Tech-Boom before the end? Disappointment about Microsoft's Numbers is a bad Omen

a set of figures, like Microsoft , is likely to dream of, such as many companies. Especially in these times, where it goes for not a few of the existence. In th

Tech-Boom before the end? Disappointment about Microsoft's Numbers is a bad Omen

a set of figures, like Microsoft , is likely to dream of, such as many companies. Especially in these times, where it goes for not a few of the existence. In the second quarter of the year, the first to the full extent of the effects of the Corona-pandemic influenced so increased the Software group revenue compared to the previous year by 13 percent to 38,03 billion dollars. Analysts had expected on average with 36.5 billion.

Microsoft has surpassed the already high expectations with ease. The net profit fell by 15 percent, which resulted in a profit per share of 1.46 us dollars. But here, too, the experts of ten cents were assumed to be less. In addition, losses in the amount of $ 450 million on the closure of a large part of the in-house retail shops and a one-time effect. That seems bearable. Microsoft 175,06 EUR -7,78 (-4,26%) Tradegate

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Especially since the business online in a hurry, and the corona of crisis, even Microsoft's Windows - and Notebook-Division, has tremendously given a boost. The division, including the business with the Xbox game console, increased sales in the fourth quarter by 14 percent to 12.9 billion Dollar lock-downs and Home-Office thank.

Microsoft Cloud biggest growth drivers

the Biggest growth drivers were once again, Microsoft's Cloud services. From April to June, revenues rose by 47 per cent. In the entire fiscal year 2019/2020, Microsoft has implemented alone in this division of $ 50 billion. This corresponds to a Plus of 36 per cent compared to the previous year. Ten years ago, the entire consolidated revenue was 62 billion dollars, so only twelve billion above the sum for which alone the Cloud is responsible.

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According to chief Financial officer Amy Hood, Microsoft has completed in the past twelve months, "a record number of multi-million Dollar contracts in the Commercial Cloud". Long-term contracts worth $ 107 billion are already in the books. Half of them should be in the running, the new fiscal year to sales. CEO Satya Nadella showed up full of praise: "We see that companies had every Detail of their operations, it sales, personnel, procurement, production, customer management, up to the telemedicine speeds up digitizing." The Cloud business, Azure was the "Computer in the world".

due to the Home-Office Trend is used, the communication platform Teams increased. "When, where and how we work is changing fundamentally," said Nadella. In the last quarter, there had been a single day of five billion Meeting minutes. Teams become the "backbone of communication for more and more companies". The CEO seems to be very satisfied.

No applause: investors remain skeptical

Alone on the stock market we wanted to this time not quite mitjubeln. The share of behind Apple's second-most valuable company in the world gave pre-market by about two percent. This may be due to the fact that the Cloud-weakened growth compared to the previous quarter slightly, and only 47 instead of 59 percent, while it had in the comparable period of the previous year, even in the case of 64 percent. Stock Selection Europe - The trading system for the DAX, Euro Stoxx 50 & co. are Now testing exclusive 30 days free of charge!

Due to the Virus crisis, but this is not really surprising. If companies and corporations have to cut down to the globe your spending, then this is also to the detriment of investment in the Cloud. And says little about what is to come. In the long term, there is hardly a way around the "cloud" probably. The potential remains huge, as many companies had only just begun or not yet true, a Cloud-structure.

Ends now, the Tech Rally?

That the Microsoft share price delivers, as a result of the numbers template two percent, is expected to be in the now not high, but unrealistic expectations that have built up with the views of many US Tech companies. If this work of the Software group no longer convinced investors, then the price climbed too quickly too far to the top.

Even if this may only be a short-term reaction of the disappointment, you should apply to investors as a warning shot. Good news sold, were never a good sign. In the remaining quarter of the other big Tech companies, such as Apple or Amazon, reports a similar picture, it could trigger a chain reaction and the Rally of Tech stocks, at least in the short term, put an end to. Create like a Pro: With the Bernecker exchange-compass, you depend on the Dax! (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge test!

Far away from Tech shares, a completely different picture – here are even bought bad news. Possibly an indication that investors reorient now and badly run, economy-sensitive titles to buy, which could benefit from an economic recovery in the second half of the current year and then a particularly 2021, while the sharp rise in the US-Tech taking share to win invite.

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Date Of Update: 23 July 2020, 15:26

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