Trouble to Nord Stream 2 - but Putin has another Problem-Pipeline

Always a dispute about Nord Stream 2: The United States threatened recently with tougher sanctions, should be led to the construction of the Pipeline continued.

Trouble to Nord Stream 2 - but Putin has another Problem-Pipeline

Always a dispute about Nord Stream 2: The United States threatened recently with tougher sanctions, should be led to the construction of the Pipeline continued. The new draft law does not provide, for example, only to punish the companies which take over ships, the laying of the pipes with a Special, but also other companies who will assist with the project.

USA is planning to Nord Stream 2 to prevent

The chances that the draft of a law is, there is a good. In the case of Nord Stream 2 Democrats and Republicans agree. The politicians argue that Germany goes through the Pipeline in the dependence of Russia. "We have to protect Germany against Russia, and Russia gets billions of dollars from Germany", railed US President Donald Trump last year.

Oliver Hermes, Chairman of the From of the German economy, commented on the penalties, in turn, as a "big pile of broken glass in the TRANS-Atlantic relationship". Because the Pipeline is already nearing completion. Of 2460 km of Pipeline, more than 2300 kilometres are already laid. The last Kilometer is now to move the Russian ship "Akademik Cerskij", because the Swiss Pipeline specialist Allseas jumped to the threats of Sanctions.

Corona pandemic not Pipeline to China lame

But only in Europe, there is just Trouble for Vladimir Putin's Pipeline Empire. Russia is the world's second largest conveyor of natural gas to crude oil and Oil distillates, Gas is the third most important export product of the country. The more important Pipelines in the consuming countries are so. This is in addition to many European countries, especially China. Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

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in December, the Kremlin chief and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Yakutia, in the North of China, had the Pipeline Sila Sibiri – "force of Siberia" – was inaugurated. With a length of around 2200 kilometers can measure the line with Nord Stream 2. But so far, the Pipeline transported less Gas than expected.

The Chinese customs authorities, wandered up to the middle of the year, only one billion cubic meters of Gas through the line. In March, the operator had made the line even for weeks-tight. It was originally planned that the part of state sponsors Gazprom sends this year, five billion cubic meters of gas Tschajanda through the Pipeline to the middle Kingdom.

Officially, it was said that maintenance works were carried out. The true reason, but the Corona is likely to have been crisis. So weakened Lockdown due to the demand from China. An indication of the price, as is the case with crude oil, as well. So the natural gas price fell at the beginning of the year of around 2.1 dollars in the meantime, only $ 1.55 per Million British Thermal Units, equivalent to slightly more than 26 cubic meters. Last Gas was 1.78 dollars.

engineers warned: the gas field is not ripe for the development of

Just as the Chinese economy went back up, hit the crisis, then on the other side of the border. More than a third of the 10,000 employees in Tschajanda infected with the Coronavirus, and had to be in quarantine.

As if the pandemic were not enough, there are also problems with the storage facilities themselves. Engineers at the energy giant Gazprom itself had already warned in October that Tschajanda is not ripe for development, such as the "Handelsblatt" wrote, referring to Russian media reports. "The storage facility was in the stage of exploration. The geological exploration works are almost everywhere neither started nor completed,“ it said in an internal report to the engineers. Small Caps Champion: your 3 pillars for a successful wealth accumulation. Successfully and safely in addition to values invest. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

the yield had fallen in 41 out of a total of 148 drill holes, 20 additional wells were, again, even quite "dry", as the magazine wrote, and would thus have already led to losses of Euro 4.3 billion for Gazprom. Has carried out the holes in the former subsidiary company "Gazprom Burenje", which is now part of the conglomerate of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg – a former Judo training partner and close friend of Putin.

Russia, China, virtually the entire Deposits in Tschajanda

Gazprom even the dry wells commented, assured the "Handelsblatt", that the income spent to date on the forecasts. The annual production target of 25 billion cubic meters of standing still. However, it is far from the target is still far. Meanwhile, Putin has to deliver. The treaties with China provide for annual deliveries of 38 billion cubic meters for 30 years. This corresponds to practically the whole of the Occurrences of the Tschajanda-field, which were last estimated at 1.2 trillion cubic meters.

Putin, however, announced that the Pipeline to six billion cubic meters will expand. In addition, there is the gas field Kowykta a further Deposit, in order to fill the line.

the second field is not developed, but problems such as in Tschajanda not ruled out, noted the paper. In addition, the approximately 800-Kilometer-long section of the Pipeline, which Kowykta in the first place to the network connect is missing, too. To the Need other conveyor, such as Rosneft will have to step in to deliver the promised quantities.

so Far, anyway, is the "power of Siberia" to feel, apparently, only a little. Other problems with the project would have an impact on Russia's economy, which depends largely on Oil and Gas, more in particular, if the US can do it, Nord Stream 2 is still unstoppable, or at least further delay. Because, actually, should have been in the past year, the first cubic meters of Gas through Nord Stream 2 flows.

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