Tunisia – Kaïs Saïed : the keys of a visit to Paris - The Point

elected officials succeed in Tunis, the uses diplomatic persist. Once installed in the palace of Carthage, president of the tunisian Republic reserves its first

Tunisia – Kaïs Saïed : the keys of a visit to Paris - The Point

elected officials succeed in Tunis, the uses diplomatic persist. Once installed in the palace of Carthage, president of the tunisian Republic reserves its first official visit to Algiers, " the brother ", the regional capital. Hirak forces, Kaïs Saïed – which has aroused a hope among the youth of the Maghreb (he has integrity, concern for the social and lover of the law) – had to wait for the contested election of Abdelmadjid Tebboune in El Mouradia on 12 December. On 2 February, he walked on, finally the algerian soil. For Europe, France remains the first partner. The trade between the two countries are in favour of Tunis. Politically, despite the support of Paris to the dictatorship of Ben Ali and the proposal to send forces of the order tricolour during the revolution, a proposal which cost her position, and Michèle Alliot-Marie, minister of Defence of Nicolas Sarkozy, the links remained strong for Holland to Macron. A recent plenary at the palace of Bardo, however, has raised doubts and questions.

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"A neurotic relationship to the West"

It is Al Karama, ten-eight members of the state-run islamic-populist, who has embedded the national representation in the plenary marathon on a topic that falls within the prerogative of the president of the Republic. 217 members have reviewed for fifteen hours, a motion which demanded an official apology from France for crimes committed during the protectorate, " and after (" looting economy " etc). The motion has received seventy-seven votes to forty-six against, and five abstentions. Eighty-nine were deemed more prudent not to participate in the vote. Motion defeated, with the majority requiring one hundred and nine votes. Motion that has no legal character and binding. The debate has left traces in public opinion and caused headaches on both sides of the Mediterranean sea. To Michael Ayari, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, " the parliamentary block (Al-Karama), who pushed the motion to a neurotic relationship with the West in general and France in particular." He said that " his message was aimed especially destouriens (heirs of Bourguiba), referring to the post-independence, the conflict that opposed president habib Bourguiba and Ben Youssef ". The use of the France to for kitchen internal policy.

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foreign Affairs, the pré carré of the president ?

Kaïs Saïed has not spoken on the motion. Ayari scans in three sentences the question in the legitimacy of the Parliament : "When the Constitution stipulates that the president of the Republic is responsible for the defence and of foreign affairs, it does not mean that he should not be accountable to Parliament, as constitutionally, the latter may dismiss, which proves that he is responsible to the Assembly. ""Each year, during the vote of the finance law, the deputies voted the budget of all ministries, including those of defence and of foreign affairs, the ministers come to the plenary to respond to questions from members, the discussion of the law of finance is so political, it is not that technical," insists Ayari, for which " there is no contradiction, it is part of their prerogatives ".

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an official apology from France ?

Last point, "a reminder that the final report of the Instance truth and dignity (IVD), transitional justice put in place following the installation of democracy, has called on France to apologize in relation to the colonization," says Ayari. Kaïs Saïed has also received the ex-president of the IVD, Sihem Ben Sedrine, June 16. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron had declared during an official visit in Algeria colonization " it is a crime. It is a crime against humanity. This is a real barbarity, and that is part of this history that we must confront in presenting our apologies to those to whom we have committed these acts ". Such words will they be handed down with regard to Tunisia, which has lived under the status of protectorate (formalized by the treaty of Bardo signed in 1881, abolished on march 20, 1956) ? The question is not taboo to Emmanuel Macron. Question of generation and of intellectual construction.

24 hours to talk about Libya and financial aid

Monday, Kaïs Saïed will fly to Paris. On the menu : a meeting between the two delegations and then another, more narrowed between the two leaders. In the evening, an official dinner. The next day, a visit to the Institute of the arab world. Kaïs Saïed should also meet Tunisians in the diaspora particularly raised against the sudden increase in passport fees and other in regard to them. Two priorities : Libya and aid to Tunisia economically crippled. The first folder also mobilizes Algiers. The breakthrough of the Turks in Tripolitania and of the Russians in the Cyrenaica has upset the "nap diplomatic to the west," according to the expression of the researcher Jalel Harchaoui. France, playing on the two tables, supporting the government and recognized by the international community arming the marshal Haftar, who wanted her destruction, that explanations provide. The DNA of the diplomacy of tunisia from the presidency, Bourguiba is based on neutrality. It speaks to all the world (except Israel), it does not take a position, we respect the international law. The country shares almost five hundred kilometres of border with the Libya. Since the year 2011, the year of arab revolutions, Tunis suffers from the shutdown of trade with the neighbouring libya. It has lost several billion as well as hosting nearly 800,000 refugees who were fleeing the war in 2011. Tunisia has paid a very high price in this conflict that seems without end and that is internationalized to the utmost. Second major record : the financial support of France to Tunisia. A volley of announcements are in the pipeline. It is necessary to support the young democracy in these times of global economic crisis.

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The silence of Kaïs Saïed

Since his arrival at Carthage, the presidential palace was closed to journalists. Its new tenant, says little about understatement. Internally, it is explained that he will speak to the international press only after the creation of a pool of tunisian journalists accredited to Carthage. As the Elysium does. He should enjoy this trip to Paris to crack the armor of silence. This nationalist-arab is still the politician most popular of his country, with 51 % of favourable opinions according to the Institute Emrhod. The following only gets 12 %... For Nébil Belaam, its president, " we don't know if he plays with time, or if it is his nature that is so, I think that it is necessary to be given a further six months to decide on his strike force and its capacity to change things ". Elements of the response in Paris ? Answer Monday.

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