The trip mood returns - Increasing bookings | economy

tour operators to breathe after the end of the travel warning for many countries in Europe. The demand for large operators attracts. Hannover/Frankfurt (dpa)

The trip mood returns - Increasing bookings | economy

tour operators to breathe after the end of the travel warning for many countries in Europe. The demand for large operators attracts.

Hannover/Frankfurt (dpa) - The travel industry draws to the end of the Corona-forced break in Europe, restoring hope: The delayed summer business to be running after the lifting of the travel warnings for 27 European countries.

The world's largest tourism group, Tui, and Germany's sector of the second tourism reported on Tuesday rising Postings. Differently, the company assessed the price development.

During Tui average increase in the prices of language, vacationers can hope according to the estimates of THE tourism this summer, often on cheap deals. "Part of our performance make us very attractive offers," said Ingo Burmester, Central Europe head OF travel and tourism. This applies especially to destinations in other European countries. Behind the organizer of the financially powerful food group Rewe is.

Tui wants to drive in the coming weeks, more and more goals. About a quarter of the programme for the main season is currently booked, in the last week the interest of the customer had increased "noticeably". "In particular, Germany and Belgium recorded a significant recovery," it said. For the winter season 2020/2021 and the summer of 2021, there were good signs.

The prices would be in the average of 14 percent, which would increase the much-needed liquidity. In the medium term had Tui-Germany-in-chief Marek Andryszak, due to the high Overcapacity in the upcoming program "tend to be more favourable to travel" prospect: "The prices slip down and not up," he said in may. Currently, the holiday offer but it is significantly scarcer than in normal times. And in the current average trips are included, which had been in front of the Corona-Lockdown posted.

Once in Germany and Austria, the first Tui Hotels had opened, were landed on Monday again own tourists on Mallorca. The customer should initially participate in a two-week trial run. A good 400 guests in two Tuifly machines had made on Monday in the beginning. By the end of next week, the group intends to have carried out 20 flights to Mallorca, in addition to information from the Tuesday, two machines for the neighbouring island of Ibiza.

Also Faro in the Algarve to come back into the program. In July, among other things, additional Mediterranean destinations in Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus to follow, also holiday places in Bulgaria or Switzerland. Half of the Hotels should be in the high summer re-open. For the fourth quarter, Tui is aiming at a utilization of 30 percent of the originally planned capacity.

Germany's second-largest travel group in THE travel and tourism notes after the lifting of the travel warning is strongly increased short-term bookings. "The booking week to week. July and August are booked the most. We are approaching the state of the time before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic," said Central-Europe-in-chief, Burmester.

is Currently in demand according to the company, prior to all holidays in their own country and also in the neighboring country of Austria. "For the Close targets vacationers should decide quickly, because some of the Offered beds in the summer holidays could be just," said Burmester. For the Winter of 2020/21, THE tourism has further expanded its range. Among other things, there are more ski holiday offers and in many places, reduced hotel prices. Goals for the coming summer season are already booked.

resentment, in turn, provides the refund due to the Corona-crisis cancelled flights. According to the German travel Association (DRV) goes it alone in Germany, flight tickets to the value of around four billion euros. These cancellations would not currently handled by the airlines and could not be paid back to the customers, said a DRV spokesman for the "image"-newspaper. Not only passengers waiting for their money. "The consequences of this behavior, the major airlines are for the for the flight ticket sales, licensed sales partner, existence-threatening. If you are unable or reluctant to economic distress, because the airlines fail to fulfil their obligation to repay."

tour operator had to cancel in the crisis already booked travel. Customers have a choice between vouchers or a refund of the money. The refunds for the month of April are complete in THE travel and tourism according to the figures. In the coming days, the return would be refunds for the may cancellations completed.

Also in the case of the airports, the Confidence is growing after the lifting of the travel warning. "Since this week to 215 destinations of German airports are accessible again. Gradually, life is returning back to the airports," said Ralph Beisel, managing Director of the airport Association ADV. The majority of journeys were to destinations in Europe, but with significantly reduced frequencies. The inner-German air traffic show increasing utilisation figures.

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Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 17:34