There is a way out: you can go in front of 63 in early retirement

The old-age part-time is a kind of early retirement pension on the operation and enjoys great popularity. The model allows a smooth Transition from working life

There is a way out: you can go in front of 63 in early retirement

The old-age part-time is a kind of early retirement pension on the operation and enjoys great popularity. The model allows a smooth Transition from working life. In principle, workers must meet several criteria in order to be able to an old-age part-time take:

  • minimum age 55
  • at least equivalent of three years ' work to Retirement
  • within the last five years before the start of the old-age part-time a minimum of 1080 calendar days (three years, ) subject to social insurance contributions. This includes periods of sickness and unemployment benefit count.
Two versions of partial retirement, allowing retirement before 63

in addition, the old-age part-time can also be use to earlier on the Job out, as this allows for the statutory pension. The financial experts of the "Stiftung Warentest" have broken down, how the model works. If you want to make use of the old-age part-time, there are three possibilities:

  • equal to the distribution model: , the employee divides his working time to the agreed period of time.
  • block model: Employees reduce approximately for four years of your working time. In the process, they work in the first two years, in the third and fourth year, then not at all. The two periods of time as the Active and the passive block is referred to. The part-time wage Workers for both blocks received the same amount.
  • Individual allocation of working time: In this case, to inform the Employees of his working time variable in the different years. Important: the working hours must be during the total duration of the old-age part-time an average of 50 percent.
advantage in the case of salary and pension

In contrast to the frequently used part-time employment at the time of retirement, 50 percent less work does not mean 50 percent less income, according to the experts of the "Stiftung Warentest" make it clear.

Employees get a increase in the amount of at least 20 percent – regardless of whether you choose the Block - or the uniform distribution model. This means that The old-age part-timers get at least 70 percent of their income for an average of 50 percent of the work.

Also of interest: 45 years of Insurance are required: you will have to go without haircuts more in pension

In each of the Broke, Employees can even expect higher extra payments. Total age part-time work to do at the end but of course with less money than if you would work up to the end of their working lives in full-time.

Additional restriction: In the Passive Phase without employment can flow no further retirement benefits, which are linked to the retirement. The experts call other pensions or lump-sum payouts from life insurance policies.


employer increased contributions to pension Fund

For the future amount of pension the old-age part-time also proves to be more advantageous than the normal part-time work. Because employers pay at least 90 percent of the pension contributions on the full salary – although only 50 percent of the work to be done. Some collective bargaining agreements make higher payments. As a result, the future pension reached almost the same level as employees without part-time work. So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

pattern case shows Hardly any loss of pension

Model: in January, 1958-born employee in the public service, in the works since 1977, consistently, and contributions in the pension insurance pays. Early Retirement: 1. January 2021. Of the above-mentioned gross pension contributions for sickness and care insurance from to go. FOCUS Online, Finance test

Adopted this pattern of retirees would have worked for the three years prior to his retirement (retirement at 63) in the year 2021 in semi-retirement, and would then apply for a pension for the longterm Insured with 35 years of contribution in the Statutory pension insurance, he would get instead of 1677 euros gross pension of 1660 Euro per month. A difference that is unlikely to fall into the weight.

the pattern of pensioners Would postpone his retirement by a year, to go as particularly long-term, Insured, with 45 years of contribution at the age of 64 without deductions in the pension, he would get a pension of 1896 instead of 1923, the Euro.

the following applies Here: "A partial retirement is the unreduced early retirement pension not in the way", as the experts of the "Stiftung Warentest" highlight. Also, the passive phase of partial retirement will be calculated in the block model for the 45 required insurance years.

  • More information: After 35 years of work with reductions in retirement: what you need to in the case of the early retirement

the Bottom line in mind, we can say: the one Who accepts the reasonable financial losses that can 63 thanks to partial retirement already in front of his. The age of retirement.

collective agreements regulate in many industries, the old-age part-time

The earlier state promotion of the old-age part-time is now abolished. But in many cases tariff rules, contracts and agreements operation of the embodiment of the old-age part-time. Everything you know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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Individual Employees can negotiate individual arrangements with their employer. Then, the block model but for a maximum of three years to arrange. Interested employees inform on the best in your human resources Department or the works Council what applies in your company. In many cases, about the number of employees is limited, which may, in semi-retirement.

No holiday entitlement in the passive phase of

Who would like to take part-time pension, you must make it clear: For the days of the passive phase, he has no holiday entitlement. The decision of the Federal labour court (Az. 9 R AZR 481/18). This means that Changes of workers in the course of one calendar year from the Active to the passive phase, calculated to be the boss of the holiday Pro-rata.

Workers enjoy the safety, while your passive phase can be terminated. Also, there is a judgment of the highest German labour court (Az. 2 AZR 571/01). During the active phase, but that is not true.

The original article can be found in the financial test in June 2020.

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