This does not Save boomerang is: How do you cancel insurance right

For countless citizens, it is now down to business. Rich in income and savings at the front and the rear no longer, must. existential protections such as pensio

This does not Save boomerang is: How do you cancel insurance right

For countless citizens, it is now down to business. Rich in income and savings at the front and the rear no longer, must. existential protections such as pensions or health insurance to the test Less important legal protection, Household, Bicycle, or private supplementary insurance policies can be relatively simple to slim down, place on ice to terminate.

a Lot can go wrong when the axe will also be in the disability insurance recognised in the Capital, private pension, Riester pension or health insurance, warns Sascha Straub, a financial expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern.

His advice: examine Prior to termination or post-free position always, whether or not the important hedge is not to keep but to. Insurers are often accommodating consumer centres offer advice.

What do I do with the private health insurance?

especially the self-employed, freelancers, and artists of the Corona due to the currently massive problems to pay the monthly premiums for your private health insurance, such as Daniela Hubloher of the patients consulting the consumer Central Hesse reported.

the following would be advisable: With the insurer, talk to, and the premiums to be suspended. The income is broken away for the cost of living, the right to deferment until the end of June. "We are waiting for the legislature extended this opportunity," explains Straub.

downside: The payments are not adopted, only pushed. "The accumulated debt has to be paid for later," stresses Hubloher. Alternative: The insurer of a temporary change to a cheaper plan with less benefits ask.

The give a breath. The provider is accommodating to the fact, customers should arrange the switch on time, that you may without a health examination back to your old Tariff. Webinar with Dirk Müller, secure your Ticket Now!!

What is a switch?

Terminate and be of a cheaper health insurer switch, especially for long-term customers is not an Option, warns Straub. The accumulated aging provisions will be lost. Who expected longer-term financial bottlenecks, you can require within your insurance in a lower rate and to benefits without.

This is also true for private long-term care insurance. But: A Return to better performance is then installed. Caution keep even more for yourself: The premium is then cheaper. In the case of severe disease, a high self-retention, but to boomerang.

He can no longer go back. Bitter it is for Insured who are several Month in the arrears. In the case of payment default the provider is entitled to transfer the Defaulting in the Emergency plan. In this plan, there is diseases only shall be liable, nor entitled to benefits in both acute and pain. The overdue amounts must be paid still.

Who gets basic security or social assistance, a change in the base rate. The contribution may be halved as a result. Often, the social assistance carrier assumes most of the cost, so Hubloher. A law, according to which the Insured later without a new health examination to their original fare, return, is in the planning stage.

What to do with the life - and pension insurance?

Also applies here: Never rush to terminate. Older contracts should not be terminated prematurely, as Straub emphasized. Who has only a few years, until the end of the term, you should try to see it through. The only way to a potential final surplus benefit.

Only if a saver has completed the Police only three or four years ago, comes to a termination at all in question. The step had to be carefully considered, warns Straub. The provider pays the customer, in addition to the surrender value that remains after deduction of the costs left. Terminations at a loss, are usually also Bianca Boss of the Federal Insured (BdV) says.

Who Corona due to a line under its capital life and private pension insurance wants to pull, you should expect good. Free Online calculator of the BdV helps. He determined, what is the interest rate you would achieve with a money system, so that a contract is the termination or non-contributory, rather than contributory continuation of the Treaty. Useful info for life insurance

Alternatives to loss in business

Better than cancel! What you need to consider when selling your life insurance policy


the sale of a life insurance usually better than termination

age prevention

To the termination of a life insurance policy, there are Alternatives.

How do I reduce the contribution burden?

Who expected to climb financially back soon, you should ask for a temporary suspension of premiums. Insurers show, according to a recent survey by Stiftung Warentest quite accommodating. But: Some providers charge premiums for the moratorium.

Also, the amount of the contributions can be lower, to be and a month of liquid and still remain insured. Caution: anyone Who puts his Police post-free, can't perform later on, certainly not to the same terms and conditions.

"unless the provider expressly agrees to," says Straub. In addition, In the case of capital-forming insurance policies often needs to be a specific buy-back value is reached, so that a contract can be contribution free. Otherwise, the Police will be resolved simply.

What is disability insurance (BU) is with my profession?

"don't cancel, better hold on," says Straub. Also in this existential hedging Premiums deferrals are possible. A longer contribution exemption can be risky. The agreed-upon BU-pension is then set to a non-contributory pension that will be noticeably smaller, depending on how much the customer has already paid into the contract.

Basically, the card the contribution can be free only after two to three years to draw. Additional drawback: Who wants to take his contract, then again, must face a new health examination. "This can be for the Insured to the real Problem," said Straub.

How can I get Riester and Rürup in the handle?

it can become Particularly difficult in the case of pension contracts, such as Riester or Rürup pensions, as Straub emphasized. Both are subsidised by the government. Who no longer wants to support the policies, you should know: A Rürup contract cannot be cancel. And who pulls the ripcord at the Shoe uppers, must pay back the entire government funding. The exit can be to the boomerang.

Self-Contribution deferrals are for Riester and Rürup is problematic. The tax refund is only available for the year in which actual contributions have been paid. Who nachzahlt later, the tax incentives through the cloth.


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