The home office is the new normality: What will change by Corona and what matters

the What are the changes now from a staff perspective? The world of work to Corona is definitely different than before. A virtual world of work, in which the

The home office is the new normality: What will change by Corona and what matters
the What are the changes now from a staff perspective?

The world of work to Corona is definitely different than before. A virtual world of work, in which the bulk goes now solid. For many employees, a whole lot:

  • changes in the short term firstly, you need to create your home a new office Routine. A rhythm of work with rest breaks.
  • Secondly, self-discipline is required to from home productive.
  • Third, any amount of social contacts, the phenomena of the world of work actually enrich colorful, diverse and, ultimately, for Inspiration and a change of pace and prevent fatigue is missing.

changes in the long term, but even more. Corona is a turning point. A new era in terms of home work on chips that you can never turn back. The acceptance of working from home has become an overnight Standard.

What is it now?

employees need to first of all learn in the long term – and not as an Improvisation of a pandemic, to inform themselves about appropriate Apps, or applications, electronically, to exchange, collaborate and develop ideas. You need to find a new kind of discipline and spontaneity, again more for the phone instead of on the rain-Mail contact to trust.

you need the media, the close to allow or simulate: There is more eye contact and more image transfer of the counterpart.

  • All the information about the Corona-crisis in the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online

employees need Tools that support collaborative idea generation, Sketching solutions on the computer instead of on the Flipchart. Also the relationship with the supervisor changes. The place of control, the often-evoked trust-based working hours is now. Presence in the office or in front of the computer loses its meaning, the work is one result.

And last, practice staff and learn to create virtual presence. To stay visible in the Organisation with their responsibilities and achievements.

How to deal in a Team with the changes?

For Teams is the big challenge, to not more (not to lose yourself in the virtual structure of the new world of work, because it is experienced so often) together as a unit. The normal feeling of togetherness is fed to be out together, shared experiences, even shared Laughter. The is drastically reduced.

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In the future it will be important that in organizations with a lot of joint presence of the appropriate rituals, and the appropriate culture to establish itself, so that Teams work. Now, there is a need for change management-that is, the conscious questioning of the usefulness and functioning of a team. You need to address learning, the address also open to work together so that:

  • What are the new virtuality makes us as a Team? How we meet these challenges together?
  • What makes us as a Team?
  • Where exactly it takes us as a Team?
  • we Need new team rules, new structures of cooperation, new forms of communication and interaction?
  • What we make, whether it's us as a Team well, how do we measure that?
How is the work culture by the home office affected?

The virtual world of work needs new forms of Encounter in the network, new technologies and applications that support us. But it also needs explizere forms of cooperation: more conversations, more calls, more intimacy, you must create a virtual one. Open dialogues, also Appeal to feelings and concerns, because the other colleagues in the Team can feel good about the screen less as it goes to the colleague, what moves him, where he resisted to make, where he agrees to.

Also interesting: control while the work is Allowed to me to monitor my chief at the Home Office? Lawyer

Silence is not consent in the network is defined. Silence remains Silence and is particularly easy to überhörbar in the hustle and bustle of the Online Meetings. And finally, is it for Teams is inevitable that the formats of the conscious togetherness (Talk/Learn/Develop) will be created to strengthen the sense of unity.

How to communication with each other in the best possible rules?

There is no recipe for success for the best possible communication with each other, but there are rules and behaviors that maintain the strength of the team is maximum. Teams benefit from their diversity, more suggestions, more ideas, more innovation. Teams benefit from the feeling of belonging and a sense of security, thus they have a protective function. Communication must support these essential functions of a team. As already mentioned, by a new, much more communication than common in many cultures.

What if the employees refuse?

employees who refuse, with this future of home-based work and cooperation to deal, refuse, finally, to contribute to the future of the company. Unless you have legitimate reasons that make it impossible for them to have. Initial consultation notice (display)

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INFORM These employees can go, but the Problem is you can't run away: Not your company will allow, in the future, in the interest of all the a lot more home-working and demanding, but all of the companies.

in this respect, I believe that everyone does well with this new world of work and to find his way to deal with it. Changes frighten many people, but I'm sure the new virtual world of work will continue to improve our working conditions massif: lower costs, less impact on the environment, our quality of life increase.

How can you contribute to the employees that your company develops away from the culture of Presence?

employees are not sheep led to the slaughter. All together the company. To the extent that they have not only the right but also the duty, to your own company with the new forms of work to help on the feet. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

you can clean observe and analyze what is happening, how it goes for them. You can contribute with suggestions to the Tools, methods, rules, and cooperation and you can even be role models for this new world of work, by exemplifying the behavior and the communication that it needs, so that the virtual Together established quickly and successfully. the

What happens in the case of new hires?

recruitment will blow up in the future, the shackles of the site think, and, in this respect, much the more elastic will be handled. This gives, in particular, the SME sector with partly rural firms new opportunities to attract young talents. Even global projects and assignments are completely different now inconceivable than ever before. Young people will no longer have to change their place of residence necessarily to the benefit of the workplace, but sometimes several days from home, can work.

the tasks and the Teams will play for the choice of the employer a greater role as an office space and site infrastructure. Until today, innovative and employee-oriented companies have tried to get the employees to actually have a home to build, in order to be more attractive, sports facilities, canteen, team rooms. This is now different: employees are becoming digital nomads. Home will be where the centre of my life, and from there, I networked myself globally in the world.

it Has long term impact on education and training?

training must always have the needs of a company. In other words: education is always a response to the need, based on the success of the company. In this respect, will change for many professional groups the content, because cooperation, culture and communication are so strong. Your tax return in 30 minutes

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Equally will also change the formats completely, even much of the digital will be. Because working from home will also lead to home education. And at the same time training needs to be interactive because Online the onset of fatigue much faster and no one is watching when you look away: the social control is much lower, the risk of social Ostracism (Why care now?) as well.

education and training must therefore be virtually a lot more attractive, otherwise the employees will vote with a click and are parallel in your next E-Mail in the second window on your screen.

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