VW Corrado: All information and data to the cult-young-timer

Volkswagen never had it so with sports cars. There was the Golf GTI is a great car, but not a sports car. And, of course, the Scirocco. Could also be as a sport

VW Corrado: All information and data to the cult-young-timer

Volkswagen never had it so with sports cars. There was the Golf GTI is a great car, but not a sports car. And, of course, the Scirocco. Could also be as a sports version of GLI or GTX, although no name like the Golf GTI, but you knew in the 70s and 80s well. With the Corrado, Volkswagen wanted to make a significant step up. You had planned the vehicle since the beginning of the 80s as a successor to the Scirocco II. But in the end, it was decided to position the Corrado because of its complex technology and better income opportunities to the top and even next to the Scirocco to offer. That explains why there were from 1988 to 1992, the two sports coupes the Scirocco and the Corrado side by side, before the Scirocco was discontinued from 1992 to 2008.

VW Scirocco, and Corrado existed in parallel

The VW Corrado, the technology and the drive of the Golf III has worked in the self-conscious sheet metal dress of a compact athlete - produced by Karmann in Osnabrück. Easily a price stocky like a boxer's, but from all dynamically by chief designer Herbert Schäfer created Corrado went to catch customers, but only with moderate success. Top model of the VR6, which was driven by an unusually-constructed six-cylinder, 2.8 and 2.9 liters of displacement and the first 128 kW / 174 PS. Later there was even a slight reference to 140 kW / 190 HP. In contrast to the VW Golf VR6 and he was also optionally available with a five-speed manual or automatic transmission, but the all-wheel drive in the late VR6 Golf Synchro models, he was denied. Volkswagen VW Corrado

should anyone Who wants to drive an unusual sporty Compact car with rarity value, as well as a good head of steam under the hood, and his heart to the late 80s / early 90s, has lost the VW Corrado from all his Favor. The Corrado was fishing at the time of its Premiere in 1988, quite a view. A sporty, compact 2+2 coupe, which made its sporty claim no secret.

Many of the innovations in the Corrado

The technology lovers, developers do not wanted to be back to the design team, and the freshman from Osnabrück all kinds of innovations in the Luggage had. For the first time the bumper was painted at a Volkswagen bars in body color and the front fender was the first CAD component and the wolf Burger. In 1993, there was the Corrado and even the design study for a convertible, the in series. Volkswagen VW Corrado

at the Beginning of the VW made a Corrado with his nearly three-litre VR6 engine of a talking point, but as a G60 with a so-called Garrett-spiral loader that squeezed out of the 1.8-litre four-cylinder stately 118 kW / 160 HP and the tuners with the prospect of an increase in performance is particularly easily made. With a top speed of 225 km/h, the VW Corrado G60 of the up to then fastest ever series-produced Volkswagen was. Thus, the driver were put at high speeds, no problems, there was also for the first time, an electrically extendable rear spoiler, the reduced lift at the rear axle by more than 60 percent. The VR6 on the highway even around 235 km/h. When driving a car was freedom: The craziest cars of the 70s, FOCUS Online/Wochit As driving a car was freedom: The craziest cars of the 70s

The VW Corrado a hybrid model was - technically as well as in terms of Design. In addition to allusions to the Golf, there was a Volkswagen, a comparatively bold exterior design. Inside waited well-contoured sports seats in the front and back, and the clearly arranged Cockpit from the Passat series B3 on the occupants; created by interior designer Wulf Rieger.

suspension: Firm, but not athletic

With the model of care in 1993, there was a subtly new direction. The large toggle switches were replaced as with the other models by a push-button. The seats were as good as they were anyway. Wish there was a chic leather doors and then also heated Seats. The chassis was a regular, but not sporty, and due to the high engine power, there are significant driving forces in the steering, if it is faster on the road. In search of a classic that should be kept in mind and, therefore, brakes, tie rods, drive shafts and brake carefully checked. Volkswagen VW Corrado

Technical Star, however, remained the VW Corrado VR6 that makes the first 128 kW / 174 HP, and then at the end of his production time by a 2.9 Liter capacity 190 HP gained strength. Set the compact athlete with a special series of the VR6 Storm, the - painted in either dark blue or dark green - on 505 vehicles was limited, and only get in the UK. Here is the Corrado had enjoyed during its production period of greatest popularity. In addition there was the well-known BBS cross spoke wheels and heated leather seats in black or beige, in addition to dual airbags. Until 1995, VW Corrado sold a total of 97.535 vehicles. A sporty image carrier, the Volkswagen would stand up straight today, well to the face. Looking for four wheels: This man has 350 times the car FOCUS Online/Wochit changed Addiction to four wheels: This man has 350 times the car

VW Corrado - an overview of the market

the classic and young - timer switch market, there is currently only a limited number of Offers. The spectrum ranges from the ill-equipped base model of the VW Corrado 2.0 115 PS for 4,000 euros to the fully-equipped VR6 in the year 1993, 190 HP for more than 20,000 euros. Some dealers offer vehicles with significantly under 100,000 miles in collectors condition for Euro 25,000 and more. This is just a little bit too much of a Good thing for the compact Golf offshoot. But those who get a good model for under 10,000 euros, the should be happy about the rising prices. The spare parts are mostly good and the workmanship is neat. The base model with 115 HP, you should leave as much of the fingers as fast, but not duration of load eligible for G60. In particular, the tuned G60 versions with 200 HP and more are nothing for the own Garage. Here, only the G power loader expensive problems. The Corrado VR6 - whether it's 174 or 190 HP - passes, therefore, there is no way. But in addition to the issue of rust and electrics (in particular, electric Windows, sunroof and climate / ventilation), you should have a watchful eye on the cylinder head gasket and the chain tensioner.

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