The daring escape of Carlos Ghosn to Beirut

Carlos Ghosn, president of Nissan-Renault, was until now possibly one of the most watched in Japan. However, in a bizarre twist, she managed to escape from Toky

The daring escape of Carlos Ghosn to Beirut

Carlos Ghosn, president of Nissan-Renault, was until now possibly one of the most watched in Japan. However, in a bizarre twist, she managed to escape from Tokyo, where he hoped to be tried for an alleged tax fraud and landed in Beirut on Monday night. This flight, followed as a thriller from the half of the world, placed in a very difficult role to the judicial system and japanese political. From Lebanon, the protagonist claimed to be “the victim of a justice system is rigged” in the asian country.


The former president of Nissan Carlos Ghosn, investigated for corruption, escapes from Japan and comes as a surprise to Beirut, Nissan and Renault are trying to overcome the era Ghosn Nissan appoints a new ceo after the resignation of the substitute Ghosn

it is Not known exactly how Ghosn, who is on probation under strict surveillance with video cameras 24 hours a day and strong restrictions to their freedom of movement, he managed to evade police supervision. But various means have been launched to give details of the flight. The lebanese television MTV reported that He escaped in a large box of a musical instrument after a band holiday to visit his residence in Tokyo, but sources close to the player denied this version. According to the Financial Times, would have hired a security company that will help you to flee to the Osaka international airport, where he would have embarked on a private jet.

French Media say that it was his wife, Carole Ghosn, which organized the flight; and that the disgraced businessman was able to leave Japan with a false identity using a passport falsified. Lebanese sources confirmed that he entered the country with French documentation. Ghosn landed in Beirut on a private plane from Turkey, according to a version that later would confirm Ricardo Karam, a well-known television presenter and personal friend of the protagonist. “Already home”, he explained.

The home of Ghosn in Beirut.

Ghosn, who has always maintained his innocence and even a video surfaced in which he said that the accusations were part of a plot orchestrated by other executives of the Nissan, was on probation, though subject to a comprehensive surveillance.

on The 25th of April, a court in Tokyo has imposed conditions as to the delivery of your passport, the ban on leaving the country, the installation of cameras at the entrance of his residence and the regular delivery of the recordings to the authorities. Other restrictions prevented him from maintaining contact with his wife Carole, because of his alleged involvement in the case. His moves in Tokyo were restricted and could only access the Internet from the offices of their lawyers.

The businessman was arrested for the first time on November 19, 2018, accused of tax fraud, so he spent 108 days in pre-trial detention. It is also alleged to have diverted company funds to personal purposes, and hide for years as part of your wages to tax avoidance. In this way, the entrepreneur brazilian would have pocketed allegedly up to 9.200 billion yen, more than 70 million euros.

Despite the allegations against him, He has not ceased to be considered a national hero in Lebanon. The entrepreneur is a source of pride to their fellow countrymen, many of whom hoped to return to their country of origin to get involved in national politics.

From France, the Government claims to have been unaware of the escape of Carlos Ghosn in the press, as all over the world. “The French authorities were not informed of his departure from Japan,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The secretary of State for the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, he admitted to his “great surprise” for the escape of the extodopoderoso head of Renault.

The French diplomacy reminded that, as French citizen —He has a passport gaul, also of brazilian and lebanese— businessman enjoyed during his arrest in Tokyo of “consular protection” and said that the ambassador of france in Japan remained a “regular contact” with both their lawyers “at the request of the highest French authorities.”

Despite the cautious official, the Executive made clear its discomfort with a case that has bothered since his arrest in Tokyo, another surprise for Paris. He is “a citizen like any other” and “no one is above the law,” said Pannier-Runacher. Japan is not the only country that seeks to judge the pattern of the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Last April, the French justice opened an investigation for “abuse of social goods” and “corruption” against Ghosn in connection with two dubious contracts by almost two million euros that the businessman had agreed with the former minister and today candidate the conservative mayor of Paris Rachida Dati.

in Addition, the office of the prosecutor of Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris, investigate the financing suspicious of two holidays celebrated by Ghosn in the palace of Versailles in 2014 and 2016, for your birthday and for your wedding, respectively. “His flight should not have any impact on our investigation,” said the prosecutor of Nanterre, Catherine Denis.

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