Thus, the supply of compensation or compensation payment in the case of Ex-work

the supply compensation: share, later retirement If a married couple gets a divorce, be divided between the pension claims. The reward points tax assistance

Thus, the supply of compensation or compensation payment in the case of Ex-work
the supply compensation: share, later retirement

If a married couple gets a divorce, be divided between the pension claims. The reward points tax assistance Association United wage tax help e. V. (VLH). The money professionals to explain what is observed.

When Split, all the pension rights acquired by both partners during their marriage. This supply balance is already in the divorce and not at the later retirement age.

the amount can vary greatly

how much the pension is, depends on how many years the spouse each had a job – and, of course, the amount of the respective income.

another important criterion for the amount of a pension is the value of a so-called pension point at the time of Retirement. The value of a pension point for each year 1. July, by means of the pension adjustment formula to set.

Currently, he is 33,05 Euro in the West and 31,89 Euro in the East. On 1. July 2020, the pay-points for pensioners will increase in the West, with a height of 34.19 euros for a charge point, as well as on the 33.23 euros for pensioners in the East. This means The pensions increase of 3.45 percent, the Ostrenten even to 4.20 percent. With this stronger increase in the pension difference between the West and the East will be closed more. Starting in the year 2025 in the old and new Federal States, then the same high pensions.

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balancing ensures that both are of the same high pension

get A shows a calculation example for the old länder, such as a supply balance is achieved with the beginning in July, 2020, the applicable values to calculate:

A husband has accumulated during the marriage 30 pension points to his account. Multiplied by the currently valid value of a pay item in the amount of a height of 34.19 Euro 1025,70 Euro, which belong to the husband as a pensioner on a monthly basis result.

Suppose, he has also invested in a company pension plan at the time of the divorce, a value of 30,000 euros. By the equalization of pension the man has to give twelve pension points to his Ex-wife.

His former wife took care mainly of the household and children, was only partially employed, and only six pay has the points on your pension account to accumulate. Together the Couple has purchased 36 pension points.

Also the difference in the operation of pensions is divided between

With the twelve pension points of your Ex-husband owns the woman, now 18 pay points, just like he did. In addition, she gets half of his pension to the value of 15,000 euros.

The division of pension benefits is tax-free. But not the pension reference: Who's in the year 2020, in pension, the pension will be taxed at 80 percent. Each additional year the pension taxation increases by one percent. For those who go to 2040, a pension, means that your pension will be taxed at 100 percent. However, the tax applies only for amounts above the so-called basic allowance. The is in the year 2020 9408 Euro for each.

content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 remains So much net them by the gross

compensation: Immediate pay off, no pension

share There is a second possibility of how a divorced Couple's joint pension rights can share: The Partner with the higher pension entitlements pays his Ex-Partner. Usually this is the man.

He pays a lump sum to his Ex-wife. For this he must not share his future pension . This compensation to avoid the supply balancing is not, however, tax-free. The Ex-wife needs to enter the payment as "other income" in your tax return. The man is allowed to settle the compensation sum as a special edition of the tax.

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partners need to resolve tax issues amicably

Whether the Ex-wife, however, is obliged, to the deduction of special expenses of your Ex-husband agree, is a question of the individual case. In General, you must give your consent only when you are at least compensated for the disadvantages of taxation - called disadvantage compensation.

tip: Who gets a divorce and the pension rights by means of compensation shares for payment, you should rules in the agreement on compensatory payment, the tax treatment in writing. (ad) Now simply your free prenuptial agreement create!

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