathing more air into her ravaged lungs.

Her hands shaking. She has barely any air for the most vital functions in the body. It is hard for her to stand up and stand up, and it is too hard to eat. Instead she gets food through a tube into the stomach.

Time passes slowly in the apartment on the fourth floor with view to a world she only rarely has the air to take part in. On the good days, where the sky is high and the air clear, can Mortan Bisp scroll her for a walk in the rullestolen. But most days require a trip from the bed to the couch pretty much all Sigruns forces.

"I sleep much of the day," she observes quietly. When she is not sleeping, is she on the couch and watching series.

10. december she got the scent of the life that awaits on the other side.

"Now we know that it can happen. We have seen that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We believe that we come home and we will have a new life."

Neither Sigrun nor Mortan has given up hope that the doctors can find a donor for her. But until that happens, they can only wait.

Updated Date: 22 December 2019, 18:00

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