Tui & co. in rally mode: hold the professionals of the massive Win

there have never been so mislead stock market movements as in the Corona Crash. The Dow Jones, for example, moved to summed up, alone, in March, to 117 per cent

Tui & co. in rally mode: hold the professionals of the massive Win

there have never been so mislead stock market movements as in the Corona Crash. The Dow Jones, for example, moved to summed up, alone, in March, to 117 per cent and, as the investment expert Nick Maggiulli of Ritholtz Wealth Management at the beginning of April noted in his Blog. On average, the US index of leading shares per month only comes out to 15.6 per cent.

in other words: The Dow Jones was alone in the Crash month of March days as much as usual in eight normal months – in just 22 trading, mind you. But volatility works in both directions. Since the low point in the stock markets have made an impressive recovery rally to be executed.

Tui shares from stabs Dax in the shortest amount of time

But even the 42 percent, which has made the German benchmark index, the Dax out of the crisis is deep out of betting, are nothing against the Performance of some individual stocks, particularly when one considers the period. A look at Tui's enough. The whipping boy of investors has changed to a high-Flyer.

thanks to the prospect of a resurgence of tourism after the border closures doubled the share price in a week in the tip. On several trading days this week, it went for the share by double digits to the top. Yet, a week plus of just under 69 per cent – returns that you have made with coveted titles, otherwise only in years, or possibly months. For its recovery gains, the Dax took two and a half months.

investors will buy out of over-zealousness, even incorrect stock

TUI is not an isolated case. Massive gains within a short period of time posted about the great crisis profiteer Zoom. The share of the video conferencing specialists Zoom shot in a week in April to 53 per cent – although the paper had not previously suffered a bit under the Crash.

Still crazy: Some impatient investors bought in your over-zealousness, even the wrong Zoom-share and catapulted the Penny Stock of Zoom Technologies, from just three to over 20 US dollars, such as "Fortune" at the time, reported. The U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC had to intervene and noted that Zoom Technologies is not a proper company any more, and since 2015, no more Numbers published.

Not only Tui cruise lines and retail chains storms also high -

The list can still continue. Top Performer of the last week in Frankfurt were, in addition to Tui, for example, the shares of the mattress retailer Sleepz (57,50 per cent Plus), the 3D printing group, SLM Solutions (38,50 per cent Plus) or the merchandising company United Labels (33,74 per cent Plus).

Other winners of the past week come as Tui from industries that have previously fallen under the wheels. The two cruise title Norwegian and Royal Caribbean to put on a weekly point of view, 37,64, respectively 33,29 percent – it is not yet clear when the industry can make your business resume.

even More, the title of some of the trading companies have increased in the past few trading days. So the title of Department store operator Macy’s gained on the week view is 45.56 percent, in the case of the fashion chain Gap there were 44,01 percent, although the industry is currently overwhelmed by a surge of bankruptcies. Competitors J. C. Penney, J. Crew, and Pier 1 all have already applied for bankruptcy.

the recovery of the tourism industry "too fast and too indiscriminately"

The wrong exchange rate gains to show: the stock market, everything seems possible at the moment. For opportunistic investors, there are enough opportunities, the returns of several stock market years in a few days to snag. Really, all of the increases are not justified.

In the case of Tui, the Rally was understandable, wrote Bernecker-market analyst Stefan Schmidbauer, on request by a resurgence in bookings is about. "Why do you have to buy a cruise-shares, although it is clear that in the next few months in terms of demand, little will do, don't open up to me," said Schmidbauer. In General, the recovery of the tourism industry "too fast and too indiscriminately".

expert: Tui-share as a winner from the crisis

in addition to Schmidbauer, stock market professional Uwe Eilers, member of the Board of the Frankfurt asset AG sees good reasons that speak for Tui. Although it is likely that the group will again increase the capital and also loans from the KFW claim. But: "Regardless, one can assume that TUI would be in the long term will go as a winner from the crisis. Finally, it is gone with Thomas Cook, the most important competitors due to the bankruptcy by the market,“ says the expert.

Eilers expects that Tuis books will fill again from June, with bookings and following his domination of the market will take advantage of to raise prices to achieve higher margins. "This is why we see Tui as a long-term investment as very attractive," commented Eilers.

investors must also bear in mind that the industry has suffered the most from the crisis. Now the stock market anticipate the development of the next nine to twelve months, noted Uwe Zimmer, managing Director of the investment Manager's fundamental capital. "Thus, it is expected that the travel pattern then returns to normal. Tui, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, MGM, Carnival. All values that you can look at,“ wrote room for it.

nevertheless, both Eilers, as well as the room in front of it, that not all companies in the tourism industry will survive the crisis wait. The same would also apply to the retail chains. Just because Macy's or Gap still have not filed for insolvency, does not mean that the crisis for the corporations is over. How stock market professional, Dirk Müller pointed out recently, it can be the wrong location of many of the companies only in some months of the public, when all Alternatives have been exhausted. Müller therefore expected to be "70 percent" for a further price crash in the fall.

What must not forget that investors, however: The prizes are only a result of good Timing. Who would be joined Tui in the beginning of March, the share price had halved then the value would currently stand at the zero line.

volatility has two sides

nevertheless, volatility also works for investors, and are currently available on the market opportunities that there are probably only a once in a decade, if at all. This is not to say that these opportunities are easy to find. By means of a Screener (like here for example) but investors will find at least the title, which currently are either already in Rally mode and "Momentum", or that have been particularly punished, and possibly have Catch-up potential offer. Share report Plus Finanzen100

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To offer

it is Important, no capital required, which is used for the long-term asset building. Such Trades are speculative. Who wants to claim this chances of winning, you must take in purchase to pass with painful losses from such a share.

Because of this, there are examples: The title of the logistics company Hapag-Lloyd about fell on the week view to 39,54 percent. The Sartorius shares still 11,78 percent. And the papers of the coffee chain Luckin Coffee lost in just one trading week, 41 percent.


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