Violent man ravaging jysk village: 'It's like a nightmare'

On your bedside table, there is probably a phone, a book or a pair of glasses. Maria Kiesbye Damborgs nightstand says a pepper spray. And when she and the m

Violent man ravaging jysk village: 'It's like a nightmare'

On your bedside table, there is probably a phone, a book or a pair of glasses.

Maria Kiesbye Damborgs nightstand says a pepper spray.

And when she and the man in the morning at work, coordinate together, how they can go out to their cars outside to get the neighbor's attention.

How has the reality set out for Maria since the summer, which the male neighbor suddenly threw iron bars into the small family's garden and threatened them with fire and.

But it is much worse, because this is not just the story of a nabostrid.

It is the story of one man with the nickname 'the iron Rod', which, through a year and a half has harassed an entire village and engaged in violence against several citizens, and that he has been stopped.

It is - unfortunately - the reality of responses on the just-completed DR-series 'Peace for land'.

It all started when Maria the 23. december 2018 moved into a house on Bøgelundvej in the village of Bonnet at Lemvig.

She had already heard a bit of rumors about its future neighbor through his brother, who also lives in the village.

the Neighbor - a man of 50 years - should have been mad at several in the Bonnet, and then he also had a case running from the police after having assaulted his neighbor in two stages.

But to begin with was the neighbor not violent or outright threatening.

"Well, he came out and spoke to us every time we were on our courtyard, and it was very much about the other citizens of the city, and what they did wrong. Sometimes they had to 'klaskes,' he said. You could feel that it was something wrong with him," says Maria Kiesbye Damborg to B. T.

The many conversations in the courtyard was tiring in the length, but it was only really uncomfortable when Mary and her husband was hired to be a part of the borgerforeningens board of directors.

'the iron Rod' believes that borgerforeningen owe him 25.000 crowns, because he even offered to come with its music system to a party in the city.

Quickly becomes Maria, and the man is now also the enemies of the neighbours.

"all of a Sudden becomes threatening out in the driveway and yells at us. So we decide not to be a member of the board of directors and the wait, we expect, of course, all in the city, he shall enter and sit in prison for what he did to his neighbor," says Maria.

Months go by, and the little family will not be threatened or harassed more, but one morning in august 2019 Maria awakened out of the blue.

"You have to stand up. It is completely mad," the man said to Maria.

And quite true.

Out in the driveway has the 'iron Rod' set a trash can up in the middle of it all, and then he goes otherwise around as a hungry lion, and shouting out while he bangs on the trashcan with a rod of iron.

When Mary tries to go out to him, he comes rushing with his hand over his head and shouting that they are 'some brandstiftere and drink-drivers'.

the Neighbor think that Maria is in the family with a other citizen in the city - Flemming - who is also being harassed by the man, and which is also being blamed for running the affected and be brandstifter.

Fortunately, nothing happens in the morning, but the threats continue each and every time Maria and the man comes, then after 14 days, the small family enough examples of threats to the neighbor to get a restraining order.

Maria and the man have bought a pepper spray, and at this time dry they almost cannot be in their own garden, but one day, they simply need to get the grass turned.

It is only a few days after that the neighbor has been tilholdet, and out in the garden beats the man to the grass, while Maria keeps the eye.

Then comes the neighbor.

Out of the blue, he continuous with his hand over his head, as if he would beat Maria, but with a snap, she pointed forward with pebersprayen.

the Neighbor stops up, seems annoyed and goes back to himself.

A few days after trying again to be out in the garden, but it will not be long before it goes wrong again.

Suddenly the neighbor and yell out in front of the garden, and suddenly fly it with iron bars. In all the throws he four iron bars (from here comes the nickname, red.) against the family, fleeing the indoor and calling for the police.

They come and fetch the neighbor and aim him for the attempt at serious violence, after which they varetægtsfængsler him in one month, after that he were to have assaulted his neighbour, threatened and harassed by Mary's family as well as several other citizens of the city, and now it is here.

Finally they can get rid of him, but alas. Two days later he is back in his house: the district Court had approved the remand, but in the court of appeal considers that too much time has passed between the attacks on the neighbor and the new case, so as to release him.

The 180 citizens of the Bonnet is speechless. What should they do?

They decide every night to keep a kaffemøde on one to one and a half hours out in Mary's courtyard, so they can show the neighbours that they will not let themselves be deterred by him.

50 to 60 people meet every evening in front of Mary, and the neighbor's houses, and chikanerne stops in the period, but when the congregation three weeks ago trying to stop his samkomster, we are back at the old.

For a little over a week ago runs Maria into his courtyard and keep in the car for a few minutes to finish a call, when she suddenly being dazzled by a laser light up from the neighbor's house.

"It was tremendously sharp, so I ended up having to take to the doctor in attendance on the day, as it did hurt, and I am now waiting for it to come to an ophthalmologist," she says.

Three days later it goes totally wrong, but this time Maria is not the victim.

the Wife of the borgerforeningens president, Peter Sonderby, on the way home from work last Wednesday, when she suddenly sees 'the iron Rod' of a bike.

He has also harassed her and the man for a long time, so she turns quickly, but he speed up, change lane, running towards her and pushes her off the bike.

As she gets raised up, he strikes her with the fist on the shoulder.

"I have beaten you, because the association owes to 25,000, and that you'll just have to pay," he shouts in a video, as the woman when filming.

Shaken, she comes home shortly after, and the 'Rod of iron' will be reported to the police, but again he is simply taken at the police station, interrogated and released again.

And there we are now. With a group of speechless and powerless citizens.

"This is terrible. It is a nightmare. We know not what we should do, and we are constantly on guard. No one understands how he can get by with it here," says Maria.

B. T. has contacted the Mid - and Vestjyllands Police inspector, Ole Henriksen, who said:

"This is a terrible case for all parties, that we are aware of. Therefore, we will also be more visible out there, and it was also in the Monday."

But right now there is a large group of citizens, who are uncomfortable and do not understand why he can be at, without something to happen?

"By a previous case we got him in custody, but then released the court of appeal to him, so we tried not to varetægtsfængsle him on Wednesday. But otherwise, these are ongoing cases, so I can't elaborate more than that, it is a unhappy case," says Ole Henriksen.

Politikommisæren do not want to answer additional questions from B. T. about the different charges, or how it even can happen, that the man apparently can continue to terrorise the Bonnet.

B. T. have tried to get a comment from the 50-year-old man, the other residents in the Bonnet calls the 'Rod of iron'. Unfortunately, without result.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2019, 19:00