The goods in Europe would be without the competition so far

you recently said in an Interview that we can no longer afford to have the clock-face timetable in 20 years in this Form. Need to change commuters? The clock

The goods in Europe would be without the competition so far

you recently said in an Interview that we can no longer afford to have the clock-face timetable in 20 years in this Form. Need to change commuters?
The clock-face timetable is a good thing. He is a concept, how to make a railway on an industrial scale. In addition, no one needs to be able to a roadmap to read, it is easy to remember. But: Today we produce seven days a week, the same thing, although the customer needs are always the same. We have today possibilities to be able to in such a rigid System to a more dynamic install.

Like this could look like?
When on Saturday and Sunday morning, the passenger traffic has a greater need to drive to Ticino, then it is completely nonsensical, if I insist stubbornly on my routes for the transport of goods, at the same time, passenger traffic, passengers on the platform are must. The same flexibility should be Vice versa during the week in the evening. So that a passenger train is used in preference to a freight train. The Debate at the Moment.

This means that commuters need to be more flexible?
Vice-versa: The railway has to be flexible to the needs of the market. Look: Monday to Thursday, for example, there is a different need in the return trips in the evening than on Friday. The additional trains on Friday at 18 o'clock you can save yourself a lot of For this, is it smarter to take the train to the Bernese Oberland, because there is a higher demand. Also, the cantons will need to be flexible in the order of tenders in regional passenger transport.

"The railway has to be compared with the needs of the market more flexible."

freight transport is always in the shadow of the people- traffic. That was a Problem for you?
The logistics will take place behind the Scenes. The precision with which we need to produce is the same as in passenger transport, we also expected in minutes. There are still of the opinion that a freight train can wait. This does not match with the market demand, the Consumer is demanding this speed. And incidentally, it is the same customer who wants to in the passenger traffic on-time trains.

Is the most frustrating for you?
today We are talking about night trains as a good solution for the benefit of climate protection. But whether and how goods CO2 can be transported, is more difficult to place.

you have made losses, much reduced, and the competition Commission reviewed their last project. You pass a Shop with many building sites.
I pass a demanding company in a difficult business, Yes. But also a Shop, in which we tackled a lot and solved, such as in the field of Automation.

Among them, was introduced in this area of the automatic coupler for freight wagons. You have yet to develop much earlier.
It had all the fear of this Migration. Since we have now made a forward, has had things in motion. It may well be that the automatic clutch in Europe is financed through the Green Deal. That would be a huge step.

you can go as a boss and will remain as the Board of Directors.
I stay because I can afford due to my experience and my network is a contribution to the company.

the Governance is not seen reasons for that.
We have asked the question after a Cool-down period, which is actually normal. Due to the change in the level of management at SBB and SBB Cargo we weights, the stability higher.

The idea of the policy was that Andreas Meyer gives to the Post of the Chairman of the Board, so that there is a unbundling. Now you to stay. How that goes?
The SBB are the majority shareholder at SBB Cargo, we have to be represented. Because I am no longer involved operationally, that is, in my opinion, in the sense of the policy. The idea was that SBB Cargo will not be carried out by the CEO of the SBB. We wanted a Board of Directors is operating like a Board of Directors. This goal is now achieved.

your last big project, the entry of new shareholders in the case of SBB Cargo, is currently blocked by the competition Commission. what's the Plan B?
That there is a competition Commission, is little bit amazing. I am confident that there will be a positive decision. The new shareholders are part of the development program of SBB Cargo. But it's in the pipeline so that we can insist otherwise.

What we notice is that Big partners how to Migros could not be involved.
That someone in the industry goes, is for the model to be more sustainable than if a large customer goes. And the four means of transportation are not your just small.

Classic industries that rely on freight transport, such as the industry, it's not good. How to get out of there?
We are very strong in the supply, retail trade, at the Post office and the building material supply. We make one-third of our sales in the service sector. Since we are unique in Europe. Switzerland will in future be consumer-driven. This leads to more waste management and Recycling, where we want to be stronger.

SBB Cargo is fully the competition. A disadvantage of to before?
It is good, we are in the competition. Especially in the European environment, the goods would not have tracks so far, if there is no competition. And, If private capital is in a company in it, you think a little bit more entrepreneurial.

Need to adjust the workforce of SBB Cargo on a cultural change?
I think it is. If you can have a business success, it is also more satisfying.

Big problems for delays in the international freight transport. Brings some of the Ceneri base tunnel for freight at all, if we are talking of delays of several hours?
Yes, he is bringing what. The Situation would be even worse if we had not built the railway systems. And we have seen the Gotthard, he brings a better flow to the System. Such structures we need to look at multiple decades.

There is the risk that the supply lines in Germany will not be made until the 2040's finished?
Germany is already strong in the residue, that is true. Maybe we find other solutions, such as through France, in order to defuse the Problem.

at the Ruag. Armor and train, is that possible?
the MRO and the train have the same owner. Since experience in dealing with the Federal government helps. It would be presumptuous to speak today in detail, in my new task.

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