The tow bar comes to the car | car

Many vehicles with a trailer coupling, all of the equip - but. What drivers should note that in the case of retrofit solutions? Cologne/Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) -

The tow bar comes to the car | car

Many vehicles with a trailer coupling, all of the equip - but. What drivers should note that in the case of retrofit solutions?

Cologne/Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) - agricultural hook, farmer, scavenger, or Holland-Finger: The trailer coupling has many nicknames. However, the practical Use remains the same. A lot of cars with this retrofit, but not all. What you need to know drivers?

At the beginning of a view in the vehicle registration certificate, is Thorsten Rechtien know. "That's where the permissible trailer load is recorded", explains the expert at Tüv Rheinland. For retrofitting a towing capacity must be specified in box O. 1 for trailer load, braked and 2 unbraked trailers.

are Missing in the boxes O. 1 and O. 2, a retrofit is usually not possible, because the manufacturer has given no release. This rule does not subsequently change. This is common in micro and small cars, Hybrid and electric vehicles as well as convertibles and Coupés of the case.

"But also some of the imported US vehicles, these fields are often empty, a retrofit is possible only with great effort," says Rechtien.

On what to look for when buying the clutch?

"A tow-bar must always have a type-approval," says Thomas Caasmann of the audit company GTÜ. EC or ECE-approved couplings as well as couplings with a General national type-approval registration are free. The approval is usually an ECE or EC approval.

the Former can be recognized by a large "E" in a circle and a number for the corresponding country, as well as the marking "55R" for connection facilities). The EC-approval shows a small "e" in a Rectangle with the number in the EU country and the policy number "94/20" for connection facilities.

"Occasionally, there are couplings with the age of national approval, with a wavy line, a letter and a number, or a single type approval," explains Caasmann.

The Assembly is a matter for professionals

The experts advise for retrofitting to a specialist workshop. So, among other things, important that the tow bar will always be mounted in accordance with the requirements of the clutch and the vehicle manufacturer and in accordance with the requirements of the installation instructions. "There are in the Assembly a few Tricks, such as the Use of special sleeves in the longitudinal carriers, which should be observed," says Caasmann.

the dismantling of the rear bumper with the impact body to the hook mount, it is more for professionals. Generally speaking only couplings with a single type approval will need to be examined change. "Theoretically, you can detect any vehicle with a towing load. However, this is very time-consuming and expensive. There are some companies that have specialized in the distribution of opinions for such vehicles", as Caasmann.

In the case of unbraked vehicles, the maximum towing capacity is 750 kg. Who wants to pull a heavy trailer with the vehicle, requires a braked trailer. The maximum traction is then under O. 1. Interested parties should check this prior to the purchase of a Retrofit kit in the vehicle registration certificate.

Enough, the driver's license for the trailer?

driver's license, newcomers will need for towing a trailer, the class B with key number 96. In order to be allowed to pull a trailer of more than 750 kilograms, with a total mass of between 3500 and 4250 kg. "That's driving students will receive theoretical and practical training, but without testing," says Jürgen Bosset, driver instructor and safety trainer for Caravan courses of the Auto club Europe (ACE).

"In the case of vehicles with a total weight of up to 3500 kg and a trailer of up to 3,500 kilograms, is the driver's license BE necessary," he says. To add to the theoretical and practical training, a practical exam. Students will learn the basic driving exercises with a trailer, backward, turn correct On to, and uncoupling of the trailer. So it goes with the trailer safely on the roads.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 07:33