Vintage cars : a market in search of authenticity | Automotive

Return to the past. Like watchmaking where collectors looking for a watch with a history, a certain pedigree and a patina specific, the cars vintage original st

Vintage cars : a market in search of authenticity | Automotive

Return to the past. Like watchmaking where collectors looking for a watch with a history, a certain pedigree and a patina specific, the cars vintage original state, see their prices to explode on the market. As highlighted by a recent study conducted by Interenchères, the first auction site in France, the quest of authenticity is a major trend in the sector with an inordinate love for the old and the vintage. The image of the nostalgic 1950s furniture and dishes from their grandmothers, buyers of classic cars are therefore the choice of a passion to the past. Exit the restorations that erase the history of the vehicle, these opt for of the pieces preserved in their own juices, with their original components and which are their paint of yesteryear often chipped and their chromes worn out by the time.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II © Lisieux Auction

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The vogue of the outputs barn

sleeping beauties, the cars outputs of the barn, that the common mortal could compare to the wreck on four wheels, unleash typically the passions under the hammer. Grail of any collector car as evidenced by the high mass vintage Rétromobile, which offers each year, a collection output of the grange contains many treasures. This is since 2015, when the dispersion of the mythical collection Baillon in the living room of the porte de Versailles, that the craze for these automobiles continues to rise. By passion or by pure speculation, the car collection is sometimes more cost-effective as the paintings of old masters – the bidders do not hesitate to put the price in spite of the costs of restoration may be necessary.

Miura P400 S © Osenat

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evidence of last year, a year marked by some of the auction records and that confirms the state of the market for this kind of cars. Thus, the January 20, 2019, the house of Adam the Auction broke up 81 vehicles ever restored from a single collection. Among them, a Lamborghini Miura of the 1960s, one of the cars most sought-after on the market, being the first "supercar" of the road with its transverse engine central V12 engine and very little output (only 764 plays) and that was won by 677 600€. A prize to rival some of the contemporary art sales of the market's leaders, such as Christie's and Sotheby's, but has recently been beaten by the house Osenat. Indeed, health crisis and an economic or not, the collectors were at the rendezvous on may 27th to Fontainebleau, where 80 % of the lots found buyers, including Miura P400 S 1969 soaring on the phone for 845 000€. Also on April 6, 2019, Lisieux Auction unveiled a rare Rolls-Royce Phantom II, 1930. Sold almost 80 000 euros, which is twice its high estimate, the car had remained in the same hands for over 40 years before being acquired in 2006 by a collector who stored it in a barn. Note, finally, a Citroen 2 CV 1967, sold more than 8,000 euros in September 2019 at Périgueux and that since the purchase was retained by the same owner.

2 CV © Miallon

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The cars are in good condition and new original

in Addition to the outstanding outputs of the barn, the market observed over the past few years an important increase in the odds of a vehicle in good original condition. Interested in models of first-hand or stored in a collection for years, fans of this type of car want to the beautiful patina, very valued today. For example, in 2015, the odds for a Mercedes 220 SEB of the 1960s, amounted to 10 000 euros approximately. In 2019, this same model costs twice more expensive, as evidenced by a sale made on 27 June 2019 to Rodez where the vehicle estimated 7 000 euros is gone for nearly 30 000 euros, an increase of 139 % in four years.

Citroën C6 V6 HDI © Aguttes

Finally, the year 2019 has been marked by a surge in new vehicle prices of origin with estimates sometimes multiplied by five. Parts of museums, automobiles or auto recent, these cars generally don't have a lot of miles on the odometer. So what is it that collectors are looking for ? Often, the appeal of these cars is explained by an outstanding state of conservation, consistent with the output of the factory. On July 21, 2019, the house Aguttes has sold more than 50 000 euros a Citroën C6 V6 HDI of 2012 with 13 miles on the odometer. The same day was awarded to 18 420 euros a Citroën C3 Pluriel Charleston of 2011, a vehicle that, in good condition, will trade on the used market around 3 000 euros.

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A market of the second hand in a slight increase in

By 2019, the total amount of sales amounted to € 92 million, against € 90 million, excluding expenses in 2018, a slight increase of 2 %. Within this market, the three auction houses dominate : Artcurial, RM Auctions (a subsidiary of Sotheby's) and Bonhams. To them three, they have made 90 % of the aggregate amount of sales compared to 80 % in 2018. But other houses the lion's share of the image of Interencheres where sales of collectible cars are those that have increased the most in 2019 on the live, with a total amount of the auctions of € 97 million, or 51 %, compared to the year 2018. Sector niche, the market for auction of collectible vehicles, nevertheless, remains very dependent on the adjudication of some exceptional cars auction millionaires and is intended for collectors, mainly in europe and north america.

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