The cosmetic falls in love with the selfis

you Know that four weeks of the year, only four, accounting for 15% of the annual sales of the sector of perfumery and cosmetics? That in which are embedded the

The cosmetic falls in love with the selfis

you Know that four weeks of the year, only four, accounting for 15% of the annual sales of the sector of perfumery and cosmetics? That in which are embedded the seven personal care products that we use Spanish on a daily basis. Are the week of Kings, Christmas, New Year and now the Black Friday, each year, more thriving. As can be seen from the data of the consulting firm Nielsen, which estimated that, in total, the Christmas campaign sheds 20% of the turnover of the industry, and about 30% if we focus solely on the luxury segment. Gifting fragrances and creams is a resource of the most sought after, therefore when they start the sales of January, as now, the sales may not skyrocket.

“What not to do at Christmas does not recover throughout the year,” says Iñaki Busted, ceo of Coty Luxury Spain. The luxury division of the company (with brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Tiffany) made 35% of their sales during the campaign, which now extends from the “fantastic” Black Friday 2019 (the week of deals copied from the united States has been delayed to early December) until the 6th of January.

Push christmas

A failure to close the final numbers, the aroma of 2019 is the most placid. The sales of the luxury segment (which are known already), says Juan Pedro Abeniacar, ceo of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, have been located a 7% above the previous year, “have been spectacular, especially for the jerk of the fragrance and dermo-cosmetics”. “There has been a lot of news and many ads, which generate an immediate rise in consumption”, support in The English Court, which testifies to the positive behavior of the purchase of facial treatments and fragrances, in both you see the makeup more flat. Your ticket through christmas figure at about 70 euros.

“The year of 2019 is going to be good for the sector because they're going to grow all segments of the market. It is the fifth consecutive year of growth”, like Juan Alonso de Lamas, president and ceo of L'oréal in Spain, which blamed the dynamism of the industry and its capacity for innovation, launching new products and brands. According to Busted, the 10% of the annual sales are products of a new kind. As alchemists, the perfumers handle up to 4,000 essential elements to create a fragrance. And used, indicates Abeniacar, between 15% and 35% of its turnover to the research. The more luxurious is the brand, he adds, most innovation in this industry, so linked to the novelty.

The forecast from Nielsen indicate that 2019 will be finished with a sector growth of between 2.5% and 3%, superior to 2018 (1.9 per cent). The sales volume of the industry will be about 7,500 million euros, of which the hygiene represents the 52% and the beauty of the rest. However, it is precisely the latter that leads to the expansion of the last few years. The categories that are most linked to the mood, to the positive evolution of the economy and unemployment, and discusses Rafael Roche, expert of the sector of Nielsen. And selfis, videos, blogs and tutorials that are spread over the Internet like wildfire, giving wings to the industry. And not only in the segment of luxury, also in the great consumption, where brands like H&M or Zara, Lidl or Mercadona are taking advantage of the reef.

in Front of a rebound in the personal hygiene of between 1.5% and 2%, the year will close with an increase of 6% in the facial treatments, which are the most are pulling the beauty, that will rebound nearly 4 per cent, provides for Roche. A situation that will be felt in companies like Natura Bissé, whose turnover to increase by more than 20%, according to its chief executive officer, Veronica Fisas. The boom of the skin care is not unique to Spain; in fact, the greater part of the growth of the brand will come from asian markets, especially China and Korea, explains. It is because the greatest hope of life encourages women and men to care more.

world Reference

And is that the cosmetic Spanish is becoming an international benchmark, he adds. Brands such as Natura Bissé, Isdin, MartiDerm, Cantabria Laboratories or Sesderma are driving the industry's image outside the country. The sector's exports reached a record of 4.260 million euros in 2018, after an increase of 10% over the previous year, and in the first part of 2019 up nearly 9%, presumes Val Diaz, president of the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa). In China they will shoot up to 96%. Some data that is placed Spain as the second largest global exporter of perfumes, behind France.

In 2019, indicates the executive of L'oréal, Spain will have been the second market that most contributed to the growth of the group in Europe, at 2.5%. And already this year, the company aims to launch in the country the brands newly acquired Mugler and Azzaro. The large firms, says Diaz make more than 200 launches of perfumes a year, and invest a lot in communicating them. So much so that He lashed out, who has posted eight ads in a row of fragrances in television this Christmas, it argues that there are releases, such as the legendary Boss Bottled, which takes up to eight years in reaping the benefits. “Building a brand is a long time”, appreciate it.

And often is adversely affected by a distribution market where offers are constants. “There are 2,400 of the perfumes in the luxury sector, the same as in France, with sales that are far lower than”, indicates Abeniacar, for whom the easiest way to attract the consumer is the price. With discounts of 30% or 50% of the price recommended by manufacturers, they see how it destroys the value of the brands, " he says. And coincides with Busted, who predicts a shift in the balance of forces between the distributors.

This year will not be so buoyant as 2019, appreciate Abeniacar and Roche. The economic environment is less favorable and the slowdown has an influence on the behavior of the consumer. Especially of luxury products, which is expected to grow close to 4% instead of 7%. The overall sector is likely to expand between 1.5% and 2%. Attentive to four weeks.


6.954. Are the millions that moved the sector in 2018. The industry perfumery Spanish is number 13 in the world. The estimates of Nielsen to 2019 speak of exceed 7,500 million euros.

2nd. Spain is the second world exporter of perfumes and cosmetics, behind only France. In 2018, the sales abroad amounted to 4.260 million euros in the first half of 2019, it grew 8.8%.

517. Is the number of firms in the sector. Employ to 39,000 workers.

1.280. Are the millions of units of product qeu is consumed in Spain in 2018.

12,5. Million bottles of perfume are sold in Spain during Christmas, the 25% of the total.

200. Is the number of launches of fragrances per year to the market.

154. That is the average annual expenditure of the Spanish in hygiene products and cosmetics, compared to the 140 euros of european average.

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