Téléfoot whistles the start of his meeting with the viewers - The Point

After a co-branding agreement with TF1, the channel Téléfoot, the group's hispano-chinese Mediapro, which has won the broadcasting rights of League 1 and Leagu

Téléfoot whistles the start of his meeting with the viewers - The Point

After a co-branding agreement with TF1, the channel Téléfoot, the group's hispano-chinese Mediapro, which has won the broadcasting rights of League 1 and League 2 for the season 2020 to 2024, is taking shape. "It will be launched to the public on Monday, August 17," said the president of Mediapro, Jaume Roures, during a press conference. It will broadcast its first game, Marseille-Saint-Étienne, Friday, August 21, at 19 o'clock, on the occasion of the first day of the season 2020-2021 League 1. The first big shock of the season : the call PSG-OM on Sunday, 13 September. Téléfoot will employ about 150 people full-time, says Julien Bergeaud, director-general of Téléfoot. The team of journalists and consultants who will facilitate the antenna will be unveiled in the next few days. Julien Bergeaud promises a "dream cast" and confides : "Certain names came out in the press, but others are not. "We already know that the duo of Bixente Lizarazu and Grégoire Margotton TF1 must comment on the twenty most beautiful posters of L1. Former RMC Sports, Johnny Severin has been named editor-in-chief of the new channel. Anne-Laure Bonnet, ex-beIN Sports, has in particular been recruited. Among consultants, the names of Franck Sauzée, Benoît Cheyrou and Nicolas Anelka are mentioned.

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in Addition to the displays of Ligue 1's Friday night, Téléfoot will showcase a meeting on Saturday at 17 o'clock, two games on Sunday (13 hours and 21 hours) and a multiplex on a Sunday afternoon. Diffuser history of French football, Canal+ has taken over the lots initially acquired by BeIN Sports, namely the meeting of the Saturday night (21 hours) and Sunday (17 hours). Fans of League 2 will be able to watch eight games at the multiplex on Saturday at 19 hours on Téléfoot and the meetings of the Saturday 15 hours and Monday, 20: 45 on BeIN. So much for the program. The crisis of the Covid-19 shy of the conditions of production and realization of meetings. The tonnage of 5 000 spectators in the stages is maintained until the end of August in France. "I hope that this is temporary, but we will take advantage of the health crisis to change the standards of the achievement, as was done in Spain, with forums and virtual realization even closer to the ground ", explains Jaume Roures.

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Agreement with Altice-SFR, call up Channel+

to appeal To the fans of the round ball, the new string was added in his hands the broadcast of the champions League for the coming year, thanks to an agreement with Altice-SFR, the holder of the rights. It would have disbursed approximately € 175 million to do so. An amount that adds up to 780 million euros paid out each season for the broadcast of the League 1 and League 2. The invoice for Mediapro is therefore about one billion euros (955 million to be exact). "The champions League is the icing on the cake. It allows to offer a broader and more qualitative with a very good starting price, " says Jaume Roures. "It would take 64,90 euros for such an offer of football, combining the Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and the champions League. However, we offer a pack to 25,90 euros, a very attractive price, " says Julien Bergeaud. This price 25,90 euros per month requires a time commitment of one year. It will be 29.90 euros per month without a commitment. A website of pre-registration should be initiated for future subscribers.

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will This be enough to conquer a wide audience of aficionados, disoriented by the multiplication of the offerings of the French football tv, Canal+ RMC Sport, via BeIN Sports ? According to a recent Harris poll, published by the law firm NPA Conseil, the French television show themselves reluctant to subscribe to Téléfoot : only 7.2 % expect to do so. Worse : more than two-thirds of the respondents indicate that they have not "heard" of the chain. Difficult in these circumstances to quickly get to 3.5 million subscribers, the official objective of Mediapro. "We are not here to earn money from the first month. It is a long journey. There are four seasons. We are not obsessed by the idea of having 3.5 million subscribers during the first season, " says the boss of Mediapro. He talks about his experience in Spain, where Mediapro has " started with 1.5 million subscribers, and then multiplied by three the park at reasonable prices ". According to him, the distribution agreement forged in France with Altice-SFR, the group of Patrick Drahi, will allow Téléfoot to have access to 770 000 subscribers of SFR.

other distribution agreements are under negotiation and will be announced " in the coming days ". Jaume Roures promises " of the agreements with distributors who are not traditional ". One of them could be signed with Facebook, expected to disseminate the programs of the new chain. Side operators, Mediapro could also find a ground of agreement with Bouygues Telecom, Orange, or even Free... but What about Canal+, broadcaster history of the League 1 ? "With the Canal, we're ready to meet today, tomorrow, or anytime, to search for an agreement ", says Jaume Roures. The latter, moreover, has not ruled out a sale of some of the matches of League 1 with another broadcaster. A call of the foot to begin discussions with the group chaired by Maxime Saada ?

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