The new BMW 1-series adopted by the rear-wheel drive | Auto

The new BMW 1-series no longer runs in its third Generation, with a traditional rear-wheel drive. Oh, my gosh. As the upheaval in the auto industry would not

The new BMW 1-series adopted by the rear-wheel drive | Auto

The new BMW 1-series no longer runs in its third Generation, with a traditional rear-wheel drive.

Oh, my gosh. As the upheaval in the auto industry would not be big enough as it is, throws the BMW is still a sacred virtue on Board: The 1 no longer moves in its third Generation, with a traditional rear-wheel drive. Just this relic from the "good" old days, was popular among some PS Fans of the Munich. But times are changing. And so the Compact in its base driven Version of the front wheels – like its competitors in the highly competitive compact class, including the new VW Golf and Audi A3. Only in conjunction with the more powerful engines in the 1 series with all-wheel-drive, in BMW Jargon, "xDrive" was called. We have tested the new model.

The new BMW 1 series: More interior space

as hard As it may be, the decision has, however, also good reasons. The engine must in the front be a longitudinal, Three - and four-cylinder units now lie hood cross under the front. The power in some of the area positive impact.

In the interior there is more space, the width is growing compared to the previous 34 mm to about 1.80 meters. The trunk volume: increases by 20 to 380 litres (max continue to 1.200 litres). On the back there are actually is sufficient space for the knee (plus 33 mm). Only in the head room grown persons over 1,85 meters in the rear is larger to their limits. There, you don't have to duck when getting in the car of the five-door, so as not to bump his head on the sloping roof line. The front, however, Tall find enough space to the top and to the side – the feeling of space there is very good. Clearly, the track is changed.

The front track is growing in width to three inches to nearly a height of 1.57 meters. And on top of that BMW in the 1 series can be installed now also his latest Connectivity and driver assistance systems from the larger model series. The Displays in the Cockpit (10.25 inches), as well as the Touch Monitor (series or 8.8 inch) are now completely digital and can also be operated via the classic rotary-Push control knob in the center console. A small positive side-effect: In the Winter , so the roads should be covered with snow, drives it with the front wheel drive now even better and safer.

the 1-series BMW to drive in the third Generation

the new front-wheel drive platform UKL 2 the Munich-based step foot in a new territory. The other BMW models, the X1 and 2 series Active Tourer, or the Mini family, have front-wheel drive. And in fact, can also be used with "normal" everyday driving in the new 1-series not a striking difference to the rear-wheel drive notice.

Compact, since 2004, built and optically revised, it drives more very athletic . The direct steering with the strong Wheel is fun, the car stands out extremely agile in the curves. The taut suspension tuning sends but also bumps in the road to the inmates by sending. On the country road or highway traveling, but relaxed and comfortable – the 1-series is also available in high speed, quiet and tired on the road. We have tested the New (Baucode: F40) in the new Top Version 120d Drive with four-wheel drive and came with the 190-HP Diesel to a consumption of 6.5 liters on 100 kilometers. With full 50-Liter Tank it comes about 800 kilometers far.

a look at the Numbers: Although the new 1-series offers more interior space, it is with 4.32 meters half a centimetre shorter than its predecessor. Also, the wheelbase (2.67 meters) is two inches shorter. In the height he other hand grows to about an inch to 1.43 meters.

How much does the new 1-series models BMW

no longer the 1-series as a three-door hatchback and with a six-cylinder engine – both of which are due to the low demand is offered . The three-cylinder aggregates are visible at the rear, a simple tip to. The four-cylinder models include a two-pipe exhaust system.

price range begins at is 28,300 Euro . There are the entry-level gasoline BMW 118i with 140 HP . At the other end of the price spectrum is the sportiest expansion stage M135i xDrive 306 PS , at least 49.100 euros due to be.

Four Diesel are available. The smallest 116d 116 PS and 30.100 Euro . Top model we have tested, 190-HP all-wheel-drive variant xDrive with automatic transmission (Steptronic) is for a minimum of 38.600 Euro .

read the rules : New traffic: these are the new rules of the StVO amendment.


Emotional the lack of rear-wheel drive , a damper is. One wonders: Would not have been able to stay the 1 series continues to be a car for Singles or couples? Finally, the turning circle to a round half a metre as a result of the new front-wheel drive to 11.4 meters. But: Now the compact Munich has grown due to the larger space in the rear to a full-fledged car for the small family. The 1 series is on top of that nimble and agile than ever, and> even better on the road has the wider track of a

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data sheet for the BMW 120d xDrive 5-door

engine and transmission:

four-cylinder (emission class EU6d-Temp)

displacement 1.995 CC

power 190 HP

the maximum torque of 400 Nm at 2,500 to 4,000 rpm

the Eight-speed automatic "Steptronic"

all-wheel-drive "xDrive"


0-100 km/h in 7.0 seconds

top 230 km/h

fuel consumption:

5.1 l/100 km, EU-standard urban

4.1 l/100 km extra-urban

4.5 l/100 km

6.5 l/100 km (Diesel) combined Test consumption

CO2-emissions of 117 g/km

dimensions and Weights:

length/width/height 4.319/1799/1434 mm

the trunk volume of 380 to 1,200 gallons

empty weight 1.515 kg

a payload of 550 kg


38.600 Euro.

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