Tesla resisted Corona-measures: With fatal consequences for the employee

Two Tesla Employees who spoke out of fear of consequences, only anonymous with the "Washington Post" reported that supervisors would be held at Tesla with you

Tesla resisted Corona-measures: With fatal consequences for the employee

Two Tesla Employees who spoke out of fear of consequences, only anonymous with the "Washington Post" reported that supervisors would be held at Tesla with your team meetings, at which it was announced that the companies have been reported several cases of Corona infections. The affected employees had been instructed to stay at home. A group of workers in the seat-Assembly plant in Fremont, which is located just a short drive from the main production complex, was confirmed by superiors, according to the Reports, two positive cases.

In March, the electric car manufacturer had to adjust its vehicle production in Fremont on the instructions of the authorities of the competent district Alameda County - as well as many other non-critical infrastructure scoring companies. CEO Elon Musk, however, could obtain in negotiations with the County Sheriff a Deal, according to which the company was able to work with a quarter of the workforce. It's just basic Work to be performed, what loss the production of cars screw-in but were allowed to.

the early start calls for action to: for at Least two infected staff

in mid-may, Musk announced on Twitter that he will record contrary to the provisions of the production: "Tesla starts production, contrary to the requirement of the Alameda County again. I'll even stand on a conveyor belt. Someone should be arrested, then only I please.“ In April, Musk had referred to the arrangements for the closure of the factories in a conference as "fascist" and a lot of criticism have to plug it in. Was it for gas? Tesla's new miracle battery Was supposed to create 1.6 million kilometres of PCP's for nitro? Tesla's new miracle battery will be 1.6 million kilometers create

the following week, there was a police operation in the Tesla factory, which was, however, surprisingly lightly Instead make arrests, published on the police and the health Department made the following statement: "We grant Tesla permission to increase the base of operation, for the production the beginning of next week to prepare".

Now, the early production seems to be revenge start, however. One of the workers from Tesla's main plant in a separate building, told the Washington Post that among the positive Tested employee from the Early - and another from the late shift was. The worker expressed concern about an alleged lack of precautions on the production line.

"there is No social distance when to clock in and Out"

Some workers described an environment of uncertainty and anxiety about the resumption of the production and realized that there were production staff, which disappeared, without stating reasons, for two weeks. This is likely a result of the precautions taken in the case of persons with first symptoms. Expert shows what Tricks your car a Million kilometers PCP expert creates shows which Tricks your car is a Million miles creates

"There is no social distance when to clock in and Out, because the people [...] go quickly to your home or to your place of work want to return," according to an employee of the seat Assembly plant in a text message to the Washington Post. According to the employees have been formulated by the Management, no clear rules regarding the requirements of the applicable contact restrictions, as the Management think this is not the usual clearance rules.

basically, the safety precautions summarized in one sentence: "It is everything as always, only with a mask." This would be the rules, adopted by many other car manufacturers - for example, in China. Geely car manufacturer Geely employees to work on elevated body temperature checked

The staff also said that three persons had been provided, due to possible contact with the Virus under quarantine, had already returned to work. Only the positive-tested employees themselves have not yet been seen on the production line. So far Tesla is still no official Statement to the infections.

This article was written by Tobias steel

*The post "Tesla resisted the Corona - will have serious consequences for employees," published by EFAHRER.com. Contact with the executives here.

Updated Date: 11 June 2020, 02:26

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