Trump's decision hits the tourist with full force

US President Donald Trump has decided to travel from Europe to temporarily suspend. What does this mean for the Swiss tourism ? The entry stop for the Europ

Trump's decision hits the tourist with full force

US President Donald Trump has decided to travel from Europe to temporarily suspend. What does this mean for the Swiss tourism ?
The entry stop for the Europeans to America suggests that the U.S. hospitality industry is affected. This is of course a fallacy. Conversely, it is namely so that our American guests are not coming to Switzerland. You know that your back at risk trip, or at least with considerable difficulties. The measures taken by the government Trump meet us in the middle of the booking season, and thus with full force. Because the travel time of the US tourists begins in may and June.

the damage for the local industry estimate?
We are already seeing a rise in the number of cancellations. The fear of travel is worldwide to come up, since the Coronavirus has broken out in China. Extremely, the decline in business tourism, so for stays in Switzerland for conventions, meetings, fairs and seminars. And now, the leisure tourism is affected. The United States are for the Swiss tourism after Germany, the second most important market with almost 2.5 million overnight Stays per year. In addition, the Americans are one of the most popular.

In comparison to tourists from other countries the Americans to stay longer, spend more and enthusiastic for Switzerland. Do you like to travel by train through Switzerland, go to the mountains and like good food.

"It seems to me that now is the right time to the Swiss to bring you to unknown parts of the country to discover."

Where Switzerland tourism believes that there are opportunities to work against the threat of a break-in to the company?
The tourism industry is an important sector in Switzerland. But it is clear that we ensure the health of the population on our economic interests. We follow the guidelines of the Confederation. The Only thing we can do now is: We are preparing for the time after the Virus. We prepare a revitalisation program and have developed a plan of action.

when do you expect with a relaxation of the Situation?
The time is in fact crucial. Due to the first scientific knowledge on the Virus, we know that with a cycle of eight to twelve weeks must be expected. We assume, therefore, that we can launch in the next two to three weeks in Asia, re-marketing campaigns, and with tour operators such as media speak. For Europe, we expect from this time with an eight-week delay, the United States, with a further two months.

What is the plan of action specifically?
We have to make in the home market with other industries, something Special on the legs. Specifically, it is the inside about the Swiss and Switzerland, the Swiss make it more palatable to. It is the right time seems to me now come to bring the Swiss to discover unknown parts of the country.

do you Have notes from their offices in New York and San Francisco, if the US also recommend a travel stop for its citizens to Europe?
Like all the others, is experienced by our employees in the United States of such Opt out of the messages or from the Twitter channel of the US President. No, so far we know nothing of such a measure.

there Are claims by Switzerland tourism to the state?
We support the demands of the tourist Leitverbände fully. These require, among other things, the facilitation of short-time work, immediate measures in case of liquidity assistance, as well as non-bureaucratic interest-free loans, so that the shock can be cushioned.

How does the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the case of Switzerland tourism even noticeable?
We carry for seven weeks of crisis meetings. Unfortunately, we had to watch how the Coronavirus is spreading in the world. First of all, has been working in our four offices in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan temporarily from home because the employees were not allowed to appear to work. The same was true for the branch office in South Korea.

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