Timo Werner is waiting for Klopp - as Italy-club turns suddenly and makes suggestion | FC Bayern

Where is Timo Werner in the coming season? FC Bayern and Liverpool are considered to be candidates. A Coach is now again seriously. Timo Werner with the FC

Timo Werner is waiting for Klopp - as Italy-club turns suddenly and makes suggestion | FC Bayern

Where is Timo Werner in the coming season? FC Bayern and Liverpool are considered to be candidates. A Coach is now again seriously.

Timo Werner with the FC Bayern and Liverpool in connection. Inter Milan sporting Director Piero Ausilio believes to know what is the midfielder want. Werner's contract with the Bundesliga * is still running three years.

Update from 31. To weaken in may, 15.33 PM: While RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, something seems to be - the 5-goal Gala against Mainz time - to take with the exception of the speculation about her marksman husband, once again, powerful journey.

All Jürgen Klopp boosts the rumors of a Transfer to the island properly. the Liverpool is brought to the longer with the national team players, in combination, quarrels, but in spite of the obvious interest is still offer to submit.

+ Timo Werner: Attracts the Natinal players in the summer to Liverpool? ©picture alliance/dpa / Alexander Hassenstein

LFC-Coach Klopp is the Procrastination now seem to be suffering. The German start-up Rainer will now be personally delivered to the person responsible and you to talk. The British Guardian reported that Klopp had made it clear, Timo Werner is a perfect fit for his Team .

Allegedly, the uncertainty is also for the national players to be very unsatisfactory. the Werner waiting on a decision from the Reds , before he wanted to pick a club, they say. That sounds a lot like then, as a Liverpool was his desire-to address .

Timo Werner: "I know his thoughts" - Inter-Boss for the Surprise

" I know his thoughts about his future , " says, suddenly Inter Milan sports Director Piero Ausilio . The Italian top club was the star striker on it. The emphasis is on here, however, is 'was'. " Timo Werner will not come to Inter ", admits Ausilio, "we will not sign him. I love him as a player, but we have had never Transfer talks with him. “ is a Surprisingly honest words from Milan. Why not vorfühlte at least in the case of Werner, it is not necessary to understand but not necessarily.

Timo Werner: RB Coach nail man wants to convince star striker "with deeds"

Update from the 29. May, 18.45 PM: transfer rumours RB Leipzig star striker Timo Werner is allowed even after the interruption of the game in the Bundesliga* is not, because the 24-Year-old hit in three games three times, and screwed up his goal tally in the current season to 24 matches.

Timo Werner: Coach nail man wants to convince him with deeds - and pulls FCB-comparison

Be a coach Julian nail man said in an Online-PK to the whereabouts of the Goalscorer and wants to move the national players prefer a little more "actions" than words to stay at the Saxony. "Timo knows what he has at Leipzig, and he knows, hopefully, what he has to me. I know what I did to him and I show, ( ... ), is that he is playing every game from the start ( ... ) and many opportunities to get to develop,“ said the 32-year-old Coach.

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The player should feel, "that it can be better . If he doesn't feel it, it brings nothing, if I would make him talk, he should stay here.“ The striker's star RB on 15 may. June leave for a fixed transfer fee of around 60 million Euro . "And then, when a club comes in and with it agrees, then it is so, then we can change nothing in it," white nail man.

nail man is not declared on the press conference , that he did not know when the opt-out clause for Werner to expire this summer. The 32-year-old coach seemed annoyed and a little thin-skinned if the Demands. the nail man drew a striking comparison: a Werner-departure for RB Leipzig was about as painful as if Bayern Robert Lewandowski .

Werner's contract is valid until 2023, but some clubs - including the Liverpool FC - have the 24-Year-olds on the list. However, the British during the Corona-crisis figures are not ready , the release to.

Timo Werner: RB-managing Director Mintzlaff is expressed to Transfer

Munich - The FC Bayern is already been in touch with him and Jürgen Klopp to have a virtual Meeting with him had. Still Timo Werner , however, for a further three years RB Leipzig under contract - and the club has no plans to interested parties for a possible business financially in the red.

"We want to make a player is below a set value, if he has longer than a one-year contract," says managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff to the sports image. Cheaper than the fixed transfer fee of 55 million euros it won't.

Timo Werner, he Has already decided for Liverpool?

The German national striker toying allegedly with a change in the Premier League, top tab, Liverpool FC graces, but to draw the clause, and would push the price. In Mintzlaff the President of the Champions League is triggered on deaf ears.

+ Is©Timo Werner in Leipzig?dpa / Jan Woitas

"in General, we must always ask ourselves the question: Can I replace a player, nor equivalent to, if I sell him for less than a previously fixed sum?" In the case of Werner RB would have to succeed in a Transfer-Coup , if you want to replace Werner for less money equivalent. In 27 Bundesliga -Play the 24-Year-old strong, scoring 24 goals and seven Assists.

Timo Werner: RB Leipzig could use the transfer fee

RB has quite the right to be "deeply relaxed". The interested clubs are not willing to pay the transfer fee, remains the Top striker in Sachsen . The transfer fee is paid, could RB add. "If we do not sell players, we can do little to commit to no New," said Mintzlaff more.

Trainer, Julian nail man wants attacking full-backs. The Werner-Aböse could come to the right place. Until then, Liverpool and Bayern decide to but still have to look deeper into the money bag. In the Bundesliga, RB continues to fight for the Champions League qualification.

Around the other Offensive Star of the Bundesliga, there is more clarity - the FC Bayern refrained from pulling his option to purchase. Instead, the record master to the niches in a South American full-backs excavators.


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