Voucher or money back for the Ticket? | Money

What happens if concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, or sports competitions, corona had to be cancelled? The need to know ticket buyers. Because of

Voucher or money back for the Ticket? | Money

What happens if concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, or sports competitions, corona had to be cancelled? The need to know ticket buyers.

Because of the Coronavirus* have been already cancelled a lot of concerts and events. For such cultural and sports events, ticket buyers can get vouchers. The voucher can not be up to 31. December 2021, redeem, you can request a payout.

Update from 15. May: the Federal Council approves voucher solution for Tickets due to Corona

the Corona-crisis, unusual cultural and sports events have to accept the ticket buyer, temporarily, coupons. The Federal Council approved on Friday in the Bundestag, agreed solution, which is designed to protect the cultural scene in front of liquidity shortages. The all of the Tickets, the before the 8 are affected. March competitions were purchased for concerts, Festivals, theatre performances, lectures, readings, soccer games and other Sports. Also season tickets and subscriptions to the Theater or fitness studios will be compensated via vouchers.

The certificates can be either for a catch-up event, or for another offer of the organizer payment , if a coupon is due to personal life circumstances is unreasonable. the will Not be paid out vouchers are redeemed at the end of 2021 .

Update from 14. May: ticket buyer in Corona Cancel also coupons get

For cultural and sports events that fail due to Corona-crisis*, can ticket buyers get first to the coupons instead of your money back. The Bundestag decided on Thursday (14. May) to maintain a regulation of the Grand coalition, the organizer prior to the financial distress due to mass redemptions. The Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported. Apply to this events for Tickets for other leisure, in front of the 8. March strong> bought payment , if a voucher is due to personal life circumstances is unreasonable - or the voucher until 31. December 2021 to redeem.

the solution for events such as concerts, Festivals, theatre performances, film screenings, lectures, readings and sports competitions has to Grab . Also included are events that take place on several dates, such as music, language or sports classes, as well as duration cards, for example, for home clubs games of sport.

The vouchers must have the value of the ticket price, including any advance fees . For the Issue, and Send no costs may be charged. The voucher can then be used either for a catch-up event or any other event redeemed. the is Possible, however, that ticket holders do not redeem him, because a new date fits, or you have to visit is no longer of interest. Then you can to the 31. December 2021, the payment of the coupon value request .

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article from the 22. April: corona-crisis - fitness studios offer coach coupons and Online-courses

These solutions have found a provider so far (Stand: 22. April):

had to. The fitness studios temporarily , the Studios have to close to pay their employees but still - at least, if these are employed and no free trainers Especially the big chains like McFit and Fitness First to offer its members, therefore, the time of the closure of the normal term of the contract attach and while you are post-free to workout . Some of you can get instead of training vouchers for friends, staff training or other special services .

Who does not want to accept the offers, because he himself is short of cash, can as a rule in the Studio operator to contact and claim back the money. Meanwhile, many of the fitness studios online also offer their own training programs as a replacement.

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How to approach to season tickets for sporting Events?

Also, in the case of season tickets for sports Events , the situation is not at all easy, since the oriented total price, as a rule, the price level for each individual game. It is also advisable, independently for Clubs to ask questions and to hope for their goodwill. Occasionally refunds are possible.

For failure at the end of games , or games without the stadium, visitors the Bundesliga Clubs on different models . The most common options from which supporters can choose: The Fans get their money back or be able to waive the reimbursement, to support the Association. The Fans dispense with money, you often get something in return - such as coupons or a Jersey. Many clubs offer the followers to donate ticket funds to non-profit organizations or projects.

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