The new bike rules for Bruck | Fürstenfeldbruck

The new road traffic act contains a number of improvements for cyclists. New led traffic signals could also in Bruck useful application, can be found at the loc

The new bike rules for Bruck | Fürstenfeldbruck

The new road traffic act contains a number of improvements for cyclists. New led traffic signals could also in Bruck useful application, can be found at the local ADFC. The Reform was no longer but as a beginning.

Fürstenfeldbruck – "This was overdue," says Adi Stumper from the Board of the ADFC Fürstenfeldbruck. The new traffic rules that recently entered into force, be a big step in the right direction. Just in an urban area, you are not meant to be but still to the end. Important to continue to improve the infrastructure for cyclists. "If you want to move people to Change, you must also create the appropriate routes," said Stumper. In Furstenfeldbruck, he sees but also by the new legal possibilities, the potential for improvement.

For more safety on the bike, the road traffic regulations (StVO) a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, the car drivers when Overtaking cyclists need to adhere to to write. "The motorists will have to bring more patience," said Stumper. Not anywhere enough space exists, this distance is observed. On the beautiful geisinger road you have to Dodge, for example, completely in the oncoming lane.

in fact, a no-Overtaking

"And in the Hinterland are part of roads that don't have the necessary width," said Stumper. There reign, in fact, a prohibition of Overtaking. "There must be some cyclists and motorists to Not amicably."

+ drivers need to practice patience: In narrow streets or against traffic, the new rules may result in a ban in some places, in fact, an Overhaul.©Weber

The fine for the Park funds for some of the cycle paths is increased from 15 to 30 to 55 to 100 euros. "This is in Bruck, but not a big Problem," said Stumper. Rather, it should be on the wheel guard strips that are painted on the road up, very dangerous. There is prohibited, according to the new StVO in the future, the Keep entirely. The three-minute exception for Loading and Unloading is eliminated. The bigger Problem is, according to the Stumper, however, that the protection strip "will be generously ignored, and navigated to use, instead you only have to Dodge" – for example, at the Sulzbogen in Brucker West.

also New is a green arrow for cyclists, which allows the right turn at a red traffic light was introduced. It is analogous to the green arrow for motorists, as it stands at the corner of Oskar-von-Miller - and station road in Bruck, only exclusively for cyclists. The green arrow for motorists also applies to accompanying cycle paths, such as the highway code makes clear.

"I can imagine in Bruck quite a few Places where we the arrow can attach," said Stumper. So, for example, of the Rotschwaiger-on the corner of home road sites. However, the ADFC member sees a danger when pedestrians have Green and the path of cyclists crossing.

Driving on the sidewalk

The new regulation, but also Cycling more in duty. Driving on the sidewalk is more expensive. The custodians of law and order conceded to it yet ten to 25 euros, so there are now 55 to 100 euros. The ADFC has long been the fact that Cycling on pavements is inconsiderate and dangerous. Stumper: "The only apparent security."

give priority to the cyclists, some new road signs, for example, the Bicycle zone, in which the cyclists precedence over cars. Or the Radschnellweg, reserved, with a few exceptions for bicycles.

where cyclists have right of way, can now from the Netherlands, well-known "shark teeth" on the bottom triangles are painted, the tips of which direction to motorists to show more attention. "The shark's teeth would be, for example, at the fire house road in the direction of Emmering worth Considering," said Stumper.

Important it is not to Stumpers view, but only to get the new road Traffic regulations in the heads. Rather, one must achieve a General change in thinking. "The Definition of traffic in Germany applies only to motor vehicles." This must change. "All road users need to be assessed." The new highway code would be a start. "It stands and falls, but that they will also be controlled."

The rules

The nine most important new rules of the highway code for Cycling: 1.: When Overtaking motorists must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres for cyclists. 2.: Who zuparkt cycle paths need to shell out 15 to 30 in the future, 55 to 100 euros. 3.: Who is at risk when you Turn a cyclist, have to pay a penalty of 140 instead of 70 Euro and a one month driving ban. Who is at risk when you Open the car door a cyclist, pays instead of 20 now 40 Euro. 4.: The protection strips is prohibited for drivers in the future. 5.: Trucks are only allowed to turn in a step-speed to the right, to give the driver more time to see the turn-off process. 6.: Cyclists are not allowed in the future, driving side by side, if you impede traffic. 7.: A green arrow for cyclists allows cyclists turning right at a red traffic light. 8.: From now on, may be carried on the load wheels also, adults and young people. Previously it was only allowed children up to seven years to take. 9.: The fine for Cycling on the pavement is increased from ten to 25 to 55 to 100 euros.

Date Of Update: 06 June 2020, 05:35