Tunisia : Sarabande populist Parliament - The Point

Invective, the president Bourguiba, accused of "complicity with the French" by a member of parliament in a lot of advertising, suspension of the sitting, the

Tunisia : Sarabande populist Parliament - The Point

Invective, the president Bourguiba, accused of "complicity with the French" by a member of parliament in a lot of advertising, suspension of the sitting, the members who are leaving the chamber : the consideration of a motion asking for "an official apology from the French State for the crimes committed during the protectorate [editor's NOTE : 1881-1956] and after" was full of blips, cabres and other ricochets theatrical. This is the second time in a few days that the Assembly of people's representatives (ARP) devoted a plenary to a topic abrasive, disconnected from the health and social situation experienced by the country and the rest of the world. This morning, The Press in Tunisia, the headline read " When reign the chaos ". Another article in a referred to the " Coronavirus parliamentary ".

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The crimes of the colonization on the one

If the public opinion disagrees with regular absenteeism of its members, their endurance is, however, more to prove. From Tuesday to Wednesday, they will spend fifteen hours at this plenary. It will have to wait 2 hours in the morning past that it goes to a vote of the motion filed by Al-Karama, fourth parliamentary block of the ARP with nineteen members. Its leader, the lawyer, Seifeddine Makhlouf, had filed the text of the may 12, last. "It is a motion that has no legal effect, this is not a law and, if it were passed, it would not be good enough neither for the government nor for the State," says Selim Kharrat, policy and president of the NGO Al-Bawsala (" the compass "), which scrutinizes the facts and parliamentary texts. For him, " this motion is the politicking, it allows you to Al Karama to pamper its base quite susceptible to populist rhetoric ". To the extent that foreign Affairs are part of the prerogatives of the president of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed. This party, which emerged in 2019, a DNA, an islamist and populist.

During the campaign of the legislative, Makhlouf had proposed to imprison the ambassador of France, Olivier Poivre d'arvor, because of the " crimes of the past ". The diplomat would be well past the magnificent residence of The Marsa to the jails of The Monarguia. Extensive program. This night, the political maneuver was successful beyond his hopes : 77 mps voted in favour of this motion, more than three times its reserve of voice. Only five elected officials have opted for the counter, forty-six opting cautiously for the abstention. Eighty-nine others have preferred to stay home. But the essential is not there : Al Karama has been on the mps for fifteen hours, each of its elected officials being dressed in the colors of the party, bearing on their desks photographs of the victims of colonization. To complete the ambiance, an independent mp, ex-member of Al-Karama, has found it useful to suggest that Habib Bourguiba was the orders of the French. Effect guaranteed, particularly in the PDL, the Party destourien free, led by Abir Moussi, ex-zealot of the dictatorship of Ben Ali. Its sixteen members of parliament had put before them a portrait of the former president-for-life. The PDL was the author of the previous motion that precipitated a plenary meeting, on 3 June last.

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A parliamentary system of breath

on the motion : "the refusal by the Parliament of the foreign intervention in Libya and its opposition to the establishment of a logistics base on the tunisian territory," as well as a dialogue on " parliamentary diplomacy in connection with the situation in Libya ". Folder which is again the prerogative of the president of the republic. Folder crucial for Tunisia, which is suffering since 2011 of the undeclared war with its neighbor and important trading partner. They were nearly 800 000 Libyans flee into Tunisia this year. This motion is also without any legal value, has not obtained the majority. But the PDL such as Al Karama yesterday had proven that they were doing the dance in the Bardo. To Selim Kharrat, " it is the loss of valuable time in times of crisis and yet another attempt to divert opinion from the real issues that make people angry : the social and economic crisis ". The populists were gobbled up in the flaws of the political system. "The institutional machine is rusty," says Kharrat, " its architecture provided for by the Constitution of 2014, which wanted to avoid that power be monopolized by a single party, requires a good agreement between the three presidents, which is far from the case currently ". He ends : "The three presidents are either in conflict, or in a defensive posture. "A boulevard for some parties who surf on the mood of a portion of the population. Thursday morning, they were only seven mps present at the commission of Health and social Affairs. Agenda : implications of the health crisis, governance of public enterprises.

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