The best credit card for everyone: Great Test for the more than 100 credit cards from 4 categories

The differences in credit cards, are enormous, the range of the practically service-free prepaid card for cost-conscious users to the Premium and gold cards, fo

The best credit card for everyone: Great Test for the more than 100 credit cards from 4 categories

The differences in credit cards, are enormous, the range of the practically service-free prepaid card for cost-conscious users to the Premium and gold cards, for their owners the three-digit year amounts to pay - and sometimes not small.

First of all, it is important to clarify which type of map in a particular case is the correct one. For well-Heeled a premium card in question comes with lush special services. At the other end Prepaid cards, which must be charged before use. For this, they are independent of the financial Situation of the user and without a credit check available.

credit card with or without annual fee

Between luxury and pre-payment standard credit cards shunting in two categories: with annual fee and without. There are also three types. Of the classics, the most Germans have, is the Charge card. For all of you spending every month to be debited by direct debit. In the case of a debit card, this happens at every single transaction.

More time for the repayment of the holder of a Credit or Revolving - Card. Here are just a fixed part is drawn at the end of the month amount. The Rest must be timely by the customer balanced or it converts automatically to the rates of loan with heavy interest rates to up to 20 percent. FOCUS Online credit cards comparison in 2020 (indicator) Here are the best credit card for you

credit card find Cheap on the go with Prepaid cards

The easiest and also safest approach Prepaid cards. They are also a good complement to other solutions, if customers only need for payments or withdrawals in foreign countries a credit card. Because the in Germany very popular Girocard can't do this often. It comes to Internet shopping, offers Prepaid, moreover, a certain safety advantage. Even if the card should be abused, the potential damage to the charged amount. Additional protection SMS or Push notifications can bring with every account movement. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort is in one-third of the Prepaid providers in the program. Additional services have these cards virtually no, a App for the management of the half of the offers are in vain.

One of the rare positive examples is the netbank Prepaid MasterCard gift card. It is not only the overall winner in the category of Prepaid, but almost undefeated cheap. A basic fee, there is not, this is true only on the sixth-placed PAYBACK Visa credit card on a credit basis.

CHIP Augsburger joint-stock Bank/CHIP

basic equipment without duration of exposure

Also in the category of standard cards without a basic fee, you can find bargains such as the DKB Visa Card. The winner in this group is only in the Bundle with the free DKB-Cash account and world-wide free-to-Pay and cash withdrawals. In addition, there are discounts at various online retailers. The benefits are tied to a monthly money input of at least 700 Euro. Without a checking account binding, the second-placed Barclaycard Visa comes from. This is fees side as well as the DKB card. The customer must make some compromises in terms of safety. So you can not change the payment limit online or via the App.

After all, Apps are to be found at all in this category more frequently than in the case of Prepaid cards. Only four of the approximately 30 candidates to the rear seats of our Rankings without it. Usually a Push notification for account activity is one of the possible, alternatively by SMS.

Unfortunately, a quarter of the maps Apps, it's nothing like that in the program – a significant safety disadvantage. A contemporary Feature is the ability to pay mobile is. This is the fee-free cards not, of course, but at least 21 of the 30 cards allow payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay or a comparable way. The Situation on this point has improved since our last Test something. CHIP

DKB/CHIP something like that is rare: In all rating categories, we awarded for the DKB card is the best grade.

Interesting Extras, there's usually only for a fee

Who is willing to pay an annual fee, it can often take more extra services than the free area, including insurance and discounts. These are usually found more in the higher price segment. The best card in this division, the bunq Travel Card, but even the cheapest in its class. For comparison, The best-equipped HVB Visa Card to place 10 offers a lot more services, for example, for the trip, but it also creates eight times as high in cost.

Also, only iPhone users come in HBV in the enjoyment of mobile payment, at bunq, however, also owners of Android mobile phones. In the safety rating of the bunq Travel Card must accept a penalty, because it is not connected to the Central lock-emergency call. Thus, according to our assessment, only the second-safest card behind the Fidor smart card as the only standard card with a basic fee in the security category of a "Very good" receives.

Bunq/CHIP Bunq: The comparatively new Bank with alternative business model in the category of standard cards with a basic fee, a very good figure, and leaves the competitors way behind.

Both cards support a security procedure that is not widely used: Tokenization. The credit card data is replaced by a Token, an alphanumeric Code from which the original data is not derived. This can not be tapped during the payment, and no dealer gets to see it. Nearly half of all tested cards supports this additional security feature. CHIP

Premium credit cards can do more - but you have to it has want to make

if you have an American Express Platinum metal, you can buy at the hotel reception impression, but the tax Alone, the annual fee is EUR 660. Throughout the year, a whopping 2,760 euros come together according to our usage profile, almost three times as much as the second-most expensive German Bank Mastercard platinum. Nevertheless, it is still the middle of the premium cards, because we weigh the costs in this category only 35 per cent. For users of premium cards, the additional services are usually in the foreground, they have a share of 50 percent.

At best, the N26 cuts You, the formerly N26 Black was called and last year the field is headed. It is a cost of around 475 euros per year, not exactly cheap, but it offers a performance package that is only surpassed by the significantly more expensive Metal version of the N26.

in addition to a solid range of insurance and services around the travel customers of the hotel also get discounts. Mobile Pay by Apple Pay and Google Pay is also on Board. In the case of security it is necessary to make, in some cases, but smears. Instant notification of account movement is often via the App, but not via SMS or E-Mail. In this discipline, the German Bank, whose cards, because of other weaknesses but not at the top of the class standings appear shiny.

< p > premium card, which deserves in all areas a good Note, we do not see currently

is A premium card that deserves a good grade, we do not see generally. In at least one of the three categories, it hooks always: Either the price is too high or the service provided fell well short of expectations. And, not infrequently, the safety precautions are not on the current state of the technology or of the Service demands of the customers. So it is for the Interested difficult to decide the correct premium card. In any other category there are so few products that are consistently recommended.

CHIP N26/CHIP N26-You-not - is the leader in the premium segment, really well, it is because of the high cost but how many other premium cards.

By Heiko Bauer and Peter Krajewski

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