The choice culture of the Point : love, art, and poetry ! - The Point

Normal People : the series irish which makes him sick of love © Element PicturesNormal People, episode 8 © Element Pictures / Enda Bowe / Hulu 'connell (Pa

The choice culture of the Point : love, art, and poetry ! - The Point

Normal People : the series irish which makes him sick of love

© Element PicturesNormal People, episode 8 © Element Pictures / Enda Bowe / Hulu

'connell (Paul Mescal) pleases all the world, and Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) in person. They are yet to love, in secret (his choice to him), to leave, to find himself. You laugh at the shallowness ? Wait until you see. It is her and it is him, but it could be anyone. It starts at school, continues on to college (Dublin), but it could happen anywhere. Because Marianne and Connell, it is a first love, but it's mostly Love. Without age, emotional, sad, and triumphant, in its chemistry, its silences, its beauty and its brutality. We would be interested in a novel by Sally Rooney which the series is drawn (to be published in The Olivier), to the genius who translated these nuances in images (Lenny Abrahamson, of Room), but all that one wants is, like these normal people, feel his heart beating for a love story .

Normal People, 12 30-minute episodes, available on Starzplay.

Movie : the big Sorogoyen !

The grand master of the thriller Spanish is back ! Revealed in 2016, with the polar bitter Dios nos perdones, acclaimed and awarded seven Goyas – 2019 for El Reino, excellent fresco policy on psychology and the corruption of the powerful, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, in the great storyteller of the blunders of the human soul, returns with Madre, an intimate drama and a thriller. The story is that Elena (Marta Nieto), installed in a small seaside resort of the Landes, ten years after the mysterious disappearance of his six year old son. When the young woman learns to live in the pain and the shadow areas, it makes the knowledge of Jean (played by the young Jules Poirier, revealed by Anne Fontaine), a teenager on holiday, who gave him furiously to think of what could have become his son... Inspired by the short film-titled, which had caused a sensation by 2017 in the festivals, Madre begins with a long plan-sequence voltage, as it follows the dread and the helplessness of this young mother lost in her apartment in madrid, trying to reassure the small boy scared at the end of the wire. Sorogoyen control like nobody the registry change and the art of suspense. It suffocates, it holds its breath... A success.

In the dining room.

In Marseille, the art and the wasteland

The summer of the Forest of François Stahly in the wasteland of the Escalette, Marseille © ©CHRISTIAN BARAJA - E. Touchaleaume/archives Gallery 54-Wasteland of the Escalette 2020

The wasteland of the Escalette at the edge of the national Park of the calanques has long been a site of exploitation of the... lead. An extraordinary place, on tens of hectares, where industry and nature have learned to live together. The gallery owners in paris, the Gallery 54, Eric and Elliot Touchaleaume, have bought back the wasteland to devote himself to art : exhibitions in-situ in the nature and in a workshop open to the sky. In a future time, artist residencies and even breakfast will be created. This summer there are presented extraordinary works from which the set of sculptures "The Summer forest" by François Stahly, thirty "totems" that stand in front of the sea. Pierre Tual has hung up his steel sculptures crumpled to a stone wall : they appear to be levitating. Finally, two pavilions of Le Corbusier are still available since last summer. The site visit shall be performed with a guide-architecture student (great !) and it lasts an hour and a half at least. Once the tour is over, a lunch of Italian and a dip at " Tuba ", the new spot from marseille decorated by Marion Mailaender, former club of freediver Jacques Maillol, are strongly recommended. 2, boulevard Alexandre Delabre, The Goudes, 09 66 95 13 16. A hundred meters away from the Wasteland of the Escalette.

4 guided tours per day until August 31, 2020, children from the age of 12.
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Reservation mandatory ; Route des Goudes, impasse de l Escalette
Facing the small port of the Escalette – wooden gate at the end of the dead end – Stop of the bus n° 20

Pretenders : hate to resell

Thirty minutes, this may be all that our hearts could bear. The new album by the Pretenders is short but explosive. Led by the brilliant Chrissie Hynde, the cult band of the 80's (" I'll Stand By You ", " Don't Get Me Wrong ", " Brass in Pocket "...) has returned to its punk energy is phenomenal appeared in London between the offices of NME, the boutique of Vivienne Westwood and Malcom MacLaren, the club, Studio 51... They were successful, the overdose, the engueulades, the reformations failed... But their eleventh album, released Friday, was the return winner. The influences of punk, rock, dub, and even a little country (London adoption, Chrissie is a native of Ohio) blend in perfectly to the ballads and the songs stronger. The voice of the singer mad 68-year-old is deep, rich. Between hate and love, there is only one step...

Hate for Sale (BMG)

Poetry in vivo in Sète

In the gardens, the courtyards and squares of the city of Sète, the poetry in the spotlight. © DR

In the gardens, the courtyards and squares of the city of Sète, (but... not in the boat this year), the poetry has managed to keep living despite the health conditions ! The great lebanese poet Salah Stétié, who has died at the age of 91 years old last may 19, was the honorary president of the festival "Voice vives Mediterranean" since its creation, in 1998, and this 23rd edition is a tribute to his work. Sappho remains the godmother of the event, which is located in the town of Paul Valéry and Georges Brassens, the poets-in-residence in France or come from countries with open borders, always around the mediterranean world that unites them, such as the poetess of lebanese Venus Khoury-Ghata, faithful to the rendez-vous of readings and meetings, or even Habib Tengour (Algeria), Salah Al-Hamdani (Iraq), or Hava Pinhas-Cohen (Israel).

Until July 25 //

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